Friday, August 03, 2007

"Not quite dead yet..."

Little Boy: "Ooooh Dad, can I get a new Spongebob?"
Father: "Don't you have one."
Little Boy: "Yes, but I don't know where it's gotten to..."
Father: "Don't you remember? You buried him in the backyard."
Little Boy: "Oh yes, but I dug him up and don't know where he is now. That's why I need a new Spongebob!"


A week in London SURE can make you miss Home. We rode the tube, visited the gardens, dined out, partied it up, walked it off and relaxed - but it was far from being Home.

To my Partner - you looked incredible and I am really really really glad I was able to share in your simcha with you. May the z'chus of all the brachos that you gave on that special day come back to you 3-fold!!! ( P.S. - I hope that Ephie and the gang weren't left at home...) :P

Back in the Holy Land laden with Skittles and some Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate for awesome-atious hot cocoa and we are better than ever.

I'll try to post some pics, or a link to some pics asap - maybe after I've seen my Chayal and taken care of some stuff involving getting ready for shabbos!!!

Have an amazingly splendiferous one!!!

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waiting for the pictures!!