Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thanks for the story... ;o)

Another highly enjoyable Shabbos for the memory banks. Friday night was laid-back and relaxed. We made 'late' shabbos and after shul the meal was nice and drawn-out. We finished late, but had nowhere to rush off to so it didn't matter in the least.

I actually woke up early shabbos morning and even more shocking, I got out of bed and went to shul. The double-parsha was a bit much for my tired and addled brain but I pulled through in one piece, more or less. At the end of davening after the announcements they made a 'mazal tov' speech and then I had to face the people. Everyone wanted to know the Who and the When and the How. I just smiled and thanked everyone and said, "you can meet him in a few weeks." Then we headed back towards Home and stopped at #505 on the way for Shani's birthday kiddush. Lunch was late and light and after ice-cream and apple cake we went to sleep. I was enjoying my shabbos nap until someone started poking me in the head. Fluffy was annoying and persistent so I got up and went downstairs to play rummikub with Little Brother. Eventually Tamir came back from his walk and we played 2 rounds (which I won. Haha to you Little Brother!!!) ;P Then we played some Apples to Apples cause Ora and Libby came over too! Eventually Mincha and then Maariv rolled around then shabbos was over.

After havdala Little Brother came back to choose some animals and get some books then we headed out to catch a bus. Back in Jeru, Freddie and I stopped off at Angel's for some fresh bread and some chocolate bobka. Then we parted ways and I headed back to The Ranch.

Thus begins a new week.
Shavua tov everybody!!

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