Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Feel Like a Skittle - Again...

WARNING: Avoid Attempted Bathroom Surgery.

NEW: Diagnose Yourself With Some Friendly Help From Your Neighborhood Wikipedia!

Fact: Pain hurts.

Anything else to add? I think not. Mebbe we should see a healthcare practitioner? :o)

Today was a plain old Sunday. Caught a bus into The City and after dropping my stuff off at The Ranch I headed to the office. I got in an extra hour today (so I only owe another 2 hours) and it was relatively quiet. I slipped out for a break and went shopping. Heehee, sometimes it IS fun to be a girl!!!

After work I walked back to The Ranch with Chaviva and back at The Ranch I did some heavy duty relaxing. :o)

When Shosh got home I called the downstairs neighbor to find her phone and then we worked out our plans for 'the trip' - tentative plans have been made. Yay!

Tomorrow - Vivi & Gabi's wedding - so back to Bet Shemesh I go...

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