Sunday, September 30, 2007


It is the third day of chol hamoed and things are going relatively well.

Quick re-cap of the holiday thus far:

Well, my chayal stayed at our house the whole chag. The first night Yonatan and Donny joined us for the meal and daddy spilled some chicken soup. After the meal we played cards and rummikub and more cards. The first day Abe walked down from Sheinfeld and joined us for the meal. Thursday night we failed at watching LOTR by falling asleep and then Friday morning I walked to Mercaz Bet Shemesh with my chayal on the prowl for a photo album. Shabbos was spent at Home and Friday night was a quiet family meal. Shabbos lunch was started late as we waited for the Slowatskys our guests from Nofei Aviv to arrive. Eventually they made it and we started the meal at around 1:15. Tamir came over to visit and we shmoozed some while attempting to balance a knife on its side. Shabbos afternoon I actually read a bit and shabbos ended pretty early. At 9:00 we headed over to the Zwebner's for the sukkah-open-house. There I saw tons of people and showed off my chayal a whole lot. :) Eventually we stole a movie from Shani's room and headed Home to watch it. We were going to drink chicken soup, but there was no way to arrange things comfortably so we ditched the chiken soup idea and watched the "Fantastic 4" instead.

At 7:00 this morning my chayal left for the army again and I won't see him for anothe 2 weeks. (Probably won't speak to him either, but that is neither here nor there.) Now it's 10:30 a.m. and although today was supposed to be the day we went on our family tiyul, somehow I don't see that happening. The first concert is tonight starting at 6:00 P.M. and Brenda is having a few friends over. On a bright side, I think Little Brother might be getting out of the army and coming Home - so at least we'll get to see him and spend some quality time! YAY!

Moadim L'simcha and I'll try to keep you updated as the holiday progresses...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Feeling Decidedly...


All this for no understandable reason.

I shouldn't be having breakdowns.

It's the last day before a holiday break.

I don't have to be at work for a whole 5 days.
I don't even have to be in The City for 5 days.
I get to spend time with people I both like and love for 5 whole days AND I can do it in my PAJAMAS if I so desire!!!

So WHY oh WHY do I feel so BLAH?!?!!??!?!!?!?

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sun Circles the Earth...?

Woke up at 6:30 and by 8:20 Shosh and I were walking in the direction of Geulah to pick up some taste-treats. We wandered around and took the 'back roads' back to Yafo. Made it to work 5 minutes early and then the 'work day' began...

Today was a non-stop 9 hour day at the office. At 5:00 PM I was still trying to start the work that I had been given at 12:00. (Mind you, the work I had been given by 12:00 involved sitting with my boss for an hour and a half straight and taking pages and pages of dictation and notes.) 2 hours were spent stuffing envelopes and thankfully I got out only 10 minutes late.

Rumor has it that the bosses are giving all of the employees personal speeches about 'the rules' and all about how wrong it is to use 'instant messaging' programs and talking on cell phones at the office. All I can say is that if they give me that speech I will be forced to laugh at them or give them a speech of my own. Maybe something along the lines of, "hi, I'm a secretary. I am NOT a mail-girl, NOT a shlepper, NOT an errand girl, NOT a housekeeper, NOT a janitor, NOT a general telephone directory, NOT a coat rack, NOT a robot, NOT a fix-it person, NOT a technician, NOT a lunch lady, NOT your daughters nurse, NOT your maid and I am DEFINITELY NOT getting paid enough to smile (as jovially as I do) while be treated like pond-scum 85% of the time!!!"

Walked back to The Ranch with Chaviva. The weather is gorgeous and it's perfect for my denim jacket! (YAY!)

On the bright side, just another 9 hours at the office for the week AND the BEST part is that in just another 42-ish hours I'll get to see my chayal!!! YAYYYY!!!!! :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Childhood is not for kids...

Yom Kippur went pretty well. Seudah Hamafseket was a simple affair and kol Nidre went relatively quickly. I went to sleep at around 8:45 and woke up at 7:00. Made it to shul just 10 minutes late but it wasn't too hard to catch up. Thankfully the chazanim weren't too bad and although it was freezing in the shul, I managed to stand for all of chazarat hasha"tz. We had a 2 hour break and Freddie and I stayed in shul. We split sefer tehillim and each said half. Neilah flew by and after Maariv we headed Home. We broke the fast with Saba & Savta on a 'light' dinner of fish, pasta and 3 types of rolls.Then we had some cake in honor of Savta's (belated) birthday.

