Monday, August 06, 2007

"A few days..."

Today was relatively boring. It was my first full day back at the office but it began long before that. At 8:30 Daddy showed up at The Ranch with a new adapter-y thing for my wireless router. (Yes, I am wireless again. Finally. And typing from the comfort of my couch, because I can.) Then we headed off to Radak Street to visit the scary old lawyer. I have officially signed the rental contract for my apartment for 2007/2008 and am now the proud renter of The Ranch for yet another year. (Yes, this will be my third year in the same place.) Daddy dropped me off at the office afterwards and it was a pretty normal and quiet type day.

Back at The Ranch (after a nightmare at the grocery store where EVERYONE was shopping and only 2 check-out lanes were open...) I made some dinner and then I scrubbed the kitchen out. I cleaned everything from the stovetop to the racks from the toaster oven to the wall behind the cooktop. It was disgusting, but now it's not quite as grimy anymore. :)

Oddly enough my chayal called me. He said it's been 'a while' since we last spoke (2 days to be exact) and that he needed to call because chances are that they will be out in the field and he won't be able to call me for another 'while' (2 days that is.) Reeling from the confusion of, since when did 2 days become 'a while' to two people who speak maybe once every two weeks? The only thing I could think of saying to him was, "so you're telling me that now that we're engaged we actually have to speak to each other?" Instead I simply said, "wow, we should have gotten engaged sooner. I love hearing from you."

Tomorrow night Freddie is crashing at The Ranch and we will be having a fun fun party of some sort. More about that - tomorrow...

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