Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wewease Wodewwick!

Another boring day. They seem to keep happening and when I'm stuck at work, there's really no way to avoid them or even utilize the time - because if the boss sees you doing something not work related they will tell you off but if you sit bored for 5-7 hours STRAIGHT it doesn't bother them in the least. Makes no sense, I know. But I guess, ein mah la'asot.

Made my way back to The Ranch and stopped at the shuk to get some laffas for dinner. I ran into Efrat Blake and her 2 kiddos there. Then I walked back to The Ranch and put up dinner. (Which was simple and deeeelish.) Shosh has decided that because we are both going away that we need to empty out our pantry and freezer. So, we have really been eating well this week. Fleish every night. Tonight was shnitzels which we baked in the oven. We stuck them in some italian dressing last night and let them marinate in the fridge alllllll day today, so they were really really good. :)

We have also gone walking every night this week and it is really nice! We haven't done the same walk twice and we walk for about an hour each time. It's highly enjoyable and the best part is that our phones stay at The Ranch. :) One hour of uninterrupted 'quiet' time! It's the best!!!

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Da walking patner said...

It is nice man! Bu leaving the phne (at least for me) makes no diffeence as I never have nay missed calls ;)!!!!