Sunday, August 26, 2007

See ya at 10:00...

Hello Everybody! Here I am, returning from yet another lapse. Sorry bout that.

Last week wasn't really too busy and truth be told, I'm not sure where I disappeared to. Wednesday I paid a shiva call out in Har Nof and Thursday I heded Home. Thursday night my chayal was granted the special treat of a 'chamshush' which meant that by 10:00 PM he was in Bet Shemesh, so he came over and we got loads of quality time. First stop - the rose garden, where he presented me with the following...
Next stop, movie and some of Brenda's birthday cake! Yay! :)

Shabbos was quiet and relaxed. My chayal came over Friday night for the meal and then again Shabbat afternoon. Linda and Devora Merkin were in town, so they stayed by us and that was good fun too! After the meal Friday night we walked over to Sheinfeld to say mazal tov to the Wolickis who were hosting a shalom zachor for their new bouncing baby boy! Shabbos afternoon Little Brother walked down from the Ramah and came to visit and before we knew it Shabbos was over. For night activity we painted the walls in Mommy's machsan/studio. (For pictures click here.)

Today was a typical boring Sunday. My boss is not back in the office yet, so I have been spending all of my time at the office desperately avoiding filing and getting in the way in hope of being sent out on errands. I walked back to The Ranch and would have had a really boring evening too if Raizi hadn't called me. Somehow Freddie and Raizi wound up at The Ranch and we made dinner and shmoozed for a couple of hours.

Finally my chayal called me and now, well now I can finally head to bed and get some sleep.

Monday tomorrow, I'll try to keep you posted...

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