Sukkot is up next. Lots to do, and no time to do it (cause I'm stuck at the office...) On the bright side, my chayal will be Home for the first 1/2 of sukkot! Plus we're having guests guests and more guests! I'm also hoping to get in a tiyul on Friday and another on Sunday, not to mention maybe even squeeze one in on Tuesday. Two concerts this year means even more fun and basically I'm just so excited!!!

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Woowoo Grubs...

I started my morning much like yesterday. Woke up early, lazed about, read some and then walked to work. I decided to indulge in an iced-coffee (which was YUMMY) and I still made it to work early!

I didn't do much of anything interesting at the office today. I filed all of the newspapers and finished the mailing and even made a beautiful (and colorful) excel spreadsheet. (If you'd like to see it, just let me know and I'd be glad to e-mail it to you. Though, I wouldn't recommend printing it in color - quite a waste of ink.)

Stayed 20 minutes late at work (waiting for the cleaner to finish - AGAIN) then I walked back to The Ranch. Shosh and I made a spur of the moment decision to go swimming, so we headed out to the Crowne Plaza (where womens swim is open to the public from 8-10 on Mondays & Wednesdays) and there we met Sarah Leah and swam 'A TON' of laps... ;)

The walk back to The Ranch after swimming was gorgeous. I love the night-time weather at this time of year. It's absolutely incredible outside and perfect sweatshirt weather.

The only thing missing is someone to cuddle with, so I guess it's time to get into bed - after all, Toffee is waiting...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hanks and Toodles...

Today was the first decidedly GOOD day that I have had in AGES!

I woke up at 7:00 this morning and lazed in bed until 7:30 when Shosh came in to wake me up. For some funny reason I got out of bed at 7:40 and was out of the shower at 8:00. I was dressed by 8:15 and couldn't figure out what to do for an hour, so I crawled back into bed and read. (In case you are confused, I was running about an hour early this morning. Usually I only get up at 8:00...Yay for moving the clocks back!!!)

I left The Ranch at 9:15 and walked to work (for the first time in months, or weeks at least.) There was 'real' work to do today - like I actually got to the office, had just enough time to read through my e-mails and then I got stuff to do! (That hasn't happened in months. Seriously though, months!) So I worked my way through the pile, filed my desk into a few neat binders and got everything organized! In the middle of the afternoon I was elected to be 'errand-girl' so I headed out to the 'other' side of town to pick up an envelope from some random office. I was given money to take cabs in both directions however as I left the building the 'perfect' bus pulled up, so I hopped on. Finding the office was no problem and back on Yafo Street yet another 'perfect' bus pulled up, so back I went. I waltzed back into the office a mere 30 minutes after leaving only to be informed that there was a total disaster a'forming.

A VERY important meeting (that we've been trying to schedule for months) has been set for 10:00 tomorrow morning. This should be a cause for celebration however, the proposal and information that we are meant to present them with has been recycled and given to a different client whilst we struggled to set a time and date for the meeting. (Luckily for my office, they have me.) I quickly printed out a few copies, ran to the printer/binder store and begged them to quickly bind the documents. 25 minutes later, armed with the completed proposals I returned to the office triumphant! (Boy were my bosses delighted!) I proceeded to spend the remainder of the afternoon (the whole hour of it anyway) stuffing envelopes for a mailing that I will no doubt finish tomorrow and drag down to the post-office (probably by my lonesome.)

After work I walked back to The Ranch and thoroughly enjoyed the weather. It's crisp sweatshirt weather here in The City and I am LOVING every minute of it!!!

Now I reckon it's time to find some PJs and 'hit the sack' - it's been a long day, albeit a good one. Hope tomorrow has some more fun stuff in store. I'm sure it does, I wonder what it'll bring...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pickly Caser...

