Friday, August 31, 2007

Chocolate Milk & Vitamin C...

Last night Brenda & Michalie surprised me towards the very end of the work day. They needed directions to 'Kad V'chomer' where they were going for some 'bonding time' (which mademe very happy because they just started high school and are no longer in the same institution and it would be a real shame for them not to spend time together anymore.) Anywho, when work ended they called me. "We're lost, but we found the bears!" I laughed and told them that they were close and that I was on my way... First we checked out the Bear Exhibit, which is part of a worldwide nature awareness program. Basically, there are these HUGE bears and each one was painted by a different country. There is such a diverse collection of art and it's really cool to see so many different styles from around the world.
After a full circuit of the bears we made our way over to Kad V'Chomer. Kad V'Chomer is a really cute little little place located along one of the walkways at Kikar Safra. They have all different types of ceramics and you basically get to choose something and paint it. Prices range from 40NIS-180NIS depending on the piece you choose and you get to choose 6 colors of paint and more or less unlimited painting time. The nice thing is that they're open till 11PM on Thursdays. :)
So we three bonded. I made a dish (which is ideal for either pickles, olives or chumus), Brenda speckle-dotted a really nice-sized mug (which I'm sure will be used for many things including tea, coffee and couscous) and Michalie made a gorgeous shaded bowl (which I am convinced is THE perfect size for ice-cream.) Eventually my chayal showed up and when we were done painting we headed into 'town' for some dinner.
BIG APPLE PIZZA was the choice of the night and we finally met 'Rachel' while drinking pineapple nectar and counting our shekels. When the pizza was finished we headed over to Cream & Dream for some ice cream (to help with the digestion.) ;) At T.M. there were no busses to Bet Shemesh so we went out to catch a 417 and pretty soon we were Home.
There is another attempt to clean my bedroom and my bed has been delegated to hold all of the old schoolbooks, so I slept on the couch last night.

Now it's erev-Shabbos and I should go start the cooking & cleaning...The thing is, this couch is really just toooo comfortable.

Plans for Shabbos include; quality time with my chayal, lunch at the Silver's house, a shabbos nap and possibly even a funny puppy. We'll see how it goes! Shabbat Shalom y'all!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Curse you Aqua-Scum..."

Work was relatively boring (what else is new) and Chaviva is on vacation for 2 days, so before 3:00 I am 2 people and after 3:00 I am 3. Joy.

Nothing was happening until 4:30 when I looked up and Brenda walked in. This confused me because I had just been on the phone with Freddie who had told me that SHE was coming to visit. Eventually Freddie showed up with fresh Laffas from the shuk and some chumus. So we noshed and ignored the bosses for as long as humanly possible.

Freddie headed back to Sheirut and Brenda and I walked back to The Ranch stopping along the way for vegetables to concoct some semblance of a dinner. We managed and the cous-cous came out REALLY good!

Finally I put Brenda on a bus for Home and back at The Ranch it's time for bed.

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for aaaaaalll week! Yay! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'll give you three!

I have nothing nice to say about work today. Though, the bosses were in a relatively novel humor especially when they tried to pawn off 6 shekel in 10 agarot coins to me...

TJ and I went for Falafel for lunch. Now I finally feel like I had a 'summer day' - cause I spent a whopping 20 minutes wandering up King George and munching on a falafel in the broiling summer sun. It was an experience. Reminded me of the good ol' days.

After work I walked back to The Ranch and chilled with Shosh over deli-roll and potato-knish-kugel. Then we took our nice hour long walk.

Back at The Ranch, Freddie called to say she was on her way over. PJ party time... :)

I'd better go get ready!

Monday, August 27, 2007

"The Depressed Teen...Hey Stop Smiling!"

"Let's have some serious intellectual conversation. Who enjoyed the kangaroos?!"

Today the mishpacha went to the zoo. Sadly, I had a 9 hour day at the office and could not join them.

Work was ridiculously boring. In addition to updating MORE of the tourism address book I was delegated to update the entire Israeli-Publication file. Not to mention the fact that, after a week of my boss not being around, and working for 'the son' - I need to somehow firmly remind him that if he wants 2 secretaries that he will need to hire a new one, because I CAN NOT work full-time for 2.5 people. 1.5 I can just about manage, 1.75 on really good days, but 2.5?! Come on, that's just not fair.

