Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Love is all that I need..."

Brenda Polly
Today at 2:00pm
lori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111howz ur day so far.......?
Lori Polly
Today at 2:01pm
ugh. bleh. yuck. wah.I hate work. Hahahahahah! I HATE work!!!!!Oh, and i might not get to England cause of the stupid strike. :'o(
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:02pm
but theres still a chance!!!!!!dont worry be happy!!!!!
Lori Polly
Today at 2:07pm
yes, a chance. Lol! Truth is, I'd like to get bumped to business class and leave on Motz"ash then stay there until next Sunday - but I don't think that will happen.That way we could go to Ikea tomorrow. Hehehe... ;o)
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:11pm
lolz!!! that would deffintly be a party!!!!and if michlie got 2 come home 2... =D
Lori Polly
Today at 2:12pm
yeaaaa..... funnnnn!!!!We'll see what happens i guess...
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:13pm
okies...cross ur fingers!!!! =P
Lori Polly
Today at 2:26pm
Hahahahahahahah!So, I'm bringin u skittles home - right? ;o)
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:27pm
me soooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad at the poopy airport 4 havin a poopy strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.o ur talkin 2 da crazy lady!!! =-O
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:28pm
yay!!!!!!!! i lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOve skittles!! but 4 some reason i dont like the purple ones...
Lori Polly
Today at 2:33pm
yes, the purple ones taste icky - like spoiled dymatap...hahahaha!
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:35pm
oooof!!! i think i should change my status to brenda is mad at the dumb airport for having their poopy strike! ='(
Lori Polly
Today at 2:39pm
I'm so bored. They didnt give me any work to doooooo... (and i'm trying to avoid filing at all costs. hahahaah)
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:43pm
hahahahahhahahahaha!!!!do u want TONZ of work??!?!??!?!!??!?!crazy head!
Lori Polly
Today at 2:48pm
Not really - but u know when ur so bored all u do is hit refresh on fb to see if anyone did anything?!I've been doing that for almost 4 hours. Hahahahahahaha!
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:56pm
heeheehee!! fb addict! =Pstam i've been doin the same thing.. =P
Lori Polly
Today at 2:57pm
ack! we're such pathetic human beanssssss....
Brenda Polly
Today at 2:58pm
tell me about it!!!!! noones even on..aside of the two of us.. =P
Lori Polly
Today at 3:00pm
LOL! Ok, now we ARE sad. Maybe I should go file the newspapers...The only problem is - as soon as my bosses see me filing they will give me other work to do.
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:03pm
okie! so lets run around in circles jumping up and down and waving r arms all around while we scream at the top of our lungs... =D
Lori Polly
Today at 3:04pm
yessss!!! LEts!!!! ahahahahahah!!! AHAHAHHAH!!! hHHHAAAAAHAHAAHHA!!!
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:06pm
ahhhhhhh!! ahhhhhhhh!! -runs around jumping up and down and waving her arms!!!-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA!!(i was running backwards!! =P)
Lori Polly
Today at 3:32pm
lol! ur so silly sometimes! Ok, so I filed alllll the newspapers in the to-be-filed box. Basically, the papers in the box r the most recent ones that the boss reads then tosses into the box. Then we have to file them in 1 of a hundred or so drawers and when we put in a new one we have to throw out al old one. So the old ones all go into a garbage bag. THEN the garbage bag gets shlepped down the hall to the garbage room. Anywho I filed all the papers and had a HUGE garbage bag full of old ones. I tied up the bag and then I realized that I couldn't lift it. Go figure... So I had another brilliant idea, I somehow deposited it on a rolley office chair and rolled it alllll the way down the hall to the garbage room. Then I rolled the chair back to the office and now I'm back to this...Whatever this is.I like this story. I think I will blog it tonight.Maybe I will blog our conversation from today.It is highly amusing.At least, the last part is anyway... :o)
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:35pm
heeheehee!! we r silly sumtimes.. =Pi noticed that u logged made me sad! i had no1 2 talk 2!!! =-O
Lori Polly
Today at 3:38pm
I logged out? Nu-uh! Did no such thing! Mebbe my computer went on stand-by, or mebbe our internet frozed - it does that sometimes...
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:39pm
ooooooooooooooo...cuz u were gonned!!! =-O
Lori Polly
Today at 3:43pm
That's silly. I wasn't gone. Mebbe I went invisdable?!Ooohooohoooo...cooooool.....hehehe.
Brenda Polly
Today at 3:55pmur invisdable?!?!?!?!?!?!? cooooool!!!!! i wanna be invisdabubble even!!

Went out for dinner with Shosh. The funny waiter was at our favorite little place. I tried to behave myself - but sometimes it's just so darned hard... :P

Eventually I made it Home and tried to figure out my next 10 months or so. Sheesh, this growing up thing isn't as easy as one would think it might be.

Off to pack for England. Let's all pray that Mommy and I get out of the country without any problems...


EZH said...

Hey Lori - Great blog, it's fun :) just stumbled accross it and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed!

Tamir said...

What a wacky family.... XD

Michalie said...

oh lori i miss you :(
in the end you got tot england safely and im back home... and when you get hom well have a party!! yaaaaaay.