Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Love is all that I need..."

Brenda Polly
Today at 2:00pm
lori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111howz ur day so far.......?
Lori Polly
Today at 2:01pm
ugh. bleh. yuck. wah.I hate work. Hahahahahah! I HATE work!!!!!Oh, and i might not get to England cause of the stupid strike. :'o(
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:02pm
but theres still a chance!!!!!!dont worry be happy!!!!!
Lori Polly
Today at 2:07pm
yes, a chance. Lol! Truth is, I'd like to get bumped to business class and leave on Motz"ash then stay there until next Sunday - but I don't think that will happen.That way we could go to Ikea tomorrow. Hehehe... ;o)
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:11pm
lolz!!! that would deffintly be a party!!!!and if michlie got 2 come home 2... =D
Lori Polly
Today at 2:12pm
yeaaaa..... funnnnn!!!!We'll see what happens i guess...
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:13pm
okies...cross ur fingers!!!! =P
Lori Polly
Today at 2:26pm
Hahahahahahahah!So, I'm bringin u skittles home - right? ;o)
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:27pm
me soooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad at the poopy airport 4 havin a poopy strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.o ur talkin 2 da crazy lady!!! =-O
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:28pm
yay!!!!!!!! i lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve skittles!! but 4 some reason i dont like the purple ones...
Lori Polly
Today at 2:33pm
yes, the purple ones taste icky - like spoiled dymatap...hahahaha!
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:35pm
oooof!!! i think i should change my status to brenda is mad at the dumb airport for having their poopy strike! ='(
Lori Polly
Today at 2:39pm
I'm so bored. They didnt give me any work to doooooo... (and i'm trying to avoid filing at all costs. hahahaah)
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:43pm
hahahahahhahahahaha!!!!do u want TONZ of work??!?!??!?!!??!?!crazy head!
Lori Polly
Today at 2:48pm
Not really - but u know when ur so bored all u do is hit refresh on fb to see if anyone did anything?!I've been doing that for almost 4 hours. Hahahahahahaha!
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:56pm
heeheehee!! fb addict! =Pstam i've been doin the same thing.. =P
Lori Polly
Today at 2:57pm
ack! we're such pathetic human beanssssss....
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:58pm
tell me about it!!!!! noones even on..aside of the two of us.. =P
Lori Polly
Today at 3:00pm
LOL! Ok, now we ARE sad. Maybe I should go file the newspapers...The only problem is - as soon as my bosses see me filing they will give me other work to do.
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:03pm
okie! so lets run around in circles jumping up and down and waving r arms all around while we scream at the top of our lungs... =D
Lori Polly
Today at 3:04pm
yessss!!! LEts!!!! ahahahahahah!!! AHAHAHHAH!!! hHHHAAAAAHAHAAHHA!!!
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:06pm
ahhhhhhh!! ahhhhhhhh!! -runs around jumping up and down and waving her arms!!!-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA!!(i was running backwards!! =P)
Lori Polly
Today at 3:32pm
lol! ur so silly sometimes! Ok, so I filed alllll the newspapers in the to-be-filed box. Basically, the papers in the box r the most recent ones that the boss reads then tosses into the box. Then we have to file them in 1 of a hundred or so drawers and when we put in a new one we have to throw out al old one. So the old ones all go into a garbage bag. THEN the garbage bag gets shlepped down the hall to the garbage room. Anywho I filed all the papers and had a HUGE garbage bag full of old ones. I tied up the bag and then I realized that I couldn't lift it. Go figure... So I had another brilliant idea, I somehow deposited it on a rolley office chair and rolled it alllll the way down the hall to the garbage room. Then I rolled the chair back to the office and now I'm back to this...Whatever this is.I like this story. I think I will blog it tonight.Maybe I will blog our conversation from today.It is highly amusing.At least, the last part is anyway... :o)
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:35pm
heeheehee!! we r silly sumtimes.. =Pi noticed that u logged made me sad! i had no1 2 talk 2!!! =-O
Lori Polly
Today at 3:38pm
I logged out? Nu-uh! Did no such thing! Mebbe my computer went on stand-by, or mebbe our internet frozed - it does that sometimes...
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:39pm
ooooooooooooooo...cuz u were gonned!!! =-O
Lori Polly
Today at 3:43pm
That's silly. I wasn't gone. Mebbe I went invisdable?!Ooohooohoooo...cooooool.....hehehe.
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:55pmur invisdable?!?!?!?!?!?!? cooooool!!!!! i wanna be invisdabubble even!!

