Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Curse you Aqua-Scum..."

Work was relatively boring (what else is new) and Chaviva is on vacation for 2 days, so before 3:00 I am 2 people and after 3:00 I am 3. Joy.

Nothing was happening until 4:30 when I looked up and Brenda walked in. This confused me because I had just been on the phone with Freddie who had told me that SHE was coming to visit. Eventually Freddie showed up with fresh Laffas from the shuk and some chumus. So we noshed and ignored the bosses for as long as humanly possible.

Freddie headed back to Sheirut and Brenda and I walked back to The Ranch stopping along the way for vegetables to concoct some semblance of a dinner. We managed and the cous-cous came out REALLY good!

Finally I put Brenda on a bus for Home and back at The Ranch it's time for bed.

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for aaaaaalll week! Yay! :)

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