Anywho, by 11:40 it felt like 3 days had passed and the hours dragged and dragged on. Finally the clock said 6:50 and I was out of there! I went to catch a bus to Emek Refaim to meet up with the family, but I stood at the bus-stop for 25 minutes and while the 174 passed 4 times, none of the other busses went by. Eventually I made it down to "Norman's" and found the rest of the gang.

We had a lovely time (even if we didn't save the onion rings for Eli) and our walk back to the car was also relatively entertaining. Luckily for my parents, I am like a built-in GPS, so I navigated us through the little side-streets and back to Keren Hayesod. Right?! ;)

Then they dropped me off at The Ranch and headed off into the night.

Good news for the day, if my chayal manages to stay out of trouble, he'll be in The City Thursday afternoon! Which means, we can actually spend time together!!! YAY!

Just another 25 hours at the office and the week is over!!! I'm SO excited!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

See ya at 10:00...

Hello Everybody! Here I am, returning from yet another lapse. Sorry bout that.

Last week wasn't really too busy and truth be told, I'm not sure where I disappeared to. Wednesday I paid a shiva call out in Har Nof and Thursday I heded Home. Thursday night my chayal was granted the special treat of a 'chamshush' which meant that by 10:00 PM he was in Bet Shemesh, so he came over and we got loads of quality time. First stop - the rose garden, where he presented me with the following...
Next stop, movie and some of Brenda's birthday cake! Yay! :)

Shabbos was quiet and relaxed. My chayal came over Friday night for the meal and then again Shabbat afternoon. Linda and Devora Merkin were in town, so they stayed by us and that was good fun too! After the meal Friday night we walked over to Sheinfeld to say mazal tov to the Wolickis who were hosting a shalom zachor for their new bouncing baby boy! Shabbos afternoon Little Brother walked down from the Ramah and came to visit and before we knew it Shabbos was over. For night activity we painted the walls in Mommy's machsan/studio. (For pictures click here.)

Today was a typical boring Sunday. My boss is not back in the office yet, so I have been spending all of my time at the office desperately avoiding filing and getting in the way in hope of being sent out on errands. I walked back to The Ranch and would have had a really boring evening too if Raizi hadn't called me. Somehow Freddie and Raizi wound up at The Ranch and we made dinner and shmoozed for a couple of hours.

Finally my chayal called me and now, well now I can finally head to bed and get some sleep.

Monday tomorrow, I'll try to keep you posted...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Put a little windex on it..."

Walked to work this morning and it was HOT out. Work was boring beyond belief except for the fact that instead of doing nothing I was delegated to do all the stupid stuff. The thing that made my day was telling my boss that he should get ready because I will be taking off a week and a half some time in December to go to Merry Ca. (I really DO love travelling. I just wish I could go somewhere new rather than back to all of the places I have already been before. Still, it's a worthwhile trip. A chance to stock up on stuff cause this will probably be my last trip out of Israel for quite a long while...)

After work I walked back to The Ranch. First Shosh and I went to the makolet to pick up cookie-baking ingredients and then back at The Ranch we made dinner and cookies! To round off my night I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and all I can say is, "oy" and kind of get a little nervous. I mean, my family isn't THAT crazy - but we're pretty gosh darned close... :oP

Monday, August 20, 2007

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it." ~Amelia Earhart

I always said I wouldn't become one of those people who got sooo busy that they neglected their blog. Then a friend said they didn't understand why when people get busy it is their blog that suffers, and I was so proud that I was keeping up with mine. Then I disappeared, because I "got too busy" and that is only partially true.

I have been busy. I guess that's just what happens when things in your life start rolling and you are running to try and keep up. It doesn't seem plausible until it happens and it's hard to imagine days on end when you are simply too tired to blog. I used to say that blogging was my 15 minutes for ME at the end of each day, but in the last month and a bit I feel like I have been spending waaay too much time on ME and am exhausted by the time night rolls around and I should write about what I've done.

Brief summary since last Wednesday. Well, Thursday was a regular boring day. Work and all that jazz then I headed Home and stayed up with Mommy cooking and baking until 5:30 a.m. finally we went to sleep and 3-5 hours later we were up again. Friday was hectic and insane. My chayal stopped by early but I was too busy trying to do stuff around the house to really drop everything and spend time with him so eventually I sent him home after we dropped off a ton of stuff at the shul. Shabbos was supposed to be my time to rest and though I slept Friday night, my shabbos nap started late and was interrupted 4-6 times. Motzei Shabbat Mommy threw us our 'engagement party' - so we socialized and smiled and greeted people and all that happy party stuff. (For pictures click here!)