Went out for dinner with Shosh. The funny waiter was at our favorite little place. I tried to behave myself - but sometimes it's just so darned hard... :P

Eventually I made it Home and tried to figure out my next 10 months or so. Sheesh, this growing up thing isn't as easy as one would think it might be.

Off to pack for England. Let's all pray that Mommy and I get out of the country without any problems...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Purple Monkeys and Yellow Clouds...

Woke up feeling SICK from the stupid pita-pizza that I had craved and eaten last night. My legs ache from walking, we didn't even get into the kenes last night because when we arrived there was standing room only and by the time we got to the door even that was filled up. We did stop by Esther's place to see PJ and then we walked back to The Ranch. I fell asleep at 10:20 and (as my luck would have it) my phone (which NEVER rings) rang. Not just once, but TWICE! What is this conspiracy?! Why can't I get more than 6 straight hours of sleep a night?!

Today I had to shlep a 'plata' from The Ranch to work so that I can take it Home with me tonight. It actually needs to be shlepped to England on Thursday and my only hope is that now with all of the luggage weight restrictions on airlines that I will have the allowance to bring a few changes of underwear and possibly even a few socks. BUT that isn't even the funny part of the story. SO there I am struggling to shlep this thing to the bus stop, I get there panting only to realize that my water bottle is completely empty. Then as I stand in the HOT 9:00am sun with sweat rolling into my eyes a guy approaches and chastises me for shlepping such heavy things. He then asks me what month I am in and when I am due. (Ok, I KNOW I'm fat! GET OVER IT!!!!) So I shot him a look and asked him (very calmly) to leave me alone. At the office building the security guard yelled at me for taking so long to put down the aforementioned plata, because I was holding up the line and delaying everyone else. (Mind you, we all got inside and had to wait about 7 minutes for an elevator ANYWAY because the elevators in the building have more issues than ME!!!!) Up in the office the bosses aren't even here. They'll probably waltz in sometime between 12-12:30 after having eaten at least 3 full meals. They will then proceed to bury us to our necks in pointless work and keep us in the office until 4 or 5. (Because letting us go 2 hours early, erev-tzom is a FAVOR and we should be VERY grateful that they are SOOOOOO accommodating and thoughtful.)

I think this will be a 2-post day. (Assuming of course that I'm not too tired, nauseous or frustrated to post again later...)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Baseball and Soggy Cheerios..

This morning I woke up bright and early and Daddy took me to RBS to the Dental Clinic to have my stitches removed. The first thing the dentist asked me when I walked in was, "ready to have the other 2 done?" I laughed cynically and told him to give me few months.

Back at Home I tried to work out my plans for classes next year, but Daddy wasn't overly helpful. So I headed out to the bus a few minutes later than usual and as my luck would have it, as I reached the corner the bus passed by. Mommy graciously came to my rscue and drove me over to BIG.

At the office everything was totally typical. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but on the bright side, the printer/copier/faxer is broken again, so that cut down a lot of work for me.

Tonight Shosh and I are supposed to go to a kenes. We'll see if that happens. For now I've got to go and find something to eat. I'm hungry - again...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brenda the Dipper...

I know, I know. Lori hasn't been blogging regularly. Maybe this 'being engaged' thing really DOES take over your life? Nah, truth of the matter is, I've been letting my laziness get the upper-hand. It's bad. I like blogging. I do it mostly for myself, so I can remember what Ive been up to and partly for you, so that you can know what I've been up to. Not that it's overly interesting or exciting, but hey, so long as I share, it's up to you to read it, or not.

