Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Trust dreams, trust your heart and trust your story."

The first time I woke up this morning was 5:30. Then it was 7:00. Finally at 8:00 I got up packed my bags and got ready to leave Home.

First stop of the day was at the 'sorek' place for a panoramic x-ray. Wear the funny vest, take off your earrings, bite the white thing on the line, don't move. Beep beep beep swich beep beep beep swish beep beep beep swish. Out you go. A few moments later I held the film in my hands. Plain as day you could see those darned wisdom teeth just sitting there. 'There' evidently not being the places where they are meant to be. Yup all 4 have to come out and there's no reason to delay - they're not sitting on the main nerve so all that's left is to make an appointment, put me out, a bit of oral surgery and that's all folks. July 15th is the tentative date - 2 weeks before I fly off to the UK for some fun and good times.

My busride was not as boring as anticipated. Toffee had a grand time bothering the chayal sitting across the aisle and one row behind us and I got a chance to spend some time with Tamir. (Confession: I always feel like a ditz when I talk to some people. I'm not sure why. I don't really mind sounding so spazzed - but I have a very hard time accepting that sometimes I really am.)

Work was nothing special. "Do this, do that." "come here, go there" "get this, bring that" "take this, file this" "type this, fix this" - Did you know that the average hourly wage of housecleaners is approximately 40 NIS per hour!? I'm thinking - yeah, nevermind - not even going to go there - only so that my Sis doesn't have a reason to throw something at me tomorrow... :oP

Back at The Ranch, Shosh made dinner and it was quite yummy. The air is stagnant and still and hot. If we open the windows we have to battle mosquitos and the pigeons fly in when the sky gets light. So the windows are closed - mostly. And the lights are off so as not to attract the bugs. So we are left sitting in the hot, oppresive darkness.

I think I need to go and get a fan.
A nice big fan to put in my room, near my bed, to keep me cool.

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Tamir said...

I really enjoyed talking to you! And are you saying you felt like a ditz talking to me? That be odd. You didn't seem very spazzed to me...

(Confession: I know that chayal who was sitting behind me. Like, 'known him for thirteen years' know him. He just didn't notice me, and I was very amused by the whole thing. ^__^)