Sunday, July 08, 2007

Making People Wonder...

Ok - so today started off as a pretty normal day. I had a few tricks up my sleeve - but didn't expect to use any of them.

Work was basically boring - though we DID amuse ourselves. Between filing and addicting computer games our day was relatively jam-packed.

Freddie stopped by the office and we went out to pick up a pretty bag for Mommy then I headed back to The Ranch for some dinner and quality time with the roomie! We took an incredible and much needed walk around the neighborhood and back at The Ranch things sort of went waywire.

Oh yeah, by the way, I'm engaged! How crazy is that?!
My Chayal actually asked me to marry him!
And I said - yes... :o)


Dufus said...

you? Engaged? I don't believe it! Who wold have ever thunk? actualy I think it's more amazing you actually got this post up! ;)

Tamir said...

Oh God! Congratulations!!!!! Mazal tov!!! =D