Wednesday - Well, I went into the office for a 1/2 day. My mouth was still REALLY sore and I was popping 2 acamols every 6 hours. At 3ish I left for T.M. and met up with Freddie. We took the bus Home and I gave her balloons. Back at Home we went out to a 'Women's night' at the shul. It was all about healthy eating. I failed. The funniest thing was when someone mentioned preservatives and the only thing I managed to say was, "I'm a preservative. I'll be young forever!" Back at Home we had a birthday cake and sang to Freddie. She's 19 now. And YES, for the record, they put up streamers for her. I think they like her better than me. :o(

Thursday - My first full day at the office. After work I made my way back Home since the person I was supposed to meet up with had no idea of their schedule. I made a pizza bubble ring and waited around for my guest. Eventually we ate the pizza bubble ring and finished the movie that we had started 2 weeks earlier.

Friday - I woke up and made a split minute desicion to go into Jeru. Talpiot, friends, pizza and 417-s. Quite an interesting morning. Got Home later than I would have liked but luckily we made 'late' shabbos. We ate the Friday night meal at Saba & Savta's house and Raizi was over for her 'annual' shabbos as part of our family. In the middle of the meal we slipped out to the Lipkin's for their shalom-zachor. Lots of mazal tovs were exchanged. It was all very nice.

Shabbos Day - Well, I slept in. Meaning, at 11ish Raizi woke me up for kiddush. For some funny reason I was still exhausted! *sigh* what else is new? I spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to chase kids and cats out of the basement and pretending to hate all things puzzle-y because I was really not in a puzzle-y mood. After shabbos Brenda and I made some soup and I watched Lemony Snicket for the gazillionth time.

I think that about sums things up until now. I suppose I'll post some of the pictures from the last few days at some point. Shavua Tov! Just 4.5 days till I leave for England...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reasons to be Ditzy...

Day 2 of 'recuperation' began at 7:30 this morning. After a shower and some more pain-killers, Tiger came to visit. I finally got over my 'ickiness' and took out my teeth to see what the cause of this whole situation was. They are HUGE buggers!!!
Fringe and Frizzie were quite amazed by them. They then drew straws and Frizzie had to touch them. Eeeeeewwwww...
Here's a picture of my 'sick-bed' - I have been crashed on the living room couch since Sunday night. It's quite comfortable and close to the medicine cabinet so I don't expect to leave there any time soon.
These are the animal shaped noodles that Brenda sweetly overcooked for me yesterday. I did just fine with the skinny giraffes, little lions and tiny turtles. The enormous elephants however did not go over too well and I was forced to cut them in half in order to eat them.
I like this last picture. I'm not sure why. This silly elephant has really got his head on wrong. (Not to worry, I have since straightened him out.)
Well, that was a brief wrap-up of my painful post-extraction holiday. Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned later for more updates...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rocks, Socks and Automobiles...

Today I stayed Home from work. Like, Home Home in the House-of-the-Sun. I spent most of the day in pain on the living room couch, dosing up every 4-6 hours on another round of acamol. (I know some may nay-say it, but I can vouch that it certainly does something. In a sadistic lapse last night I only took one dose an hour after the surgery and then didn't take another dose for about 12 hours and let me tell you, the near-blinding pain of no-drugs is nothing compared to the dull throbbing pain that is experienced while happily drugged up.)

My mother and sister's decided that it would be beneficial for me to get some 'fresh air' so we went out to mercaz and then to the grocery store. Sadly there was no sorbet, so I returned home empty-handed.

Safely on the overcooked-little-noodle-diet, I am really chalishing for some gummy bears.

