Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No More Cutie-cles...

After last nights adventures (click HERE to see some pics) today was interesting. I woke up at The Ranch and left Freddie sleeping as I headed off to work. At the office it was one of those, "we have nothing for you to do but you have to sit here bored because that way we can pay you" days. So I sat and sat and sat and filed and sat and sat and went to the post office and sat and sat...

After work Brenda and Mommy arrived, right on time, and we headed over to begin our wacky 'girls night out' - first stop - manicures! After our nails were picture perfect, we headed off to town to find some grub. We decided to go to Rimon and the nice waiter fed us lots and lots and lots of food. Even scary pink dressing!

As we finished bentching, our very own Rebbetzin Tova Chazanow walked in with Shaindel! Chabad of Manalapan is here again! It's so exciting! We shmoozed a little and then we headed off. We hoofed it to TM and there we parted ways.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the last day of the week. Then Friday rolls around and I get to see my chayal. I'm excited. Can ya tell?!

Oh yeah - MAZAL TOV TONNY & TZIVIA!!!!! It's about time you joined us on the 'engaged' side of the fence. :-)


tnspr569 said...

ANOTHER engagement from that bunch?! Geez, Lori, look at how you influence those around you! I can only imagine what will happen next.

Seriously, though- yay!!!

Lorelai said...

Lol! Peeeeer Pressure!!! Do you see how potent it is?!

Hahaha! So many simchas! YAY!