Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"This ride is nonstoP..."

This morning a truck had broken down at Knisa La'ir. The little men were scooting around on the little fix-under-the-truck scooter-majigs.

On the 13 bus driving down Yafo I realized that I had left my cellphone in my bed. But I wasn't worried in the least. It's not like it ever rings anyway.

Work was pretty boring, aside from when it was amusing. When was it amusing? When we found out that Australia has unofficially been moved to Europe.

After work the boss agreed to give me a lift back to The Ranch. So, I didn't have to walk and I didn't have to take a bus. It was a special July 4th present.

Back at The Ranch, I skipped out to the makolet to meet Freddie. We picked up some fun stuff and then headed back upstairs. We put on Harry Potter 3 and made some dinner. Then we ate cookies and chipples.

Shosh got home eventually so to celebrate we ate some more chipples.

I feel like VERY bloated, EXTREMELY huge WHALE!!!! It's disgusting and disturbing. Maybe I should try a diet. Blech. :oP

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