Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Mud Attack!!!"

I woke up this morning in a puddle of sunshine. I stretched and reluctantly dragged myself out of bed.

At the office all of the remote-controls for the air-conditioners have either gone missing or are broken. I went on a jaunt to try and get new ones. That was the thrid time this week that I was laughed at by people on account of trying to do what my bosses requested of me.

Employee: "I'm just not as perfect as you."
Boss: "Well that much is obvious."

I left work late, but things worked out perfectly (as usual) and I wound up taking the bus Home with 1/2 my street. Well, almost 1/2 my street. It was funny.

"The problem with work is that it's not like jail, they don't tell you a date that you're gonna get out." ~Me


Tamir said...

Sure they do - it's called retirement. ^__^

Lorelai said...

Oh great, so I'm basically serving a life sentence?
I should check the bylaws of this country, because 'retirement' in this country probably only starts in your mid-nineties whereas in normal countries it starts at 60-something.
I only say that bitterly because in this country a 9 hour work day is also considered 'normal' and that of course is 9 hours with a 1/2 hour break during th day...
(For anyone who is wondering, in other countries it is 8 hours with an hour break in the middle...)

Tamir said...

Retirement age is 65 here, if I remember correctly. Which is pretty young, really. You've got 55 years of freedom after that!