We were offered an opportunity to watch Aderet for a little while, and we were glad to. She was thrilled with the toys and with the opportunity to chase the kitties around the house (with Eli's help of course.)
Tomorrow is day 2 of 'recovery' (YES, I AM milking this for ALL it's worth.) I'm not sure what's on the itinerary, but I suppose we'll find out!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Next Stop, Akamafoomfoom...

Woke up bright and early and went to the office at 9.

I noshed on a huge PB&J sandwich and half of a chocolate bobka.

I left the office at about 2:30 and headed Home.

At 6:00 I had an appointment with the oral-surgeon and after shooting my cheek and gums full of novacaine he proceeded to extract the 2 wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth. The surgeon and dentist agreed that I work much too hard and that I decidedly need a vacation so they presented me with a 'sick note' and instructions not to go to the office for 3 days. I said it would be hard for me, but you simply can't disregard the doctor's orders. Right?

Back at Home we were out of Acamol so I skipped (ok, so I didn't skip - considering I was quite woozy) over to the Feldmans to see if they possibly had some painkillers. Tamir was kind enough to seach the house and eventually located the much needed tablets. (Thanks a TON! I don't want to know what it would have felt like without any painkillers since it hurt a HECK of a lot with them.)

Daddy forgot to get sorbet for me, but it's ok I don't think I'd be able to eat it anyway.

My mouth hurts and there's nothing to do to make it feel better but wait.

At least Toffee is clean and here to comfort me. That makes it a bit better. A fuzzy friend to snuggle with helps a whole lot.

More tomorrow...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thanks for the story... ;o)

Another highly enjoyable Shabbos for the memory banks. Friday night was laid-back and relaxed. We made 'late' shabbos and after shul the meal was nice and drawn-out. We finished late, but had nowhere to rush off to so it didn't matter in the least.

I actually woke up early shabbos morning and even more shocking, I got out of bed and went to shul. The double-parsha was a bit much for my tired and addled brain but I pulled through in one piece, more or less. At the end of davening after the announcements they made a 'mazal tov' speech and then I had to face the people. Everyone wanted to know the Who and the When and the How. I just smiled and thanked everyone and said, "you can meet him in a few weeks." Then we headed back towards Home and stopped at #505 on the way for Shani's birthday kiddush. Lunch was late and light and after ice-cream and apple cake we went to sleep. I was enjoying my shabbos nap until someone started poking me in the head. Fluffy was annoying and persistent so I got up and went downstairs to play rummikub with Little Brother. Eventually Tamir came back from his walk and we played 2 rounds (which I won. Haha to you Little Brother!!!) ;P Then we played some Apples to Apples cause Ora and Libby came over too! Eventually Mincha and then Maariv rolled around then shabbos was over.

After havdala Little Brother came back to choose some animals and get some books then we headed out to catch a bus. Back in Jeru, Freddie and I stopped off at Angel's for some fresh bread and some chocolate bobka. Then we parted ways and I headed back to The Ranch.

Thus begins a new week.
Shavua tov everybody!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Woke up early this morning and packed my bags. Then I went out to the fuzzy-gas station where I met up with TJ and my Big Sis! After being stuck behind a slowpoke we got underway and soon were cruising down Rt. 1 towards Ashdod!

BEEEEACHHHHH!!!! I LOVE THE BEACHHHH!!!! The sun was AWESOME and the water was PERFECT and it was just waaaay too much fun!!!

Back at Home sandy and slightly sunburnt (again) I'm in quite a jolly mood.

Shabbos is coming and so are a WHOLE bunch of friends! I can't wait! :o)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuncaminated! Eeeewwwww!!!!

The boss came back from Merry Ca today and I was gifted with a very special engagement present! Everyone was 'oh-so-jealous' cause it's just soooo super cool!!!After work I met up with Feige and we shmoozed as we shpatzired back to my side of town.

Back at The Ranch I did some laundry and made dinner. I'm so proud of us! This week we ate real meals every night.

Shabbos is coming! I'm SO excited!! I might see my Big Sis cause she'll be in town, Little Brother will be Home, Rummi-we-know-what will be played and I might even get a story-time! (And of course I'll help if the words are too hard.) ;o)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wewease Wodewwick!