Work was pretty boring, but I actually went out for a walk and picked up 2 new tank tops, which was very exciting. Freddie stopped by and brought me bagels for lunch, which I was VERY grateful for. After work I walked back towards The Ranch and stopped off to pick up some cereal. In the store I bumped into Ora Koplon and we shmoozed for a long while. Eventually I made it back to the apartment and Shosh and I relaxed and spent some quality-time together.

For the record: My chayal must be learning that I don't deal well with being ignored for a week or two at a time so during his 3 minute break he called me, just to say 'hi' (awwwwwww!!!)

Now I'm eating an ice-pop and surfing the net for pretty gowns. I've always loved medieval dresses and gowns that really remind you of princesses, dragons and fairy-tales. This is what I've found so far: The 'INTENSE' one (I'm not SUCH a fan, but it's pretty-ish), The 'FLOUNCY' one (Pretty but there's just too much material going on in the skirt) and The 'GORGEOUS' one (Definitely my favorite thus far!)

Alrighty, time to get me to sleep because I am sleepy. More tomorrow!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hello there! Happy New Year! I can't believe we made it through a 3-day-chag. It's been years since we had to deal with one of those. All in all it went very nicely. My chayal stayed at our house and ate 5/6 meals with us, Little Brother joined us for 2 meals, the Polevoys joined us for Shabbos lunch and there was much shmoozing, many minyanim, kiddushim, quality time, a whole bunch of walking and even some time in the park with the Dibble.

At 2:00 this morning we 'fell back' an hour from daylight savings time, as you know that essentially gave us an extra hour for the night. I made good use of my time and snuck in an extra hour of quality time with my chayal. (Quite a worthwhile investment if I do say so myself!)

Work today was umm, the usual (?) and due to the fact that it was a 'fast day' the bosses had mercy on us and let us leave an hour early. However, at some point in the early afernoon the power in the entire building went out. A voice came on the loudspeaker to announce that,
"we know that there is no power. There is no power in the entire building. This means that you should not take the elevator. If you are in the elevator, please wait
for the power to come back on. As soon as the power comes back on, we will let
you know."

I was too busy laughing to pay atention to much of anything after that...

Walked back to The Ranch, made some dinner and used up the last of my 'old' vegetables (from last year no less.) Eventually Shosh got home and we spent some fun quality time catching up on each other's last 2 weeks. It is somewhat sad that we live together yet we see each other only once a week or so (more or less.)

There is so much to do and I am far too sleepy to do it.
Maybe at the very least I'll wash the dishes before I go to bed.
Hehe, yeah,

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You were saying...?

Woke up and packed up my bag. Left The Ranch a little early and wound up walking to work (because I didn't have any big bills and was too lazy to start counting out 44 shekels for a new cartisiyah on a bus.)

Work was boring. On a nice note, the bosses bought cakes and we had a staff party. As for our מתנה לחג, we didn't get the usual hundred-shekel worth of coupons. Instead we each got 2 bottles of wine. A nice gesture but I would much rather have gotten the coupons so that I could have gotten something new to wear for all of the upcoming chagim.

The bus Home was a crowded 416 and there was traffic. Luckily it only took an hour to get from T.M. in Jerusalem allllll the way Home.

Dinner was quick and then we had a water fight in the kitchen and I polished a whole bunch of the silver for chag. Including the honey bowls, the apple holder and of course the candle-sticks.

Sleepy time now. Lots to do tomorrow! Yay...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Kabiba & Knock-em...

Woke up early this morning and managed to get myself moving early enough to make a stop in Geulah before work. Sadly, none of the candy-stores had gummy fishes so I abandoned my search and headed for the office.

Work was plain old boring. I faxed some 50-odd things to Turkey and sent a bunch of pointless e-mails. I also argued with a few 'brilliant' individuals on the phone and of course, in person. *Sigh* Fun fun.

After work I stopped off in 2 stores. One for a new shirt for chag and one for new nail-polish (because I was desperately in need of a new shade.) Then I walked back to The Ranch. Eventually Shosh made it home and we shmoozed and chilled for a bit, while I did my nails and she caught up on e-mails.

