Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Expect Nothing...

...that way you will always be pleasantly surprised if something happens to come your way..."

Shabbos was funny. I thought it would be one of those week where I would go to shul Friday night and walk Home alone then after a sort of sad and quiet meal I'd make my way to bed and sleep until 11:30 the next morning when I'd be woken up for kiddush. Then after the meal I'd go back to bed and mope at my misfortune of being stuck at Home when no one else is around until Shabbos finally departed...

Luckily for me, things simply never seem to go according to my plan.

Friday night I made it to shul and got to sit next to Michalie! On the way out of shul I pushed a little more than was polite in an attempt to catch up with Tamir (who was of course on a strict avoidance course from me...I reckon he knew what I was after) but I wound up bumping into Daddy who informed me that the aforementioned individual (and I'm not talking about Michalie) was planning on dining on a lavish feast all by his lonesome. Evidently I couldn't allow that. The lonely feast would have to be pushed off until the next day. Thankfully he agreed without tooooo much cajoling. Then Sariel showed up and tried to 'steal' my guest. Luckily for me, first come first serve won out, so we had our guest! :) I'm awfully thankful I didn't have to sit across from that empty seat. Much too depressing if you ask me. And aside from the Dibble and his annoying penguins and his unfortunate good aim with that stupid little green ball, it was quite a nice meal. Daddy sang all the tunes he likes (cause Freddie wasn't Home to stop him) and nobody died from the expired Coca-Cola... To make the evening even more exciting, the 'Big Boys' showed up a some point to 'collect' us for a walk. I turned down the offer, out of sheer exhaustion - but climbing into bed the only thing I could think was how I should have gone. Even if they didn't wander to anywhere interesting, it has been too long since I walked with them and frankly, I miss it. A lot.

Shabbos morning went accoring to plan, aside from the fact that I woke up at 6:30am and couldn't fall 'properly' back to sleep. I skipped shul (lazy bum that I am) but I did get up and go downstairs to help set the table for the seudah. I got my Shabbos nap and decided that at 6:00pm I would head over to the Yaffa's to spend some time with Ora. But at 5:00 Ora came over, so we shmoozed for almost 2 hours and by then Shabbos was just about over.

After havdallah 'party planning' mode came on full force. I made some potato-knish-kugel and Mommy made heart shaped cut-out cookies.

Bedtime came after an hour of sidewalk-chalking on the street with Brenda & Michalie. We drew a bunch of fun creatures and even an unfortunate-pancaked-pedestrian named Qua(c)k.

To Be Continued... ;o)

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