Monday, July 16, 2007

Rocks, Socks and Automobiles...

Today I stayed Home from work. Like, Home Home in the House-of-the-Sun. I spent most of the day in pain on the living room couch, dosing up every 4-6 hours on another round of acamol. (I know some may nay-say it, but I can vouch that it certainly does something. In a sadistic lapse last night I only took one dose an hour after the surgery and then didn't take another dose for about 12 hours and let me tell you, the near-blinding pain of no-drugs is nothing compared to the dull throbbing pain that is experienced while happily drugged up.)

My mother and sister's decided that it would be beneficial for me to get some 'fresh air' so we went out to mercaz and then to the grocery store. Sadly there was no sorbet, so I returned home empty-handed.

Safely on the overcooked-little-noodle-diet, I am really chalishing for some gummy bears.

We were offered an opportunity to watch Aderet for a little while, and we were glad to. She was thrilled with the toys and with the opportunity to chase the kitties around the house (with Eli's help of course.)
Tomorrow is day 2 of 'recovery' (YES, I AM milking this for ALL it's worth.) I'm not sure what's on the itinerary, but I suppose we'll find out!!!

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