Another boring day. They seem to keep happening and when I'm stuck at work, there's really no way to avoid them or even utilize the time - because if the boss sees you doing something not work related they will tell you off but if you sit bored for 5-7 hours STRAIGHT it doesn't bother them in the least. Makes no sense, I know. But I guess, ein mah la'asot.

Made my way back to The Ranch and stopped at the shuk to get some laffas for dinner. I ran into Efrat Blake and her 2 kiddos there. Then I walked back to The Ranch and put up dinner. (Which was simple and deeeelish.) Shosh has decided that because we are both going away that we need to empty out our pantry and freezer. So, we have really been eating well this week. Fleish every night. Tonight was shnitzels which we baked in the oven. We stuck them in some italian dressing last night and let them marinate in the fridge alllllll day today, so they were really really good. :)

We have also gone walking every night this week and it is really nice! We haven't done the same walk twice and we walk for about an hour each time. It's highly enjoyable and the best part is that our phones stay at The Ranch. :) One hour of uninterrupted 'quiet' time! It's the best!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today was the first day in a very long time that I mamash had problems focusing on things. My mind wandered listlessly hither and yon and I couldn't keep a blessed thing straight in my memory for more than about 5 seconds.

Work was mercifully mindless (for the most part) and when it became unbearable I slipped out with my Big Sis and the adorable 'little' Munchkin.

Back at The Ranch, Sarah Leah had come over to visit and Shosh made dinner which was YUM!!!

Shosh and I went for another really nice walk (even though the cute guys with the 'shechted' turkey were gone when we passed the park.)

I've got to admit, it's a little too weird for me to get a phone call every night when I am used to getting one every two weeks or so. I would assume that it is in response to my complaining about lack of calls. Not that I don't appreciate it, but an SMS would suffice as well. I can tell that this whole planning thing is going to be a nightmare. Honestly, I want nothing to do with it. Small, simple and elegant is all I want. Ha. As if. *sigh* On the bright side - it's the 'after' that matters, so I just have to get to and through it.

Yes yes, I'll be juuuust fine.

Monday, July 09, 2007

FedEx or UPS...?!

What a funny morning, I woke up and remembered having the strangest dream. I got enagaged? What is going on?! Shaking my head in an attempt to clear the sleep from my brain I made my way to work...Well, I guess it wasn't a dream. Cause everyone seems to be celebrating. It's just a little frustrating that I won't be seeing the person I'd like to be celebrating with for another 11-12 days. On a funy note, I did get an amusing accusatory SMS which echoed the sentiment of, "this was all your idea and now people keep calling me!" I just laughed.
The bosses picked up a very nice cake and there was much rejoicing. I think my phone rang more times today than it has in the last year or maybe even two.

I was going to save the last piece of cake for him, but it started to melt into a puddle of sludge, so I decided to save it for breakfast in the morning instead and I will have to make him some cookies next time he is Home. Better find out what kind he wants...

(And yes, I'm blogging that so that I don't forget!!!) :oP

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Making People Wonder...

Ok - so today started off as a pretty normal day. I had a few tricks up my sleeve - but didn't expect to use any of them.

Work was basically boring - though we DID amuse ourselves. Between filing and addicting computer games our day was relatively jam-packed.

Freddie stopped by the office and we went out to pick up a pretty bag for Mommy then I headed back to The Ranch for some dinner and quality time with the roomie! We took an incredible and much needed walk around the neighborhood and back at The Ranch things sort of went waywire.

Oh yeah, by the way, I'm engaged! How crazy is that?!
My Chayal actually asked me to marry him!
And I said - yes... :o)

Friday, July 06, 2007

An ode to Mike...