Sunday was typical and boring. Went to work then went back to The Ranch. On the bright side, I'm not alone anymore cause Shosh came Home on Thursday and now we're back together again!

This morning when I got to the office I was informed that my boss's mother had passed away and that the office would therefore be closing at 2:00. One of my coworkers agreed to join me and we went to the levaya together. Our boss was VERY appreciative. I guess now I have to schedule a shiva call into my week too.

I'm looking forward to Thursday night. I just got a message letting me know that they're letting my chayal out for an 'extended' weekend. So, we get to spend most of Thursday night together which is very exciting because we haven't actually had time to really talk or spend 'quality' time together for almost a month.

Tomorrow is Tuesday again. I'll try to let you know how it goes...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No More Cutie-cles...

After last nights adventures (click HERE to see some pics) today was interesting. I woke up at The Ranch and left Freddie sleeping as I headed off to work. At the office it was one of those, "we have nothing for you to do but you have to sit here bored because that way we can pay you" days. So I sat and sat and sat and filed and sat and sat and went to the post office and sat and sat...

After work Brenda and Mommy arrived, right on time, and we headed over to begin our wacky 'girls night out' - first stop - manicures! After our nails were picture perfect, we headed off to town to find some grub. We decided to go to Rimon and the nice waiter fed us lots and lots and lots of food. Even scary pink dressing!

As we finished bentching, our very own Rebbetzin Tova Chazanow walked in with Shaindel! Chabad of Manalapan is here again! It's so exciting! We shmoozed a little and then we headed off. We hoofed it to TM and there we parted ways.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the last day of the week. Then Friday rolls around and I get to see my chayal. I'm excited. Can ya tell?!

Oh yeah - MAZAL TOV TONNY & TZIVIA!!!!! It's about time you joined us on the 'engaged' side of the fence. :-)

Monday, August 13, 2007

"To be deified when really, you're a sham..."

"lori my love!!! you are the sunshine of my life! your smile lights my heart!!!! i will always and forever be yours!!!!"

Today was typical and slightly sketch. As usual.

Got to work a little late (this seems to be becoming a new-ish sort of trend. But I just can't seem to drag myself out of The Ranch even 5 minutes earlier in the morning.) Work was ridiculous. A speech was made about my incredible multi-tasking abilities. Of course I was supposed to be listening to the speech, taking dictation, typing a bunch of e-mails, finding a lost invoice, getting out a list of 5 papers and answering the phone while faxing 3 things all at the same time - but that is neither here nor there. I got my round of applause and things fell into routine. I even had those HUGE goosebumps you get from sitting directly under a FREEZING cold a/c unit for 9 hours a day.

On the bright side, I treated myself to my hard earned 1/2 hour break today. Yes, I actually left the office for 1/2 an hour. The first stop was at a salon down the block where I booked 3 manicure appointments for our 'girls night out' scheduled for Wednesday evening! Then I took a quick detour to the jeweller to get the battery in my 'Shabbos watch' changed. I heard a quick little d'var torah and then headed back to the office.

At the end of the day Freddie came to visit bearing gummies, bourekkas and chocolate rugelach. Finally 7:00 rolled around and we left the office. I strolled back to The Ranch with Chaviva and we parted ways at the grocery store as I decided to pick up a tomato.

Tuesday tomorrow and Esti's bat-mitzvah trek after a 9 hour day. I'll keep you posted and let you know how that goes...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Little Things...

Becca just called me. It's 5AM for her and here in Israel, I am getting ready for bed. Meanwhile far across the Atlantic, Hinda is just about to get married. These time differences really do mess with my head. Not to mention that I hate the long distances that keep me from my friends.

I'm lucky to have friends nearby but it doesn't make me miss those that are far away any less.

...Yoga Yoga Yoga...

Rolled out of bed this morning and tried to tidy up the room a bit. Made the 10:00 bus and was in Jeru at 11:00, so I hopped up to The Ranch to drop off all of my stuff and grab some breakfast. I decided to be lazy and grab a bus to work. Unfortunately for me, the bus driver showed no interest in stopping at my bus stop and flew right past it and the next one too. I therefore arrived at work almost 20 minutes late. My boss gave me a 20 page list of telephone nnumbers, contact people, e-mail addresses and other information and requested that I 'update it' in my (and I quote) "spare time" - at this point I seriously had to stop myself from laughing in her face. I took the list and made my way back to my desk. Thankfully the day flew by relatively quickly. I walked back to The Ranch and stopped along the way to find some food. I think that about sums it up.

