Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."

Woke up briiiight an early sometime in the vicinity of 5:30 or 6:00 and shlepped myself out of bed. Pulled myself together enough to look presentable to the majority of society and headed downstairs.

We piled into the car and headed off to Ben Gurion airport to drop off Hindy and her friend. Then we drove up to Jeru. Brenda had a yom gibush at her new school and I had to get to work. I jumped out of the car at the entrance to The City and made my way to work on foot. I stopped along the way for a bagel and even remembered to give them my card to stamp. 1 more and then I've earned my free bagel. (Sometimes I think I eat too many bagels.)

Work was the usual hulluh-buh-loo. "Lori do this!" and "Lori do that!" and in the interim hearing people instructing other people to, "ask Lori because she knows how to ____." Not sure if it's a good feeling to be quite so needed or quite so involved. At least I got to go out on an errand, which got me out of the office for 20 minutes!

After work Brenda came to the office and as we headed towards the restaurant we bumped into the tall one. (I told him that there is a chance I will see him over Shabbos - if I actually leave the house.) Then we continued on our ways. Brenda and I met up with Saba and Savta and went out for a delicious and delightful dinner. :o) It always makes me so happy to spend time with them!! Plus, we got a free ride back to Bet Shemesh - which is always a helpful thing.

I went straight upstairs and have been in bed since 8:40. However, for some odd reason I can't fall asleep. I guess I'll go try again. Lots to do tomorrow. Shabbos is almost here. I hope it's a good one...

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TJ said...

I am sorry for bothering u with stuff I don't know how to do (u can't help it you r so brilliant). Will try and bother u less in the future....