Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Swedish 'Ulf'...

I woke up feeling tired, again. I think it will take a while for me to catch up on lost sleep and since I still can, I think I should. The water pressure in my apartment seems to have dropped again, but it could just be the calcium buildup in the shower-head. So I will have to try Mommy's vinegar & bucket advice.

I was running on time but suddenly got lazy and decided to bus to work. So I got my stuff together and made my way across the street to TM. Let me explain quickly that because I work centrally on Yafo, virtually every bus stops near my building. Let me add that the ride is only 2 or 3 stops from TM and actually only saves me, on average, about 8 minutes of travel time. The differences in the busses are essentially WHERE they stop. Some stop at the top of the hill before the building, some stop at the bottom of the hill after the building and some stop around the corner frmo the building. Obviously I am a fan of the ones that stop at the top of the hill (lines 21 & 14) before the building because then I have an easy 1 minute saunter downhill to the office. The only catch is that these busses run the least frequently, so I almost never wait for them. Also, their bus stops are quite a distance from each other, so while I feel 'lucky' when a 21 comes, I almost never go for the 14s because unless the traffic light is red, chances are I would miss it.

So this morning, as I reached the bus stops, I noticed a 14 coming and that the light had just turned yellow. So I ran for the bus. I made it without a problem and after handing the driver my 'cartisiyah' I made my way to the back of the bus to find somewhere to stand. All very typical thus far. Suddenly, some guy starts screaming at the driver. "You are a thief, you punched the wrong card and now you owe me money." Anyway, the verbal barrage continued and the driver, apologized but still the guy had handed him a card, and while the driver should have checked before punching it, it was done. As they say here, 'kappara' and move on with it. But the guy kept screaming and cursing. So much so that the driver pulled over, turned off the bus and called over a few police officers to deal with the issue. At that point I decided to 'hoof it' - so I hopped off the bus and walked the last 6 minutes to the office.

On a bright note, the security guard at the door is one of the old regulars, so he smiled and waved me right on through. I was thankful for that. And the elevator only stopped on floor 6 before whisking me up to floor 7. Which is almost a miracle of sorts nowadays. Then my bosses walked in and they presented me with an adorable teddy-bear that they picked up for me on their trip to Sweden last week. AND then I went to the post office and the workers were are laughing and smiling. SO now I'm sort of getting weirded out...

It's turning out to be a funny day.
At least I'm smiling. :)

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