Things I still have to do:
1. Call my rebbeim and let them know about the upcoming engagement party.
2. Tell my bosses about the engagement party.
3. Find something to wear to the engagement party.
4. Lose 5 pounds before the engagement party. (This won't actually happen thanks to the stupid chocolate craving which has somehow found me again. But it's nice to pretend...)
5. Do something about my nails. (I wanted a manicure, but something tells me the time will just never be right. Especially since 40 hours are spent at the office and the others are spent running around trying to get 'important' stuff done.)
6. Write a mushy love note. (Not as easy as it sounds.)
7. Finish my book.

Guess I'll go get started on those.
Till tomorrow...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Expect Nothing...

...that way you will always be pleasantly surprised if something happens to come your way..."

Shabbos was funny. I thought it would be one of those week where I would go to shul Friday night and walk Home alone then after a sort of sad and quiet meal I'd make my way to bed and sleep until 11:30 the next morning when I'd be woken up for kiddush. Then after the meal I'd go back to bed and mope at my misfortune of being stuck at Home when no one else is around until Shabbos finally departed...

Luckily for me, things simply never seem to go according to my plan.

Friday night I made it to shul and got to sit next to Michalie! On the way out of shul I pushed a little more than was polite in an attempt to catch up with Tamir (who was of course on a strict avoidance course from me...I reckon he knew what I was after) but I wound up bumping into Daddy who informed me that the aforementioned individual (and I'm not talking about Michalie) was planning on dining on a lavish feast all by his lonesome. Evidently I couldn't allow that. The lonely feast would have to be pushed off until the next day. Thankfully he agreed without tooooo much cajoling. Then Sariel showed up and tried to 'steal' my guest. Luckily for me, first come first serve won out, so we had our guest! :) I'm awfully thankful I didn't have to sit across from that empty seat. Much too depressing if you ask me. And aside from the Dibble and his annoying penguins and his unfortunate good aim with that stupid little green ball, it was quite a nice meal. Daddy sang all the tunes he likes (cause Freddie wasn't Home to stop him) and nobody died from the expired Coca-Cola... To make the evening even more exciting, the 'Big Boys' showed up a some point to 'collect' us for a walk. I turned down the offer, out of sheer exhaustion - but climbing into bed the only thing I could think was how I should have gone. Even if they didn't wander to anywhere interesting, it has been too long since I walked with them and frankly, I miss it. A lot.

Shabbos morning went accoring to plan, aside from the fact that I woke up at 6:30am and couldn't fall 'properly' back to sleep. I skipped shul (lazy bum that I am) but I did get up and go downstairs to help set the table for the seudah. I got my Shabbos nap and decided that at 6:00pm I would head over to the Yaffa's to spend some time with Ora. But at 5:00 Ora came over, so we shmoozed for almost 2 hours and by then Shabbos was just about over.

After havdallah 'party planning' mode came on full force. I made some potato-knish-kugel and Mommy made heart shaped cut-out cookies.

Bedtime came after an hour of sidewalk-chalking on the street with Brenda & Michalie. We drew a bunch of fun creatures and even an unfortunate-pancaked-pedestrian named Qua(c)k.

To Be Continued... ;o)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Mud Attack!!!"

I woke up this morning in a puddle of sunshine. I stretched and reluctantly dragged myself out of bed.

At the office all of the remote-controls for the air-conditioners have either gone missing or are broken. I went on a jaunt to try and get new ones. That was the thrid time this week that I was laughed at by people on account of trying to do what my bosses requested of me.

Employee: "I'm just not as perfect as you."
Boss: "Well that much is obvious."

I left work late, but things worked out perfectly (as usual) and I wound up taking the bus Home with 1/2 my street. Well, almost 1/2 my street. It was funny.

"The problem with work is that it's not like jail, they don't tell you a date that you're gonna get out." ~Me

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"I like your neatly pressed madiach..."

Once upon a time, there was a little penguin who very much wanted to fly.Luckily for him, there was a little boy who was willing to try and help him. Time after time, day after day they practiced flapping their wings and jumping up and down, but to no avail. The penguin simply could not take off. They tried everything, big jumps and small jumps. Ramps and Gliders. They even tried helium balloons...Ummmm, yeah. The End.

