Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"whata u mean?"

Work was a general nightmare today, which isn't really anything new.

Sitting at my desk, with 10 minutes to go and ready to cry my eyes out and suddenly the door opens. Some people have got the timing thing down so well, it's almost scary. Did EVERYBODY know except me?! Sheesh! :oP

Anywho, me and my chayal wandered down Yafo at a leisurely pace and waited for Little Brother (who showed up while we gave the funny people directions to town.) Then we wandered down to The Old City, to The Kotel for some words with The Big Guy Upstairs. Eventually we headed back to town and stopped off at Burger's Bar for some grub. My chayal had to head Home so we waited for a bus and once he was on his way, Little Brother and I wandered down Yafo again.

Woof called to say she was nearby so Little Brother and I headed to Gan 'Soccer' to wait for her. We shmoozed and had a good time and finally decided it was time to call it a night. Woof drove us to Binyanei Haumah and then I walked Little Brother to T.M. and waited for a bus with him.

Finally I was on my way back to The Ranch.
I've gotta get some sleep tonight. I am exhausted.

Tonight was great. Really great. Sibling bonding time, walking, good food, and memories with people I love.

Works for me! :o)

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