Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Simple Beauty in Being Human...

Shabbos was - quite simply - wonderful. I didn't actually get a nap, I didn't get my Friday night walk with Shani, I didn't read my book and I didn't even eat any meals at Home and spend time with my family. Still, it was a highly enjoyable weekend.

I spent Friday night in Sheinfeld. I made my first 'early' shabbos of the year and ate the meal on R'chov Gad with Z and the Silvers. He played the perfect gentleman and even walked me Home afterwards. Then I got a bedtime story and got some sleep.

Shabbos morning I woke up bright and early to go to Shul. We had our shabbos seudah at the Seman's. It was nice to eat meals with them 2 shabbatot in a row. We made a new friend and I enjoyed myself. After lunch we headed back to the shul because Mommy catered the 'last' shindig of her short-lived catering-gig in honor of the Refael Montel's Bar Mitzvah. It was a seudah shlishit, but it still took a lot of time and preparation. So, we had to set up for the actual party.

When things seemed under control we headed Home for some Rummikub and general 'shabbos relaxation' - before we knew it, Shabbos was over. As the guys headed out for Maariv I joined Shani and Sawa for some shmoozing on the steps. I recruited some helpers and we headed back to the shul for 'clean-up' and helped shlep stuff to the car and consolidate drinks of all kinds.

Back at Home we had waffles and ice-cream and watched 'Aladdin' -

All in all, a highly enjoyable weekend.

A Thought for Today: In seminary, one of my rebbeim had a favorite story and the moral of the story was a line that he would often quote. When we would discuss how people are imperfect or when people would launch into self-depricating tirades and enumerate their flaws - he would smile and say, in the wisest of voices, "We're all cracked-pots."

The most we can do is work towards making ourselves the best people that we can be in every sense and aspect. It's not easy and it's definitely an uphill struggle and we may spend more of our time on our tushes, but the real courage is standing up again and the yardstick for measuring progress comes from the level of each individual's perseverence and effort to achieve the goal.

Basically - it's hard, but it's one of those things that can't be compromised. You must learn to want to need to be the best possible you. Keep the goal firmly in your mind and clearly in your heart. Then jump in and even if the water is cold, keep swimming - because you can succeed and if you set your mind to it - you will.

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