Monday, August 27, 2007

"The Depressed Teen...Hey Stop Smiling!"

"Let's have some serious intellectual conversation. Who enjoyed the kangaroos?!"

Today the mishpacha went to the zoo. Sadly, I had a 9 hour day at the office and could not join them.

Work was ridiculously boring. In addition to updating MORE of the tourism address book I was delegated to update the entire Israeli-Publication file. Not to mention the fact that, after a week of my boss not being around, and working for 'the son' - I need to somehow firmly remind him that if he wants 2 secretaries that he will need to hire a new one, because I CAN NOT work full-time for 2.5 people. 1.5 I can just about manage, 1.75 on really good days, but 2.5?! Come on, that's just not fair.

Anywho, by 11:40 it felt like 3 days had passed and the hours dragged and dragged on. Finally the clock said 6:50 and I was out of there! I went to catch a bus to Emek Refaim to meet up with the family, but I stood at the bus-stop for 25 minutes and while the 174 passed 4 times, none of the other busses went by. Eventually I made it down to "Norman's" and found the rest of the gang.

We had a lovely time (even if we didn't save the onion rings for Eli) and our walk back to the car was also relatively entertaining. Luckily for my parents, I am like a built-in GPS, so I navigated us through the little side-streets and back to Keren Hayesod. Right?! ;)

Then they dropped me off at The Ranch and headed off into the night.

Good news for the day, if my chayal manages to stay out of trouble, he'll be in The City Thursday afternoon! Which means, we can actually spend time together!!! YAY!

Just another 25 hours at the office and the week is over!!! I'm SO excited!!!

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Rik said...

That's a big "if" concerning your chayal...