Friday, August 31, 2007

Chocolate Milk & Vitamin C...

Last night Brenda & Michalie surprised me towards the very end of the work day. They needed directions to 'Kad V'chomer' where they were going for some 'bonding time' (which mademe very happy because they just started high school and are no longer in the same institution and it would be a real shame for them not to spend time together anymore.) Anywho, when work ended they called me. "We're lost, but we found the bears!" I laughed and told them that they were close and that I was on my way... First we checked out the Bear Exhibit, which is part of a worldwide nature awareness program. Basically, there are these HUGE bears and each one was painted by a different country. There is such a diverse collection of art and it's really cool to see so many different styles from around the world.
After a full circuit of the bears we made our way over to Kad V'Chomer. Kad V'Chomer is a really cute little little place located along one of the walkways at Kikar Safra. They have all different types of ceramics and you basically get to choose something and paint it. Prices range from 40NIS-180NIS depending on the piece you choose and you get to choose 6 colors of paint and more or less unlimited painting time. The nice thing is that they're open till 11PM on Thursdays. :)
So we three bonded. I made a dish (which is ideal for either pickles, olives or chumus), Brenda speckle-dotted a really nice-sized mug (which I'm sure will be used for many things including tea, coffee and couscous) and Michalie made a gorgeous shaded bowl (which I am convinced is THE perfect size for ice-cream.) Eventually my chayal showed up and when we were done painting we headed into 'town' for some dinner.
BIG APPLE PIZZA was the choice of the night and we finally met 'Rachel' while drinking pineapple nectar and counting our shekels. When the pizza was finished we headed over to Cream & Dream for some ice cream (to help with the digestion.) ;) At T.M. there were no busses to Bet Shemesh so we went out to catch a 417 and pretty soon we were Home.
There is another attempt to clean my bedroom and my bed has been delegated to hold all of the old schoolbooks, so I slept on the couch last night.

Now it's erev-Shabbos and I should go start the cooking & cleaning...The thing is, this couch is really just toooo comfortable.

Plans for Shabbos include; quality time with my chayal, lunch at the Silver's house, a shabbos nap and possibly even a funny puppy. We'll see how it goes! Shabbat Shalom y'all!

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