Today was a regular boring day, more or less, aside from the fact that I woke up at 7:00 this morning to Freddie sitting on my bed and munching away on a sandwich. Work was the usual, and time crawled by ever so slowly. Finally at 6:00 (after 'just one last short e-mail') I made my way to TM and caught a bus to Bet Shemesh. I got off on Maapilei Egoz and walked over to Rabbi David's shul for Aunt Sharon and Uncle Uriel's 25th Anniversary Bash. It was a very nice family get-together. It was the first since Tova & Simcha's Sheva Brachot, 5 months ago. There were speeches and some l'chaims and most importantly, we all spent time together. Enjoying the moment and appreciating how wonderful it is to all live close enough to be able to do these sorts of things.

After the party Saba & Savta offered to shuttle some of us back to Jerusalem. On the way we got to hear some of our favorite stories and of course we shared a few more laughs. After dropping off the Simons we headed to The Ranch. (Shosh, I hope you don't mind - but since you weren't around, I took advantage of the opportunity...) I finally got a chance to show off my apartment to Saba & Savta. I'm glad they came at night, the view really is magnificent when everything is all lit up outside. (I mean, it's gorgeous during the day too, but somehow, it still seems more impressive at night.)

Savta & Saba - Thank you for the ride, it was much appreciated - and I sincerely hope the traffic getting Home had abated somewhat by the time you got back to Shoresh...

Now it's time for me to get some sleep. Work tomorrow and then a nice quiet Shabbos. The only plans I have are to learn a bit with Ora on Shabbos afternoon. Freddie isn't Home and neither are Little Brother or my chayal. Come to think of it, nobody is Home. Wow, it's going to be quiet. I guess it's a good thing. I am still trying to catch up on that sleep that I lost somewhere. Strangely enough, I can't figure out where I could have lost it though...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. Lots of phone calls and missing orders and all sorts of typical stuff on a Tuesday when half of the office is on vacation.

I hereby present the newest bear of the clan. Ulf is from Sweden. His English isn't too good, but he's got the cutest little accent and the rest of the gang adores him already!
Tonight Freddie is coming over. We are having a sleepover party and I even made yummy food for the occasion. :)

For a laugh check this out:

If you didn't appreciate it, I apologize. Though, I thought it was awful funny...

A Swedish 'Ulf'...

I woke up feeling tired, again. I think it will take a while for me to catch up on lost sleep and since I still can, I think I should. The water pressure in my apartment seems to have dropped again, but it could just be the calcium buildup in the shower-head. So I will have to try Mommy's vinegar & bucket advice.

I was running on time but suddenly got lazy and decided to bus to work. So I got my stuff together and made my way across the street to TM. Let me explain quickly that because I work centrally on Yafo, virtually every bus stops near my building. Let me add that the ride is only 2 or 3 stops from TM and actually only saves me, on average, about 8 minutes of travel time. The differences in the busses are essentially WHERE they stop. Some stop at the top of the hill before the building, some stop at the bottom of the hill after the building and some stop around the corner frmo the building. Obviously I am a fan of the ones that stop at the top of the hill (lines 21 & 14) before the building because then I have an easy 1 minute saunter downhill to the office. The only catch is that these busses run the least frequently, so I almost never wait for them. Also, their bus stops are quite a distance from each other, so while I feel 'lucky' when a 21 comes, I almost never go for the 14s because unless the traffic light is red, chances are I would miss it.

So this morning, as I reached the bus stops, I noticed a 14 coming and that the light had just turned yellow. So I ran for the bus. I made it without a problem and after handing the driver my 'cartisiyah' I made my way to the back of the bus to find somewhere to stand. All very typical thus far. Suddenly, some guy starts screaming at the driver. "You are a thief, you punched the wrong card and now you owe me money." Anyway, the verbal barrage continued and the driver, apologized but still the guy had handed him a card, and while the driver should have checked before punching it, it was done. As they say here, 'kappara' and move on with it. But the guy kept screaming and cursing. So much so that the driver pulled over, turned off the bus and called over a few police officers to deal with the issue. At that point I decided to 'hoof it' - so I hopped off the bus and walked the last 6 minutes to the office.

