Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brenda the Dipper...

I know, I know. Lori hasn't been blogging regularly. Maybe this 'being engaged' thing really DOES take over your life? Nah, truth of the matter is, I've been letting my laziness get the upper-hand. It's bad. I like blogging. I do it mostly for myself, so I can remember what Ive been up to and partly for you, so that you can know what I've been up to. Not that it's overly interesting or exciting, but hey, so long as I share, it's up to you to read it, or not.

Wednesday - Well, I went into the office for a 1/2 day. My mouth was still REALLY sore and I was popping 2 acamols every 6 hours. At 3ish I left for T.M. and met up with Freddie. We took the bus Home and I gave her balloons. Back at Home we went out to a 'Women's night' at the shul. It was all about healthy eating. I failed. The funniest thing was when someone mentioned preservatives and the only thing I managed to say was, "I'm a preservative. I'll be young forever!" Back at Home we had a birthday cake and sang to Freddie. She's 19 now. And YES, for the record, they put up streamers for her. I think they like her better than me. :o(

Thursday - My first full day at the office. After work I made my way back Home since the person I was supposed to meet up with had no idea of their schedule. I made a pizza bubble ring and waited around for my guest. Eventually we ate the pizza bubble ring and finished the movie that we had started 2 weeks earlier.

Friday - I woke up and made a split minute desicion to go into Jeru. Talpiot, friends, pizza and 417-s. Quite an interesting morning. Got Home later than I would have liked but luckily we made 'late' shabbos. We ate the Friday night meal at Saba & Savta's house and Raizi was over for her 'annual' shabbos as part of our family. In the middle of the meal we slipped out to the Lipkin's for their shalom-zachor. Lots of mazal tovs were exchanged. It was all very nice.

Shabbos Day - Well, I slept in. Meaning, at 11ish Raizi woke me up for kiddush. For some funny reason I was still exhausted! *sigh* what else is new? I spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to chase kids and cats out of the basement and pretending to hate all things puzzle-y because I was really not in a puzzle-y mood. After shabbos Brenda and I made some soup and I watched Lemony Snicket for the gazillionth time.

I think that about sums things up until now. I suppose I'll post some of the pictures from the last few days at some point. Shavua Tov! Just 4.5 days till I leave for England...

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yo' meanma said...

I did put up the streamers for you but alas, you were not there to see them. BTW they looked really beautiful, all different shades of pink :) (do we even have so many shades of pink???)