Sunday, August 12, 2007

...Yoga Yoga Yoga...

Rolled out of bed this morning and tried to tidy up the room a bit. Made the 10:00 bus and was in Jeru at 11:00, so I hopped up to The Ranch to drop off all of my stuff and grab some breakfast. I decided to be lazy and grab a bus to work. Unfortunately for me, the bus driver showed no interest in stopping at my bus stop and flew right past it and the next one too. I therefore arrived at work almost 20 minutes late. My boss gave me a 20 page list of telephone nnumbers, contact people, e-mail addresses and other information and requested that I 'update it' in my (and I quote) "spare time" - at this point I seriously had to stop myself from laughing in her face. I took the list and made my way back to my desk. Thankfully the day flew by relatively quickly. I walked back to The Ranch and stopped along the way to find some food. I think that about sums it up.

Things I still have to do:
1. Call my rebbeim and let them know about the upcoming engagement party.
2. Tell my bosses about the engagement party.
3. Find something to wear to the engagement party.
4. Lose 5 pounds before the engagement party. (This won't actually happen thanks to the stupid chocolate craving which has somehow found me again. But it's nice to pretend...)
5. Do something about my nails. (I wanted a manicure, but something tells me the time will just never be right. Especially since 40 hours are spent at the office and the others are spent running around trying to get 'important' stuff done.)
6. Write a mushy love note. (Not as easy as it sounds.)
7. Finish my book.

Guess I'll go get started on those.
Till tomorrow...

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Sassy Madricha said...

can the engagement party be in jeru??