On a bright note, the security guard at the door is one of the old regulars, so he smiled and waved me right on through. I was thankful for that. And the elevator only stopped on floor 6 before whisking me up to floor 7. Which is almost a miracle of sorts nowadays. Then my bosses walked in and they presented me with an adorable teddy-bear that they picked up for me on their trip to Sweden last week. AND then I went to the post office and the workers were are laughing and smiling. SO now I'm sort of getting weirded out...

It's turning out to be a funny day.
At least I'm smiling. :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

"A few days..."

Today was relatively boring. It was my first full day back at the office but it began long before that. At 8:30 Daddy showed up at The Ranch with a new adapter-y thing for my wireless router. (Yes, I am wireless again. Finally. And typing from the comfort of my couch, because I can.) Then we headed off to Radak Street to visit the scary old lawyer. I have officially signed the rental contract for my apartment for 2007/2008 and am now the proud renter of The Ranch for yet another year. (Yes, this will be my third year in the same place.) Daddy dropped me off at the office afterwards and it was a pretty normal and quiet type day.

Back at The Ranch (after a nightmare at the grocery store where EVERYONE was shopping and only 2 check-out lanes were open...) I made some dinner and then I scrubbed the kitchen out. I cleaned everything from the stovetop to the racks from the toaster oven to the wall behind the cooktop. It was disgusting, but now it's not quite as grimy anymore. :)

Oddly enough my chayal called me. He said it's been 'a while' since we last spoke (2 days to be exact) and that he needed to call because chances are that they will be out in the field and he won't be able to call me for another 'while' (2 days that is.) Reeling from the confusion of, since when did 2 days become 'a while' to two people who speak maybe once every two weeks? The only thing I could think of saying to him was, "so you're telling me that now that we're engaged we actually have to speak to each other?" Instead I simply said, "wow, we should have gotten engaged sooner. I love hearing from you."

Tomorrow night Freddie is crashing at The Ranch and we will be having a fun fun party of some sort. More about that - tomorrow...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Clumps of Doosty OR Straddling the Prime Meridian...

Shabbos was very very nice. My Chayal was Home and I got to spend lots and lots of quality time with him. Shabbos also included an incredibly fun nosh party with Michalie, An entertaining Friday night meal which Tamir joined us for, a game of Rummikub (which I won) against Little Brother, a walk to Nofei Aviv where we saw Woof and the Squeaky One, Shimon Yaffa's Bar Mitzvah and more.

Now for a wrap-up of today...
Woke up at 7:30 and got out of bed at 8. Left the house at 9:50 to catch a 10:00 bus (which never came) the 10:30 bus came at 10:50 and in the interim I walked down to the 417 bus stop but they were not running on any sort of schedule either. At 11:45 as we approached the entrance to Jerusalem we detoured onto the new tunnel road, as per the police's instructions. The driver informed us that due to a rally of the handicapped people the entire city entrance was on lockdown. So the bus drove us out to Har Hotzvim and left us on the side of the highway. Of course, almost no inner-city Jerusalem busses were running either and with traffic everywhere it took almost 45 minutes to get near tachana merkazit (which incidentally was blocked off too.) So, I wound up walking to the office. I only got there an hour and 20 minutes late. Thankfully it was a niiiice quiet day at work because all the bosses were away. Unfortunately, they will be back tomorrow - but one day is better than none I suppose.

As for those pictures I promised you, check out these 2 links...
Part 1:
Part 2:
Enjoy the captions...

And for amusement's sake - check out this too:
Thanks Rik! ;o)

Friday, August 03, 2007

"Not quite dead yet..."

Little Boy: "Ooooh Dad, can I get a new Spongebob?"
Father: "Don't you have one."
Little Boy: "Yes, but I don't know where it's gotten to..."
Father: "Don't you remember? You buried him in the backyard."
Little Boy: "Oh yes, but I dug him up and don't know where he is now. That's why I need a new Spongebob!"


A week in London SURE can make you miss Home. We rode the tube, visited the gardens, dined out, partied it up, walked it off and relaxed - but it was far from being Home.

To my Partner - you looked incredible and I am really really really glad I was able to share in your simcha with you. May the z'chus of all the brachos that you gave on that special day come back to you 3-fold!!! ( P.S. - I hope that Ephie and the gang weren't left at home...) :P

Back in the Holy Land laden with Skittles and some Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate for awesome-atious hot cocoa and we are better than ever.

I'll try to post some pics, or a link to some pics asap - maybe after I've seen my Chayal and taken care of some stuff involving getting ready for shabbos!!!

Have an amazingly splendiferous one!!!