In life it is of utmost importance to remember the savor the experiences and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. Don't let opportunities slip through your fingers and don't squander your time. Time is not refundable and you should therefore spend it doing things that improve the world and improve yourself. Why waste it when it means precious seconds and moments?! Also, I think that the most wonderful things in life are full of happiness and joy and the trick is their ability to radiate these two emotions and make others feel the same. Bring light to those around you, spread happinesss and smiles - just remember, lots and lots of smiles.I'm a doting aunt - so I hereby present my 'littlest' nephew for your viewing pleasure! He is absolutely deeeeelicious and I could totally eat him up! I'm so excited to work with him for a while - even if he does take up all his mom's attention... ;o)
Have an incredible Shabbos!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

"What can I get for you?"
"A plain whole wheat bagel with some plain cream cheese and some lettuce please."
"Wow, that's very plain. So, plain cream cheese and what?"
"Just some lettuce."
"You want plain lettuce?"
"Green would be good."
"Usually when vegetables are green they aren't ready."
"Well, that's ok. I like my lettuce green."
"You have some plain money for me?"
"It's probably a little warm. But just as regular as ever aside from that."
"If it's from you, I'm sure it's not so plain."
"Well, it can be whatever you'd like to call it."
"Wanna stay for lunch?"
"Nah, I've gotta get back to the office."
"You sure? I could grab a bagel too and some water. That's pretty plain you know."
"Maybe some other time. Thanks for the bagel."

Sheesh. Ever get fed up!? I'm fed up!

Can't people understand that I hate pomp and ceremony??? I hate waiting!!!!
I like things the way I like them and that YES that is usually means plain, pretty and elegant!!! The mix DOES exist and there is NO possible way that I am the only person in the world who feels this way!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"This ride is nonstoP..."

This morning a truck had broken down at Knisa La'ir. The little men were scooting around on the little fix-under-the-truck scooter-majigs.

On the 13 bus driving down Yafo I realized that I had left my cellphone in my bed. But I wasn't worried in the least. It's not like it ever rings anyway.

Work was pretty boring, aside from when it was amusing. When was it amusing? When we found out that Australia has unofficially been moved to Europe.

After work the boss agreed to give me a lift back to The Ranch. So, I didn't have to walk and I didn't have to take a bus. It was a special July 4th present.

Back at The Ranch, I skipped out to the makolet to meet Freddie. We picked up some fun stuff and then headed back upstairs. We put on Harry Potter 3 and made some dinner. Then we ate cookies and chipples.

Shosh got home eventually so to celebrate we ate some more chipples.

I feel like VERY bloated, EXTREMELY huge WHALE!!!! It's disgusting and disturbing. Maybe I should try a diet. Blech. :oP

Monday, July 02, 2007

"overworked and forgotten..."

Left work almost an hour late. I'm hoping to leave early tomorrow since it's a 'fast day' and all and of course, if I want to do that, I have to make sure my hours stay all evened out.

I finally bought myself a fan. Now I have something to circulate the air when I wake up at 3 in the morning and can't breathe.

Next thing to get, a humidifier for the winter - but I still have a few months to go.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Waggle Waggle Waggle Wang...

Woke up nice and late this morning. First order of business was taking EVERYTHING out of my closet, refolding it and then putting it all back into my closet. Granted, I didn't do the top shelves (because they are tooooo high up) and I couldn't figure out what to do with all my skirts and button-down shirts (because the shirts all need to be ironed and I don't wear most of the skirts.) Then I raided the fridge for some leftovers and ran to catch a bus.

Work was a general bore although I did have to sit through a talking-to for not filing efficiently enough and for not always printing 3 of every document.

Shosh showed up at the office 10 minutes before closing time and on our way out of the building we met up with Mommy and Brenda. We headed to Geuuuuula to do some 'present shopping' and then we walked back to the other side of town and stopped at Center 1 for some dinner. On our way back to The Ranch, Auntie Sab called to wish me a happy belated birthday. So I shmoozed with her for a while.

All in all an enjoyable enough day. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

In the meanwhile, please remember to be patient - The Little Man has Little Room on his Little Tray...