One of the Afikei madrichot is staying over tonight and I am waiting up for her as I wait for my nails to dry. The irridescent-ish pinky/purple I got for my fingers is a little dazzling and the deep melon-y-ish color I got for my toes is quite novel too. *Note to self - next time you want new nail-polish colors, take someone (who's fashion sense you trust) with you for a second opinion.

At least I like 'em. I think. I'm sure they'll grow on me - tomorrow...

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Stress & Fress...

I am 22 years old and I am forlorn. I feel useless and pointless. I feel like I contribute nothing to the world at large.

In other news, today was. I took a 9:30 bus, for lack of anything better to do at Home and once in Jerusalem I occupied myself at The Ranch until I deemed it to be late enough to set off to work (which was boring, by the way.) After work I rushed back to The Ranch for a walk with my roomie and then we ate fries (cause why else exercise) and of course ice-pops for dessert.

Quick personal note:

Dear Self,

I MUST stop eating and eating and eating and noshing and snacking and eating and eating, cause that is just about the ONLY thing that I have done consistently for the last two weeks. I feel disgusting and really just have to stop. Sadly, I can't seem to control myself. Sounds pathetic? Yeah, I know. I'm trying here. Maybe tomorrow. *sigh*


P.S. What happened to good old fashioned chivalry? Why does everyone else seem to drown in it but the girl who has been said to have 'fairy tales in her head' gets completely skipped over and neglected?! How?! WHY!?!? ACK!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Glass of Tea.

Shabbos, as anticipated was extremely boring. I didn't actually leave the house. I did read a few books and spend a lot of quality time with my teddy bears. The meals were quite enjoyable and dessert was (as usual) the 'best' part!

Two random things and then I will go, because my computer's battery is dying and I need to take it upstairs -

The first thing is, that I honestly believe that it is the thought that counts and the second thing, (whether it matters to you or not) is Thank You... :)

Shavua Tov! Rosh Hashana this week...Wow, I am ridiculously unprepared.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Tilting Carousel...

Today at the office I filed. Then I filed. Then I filed some more. I filed the ENTIRE stack of papers from the "General/Chessed" tray and after organizing their shelves and putting some labels to indicate what goes where I took the whole mountain of papers from near the fax machine and sorted through them. I then proceeded to file all remaining papers from the "General/Chessed" binders and then I put away the remainder in their respective trays to wait for another day. Tomorrow my bosses are coming back. What really upsets me is that, though I spent some five and a half hours filing today and filed somewhere in the region of three-hundred pages - I KNOW that tomorrow when my bosses walk into the office the first thing they will do is chide me for not having filed the huge rubbermaid tub of newspapers. They won't notice all of the work that I DID accomplish and even if my co-workers speak up in my defense, they will ignore the fact - simply because the 'unsightly mess' of newspapers is still in view. Somehow - procrastinating the filing seems worthwhile when nothing I ever do is 'good enough' anyway. According to them; 'somebody' can always to it quicker, 'somebody' can always do it better and 'somebody' can always do it more efficiently. I have this urge to tell them that if this 'somebody' is such a great character that they should hire HER and leave me the heck alone!!!

Basically - it was a long day. A good day (because there were no bosses around and an Office Depot shipment came) but long nonetheless. I looked at my post from yesterday and when I scrolled down I didn't notice Monday's date but I skimmed the story and as I did I tried to remember when it was that I left my apartment barefoot. I was shocked when I realized that it was only 2 days ago as it feels like weeks and months have passed.

I want it to be next Wednesday because I want a break. The only flaw in that logic is that next Wednesday is Rosh Hashana and I am honestly and sincerely unprepared for it.

I have more to say on the topic of a new year approaching but my post might turn sarcastic, bitter and thoughtful and we all know that this is not the forum for such things.

More tomorrow. Thursday again, at long last. Shabbos will be quiet this week.
Maybe Tamir and Michalie will come out and play - otherwise I'm in for quite the boring weekend too...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Motion Sickness...

This morning I rolled out of bed and the only thing I could think was, "my hair is SUCH a mess!" Good thing I wasn't running too late to shower. Come to think of it, I wasn't running late until I did shower. Oh well. At least my hair was tamed to some extent.

At the office I procrastinated filing (what else is new?) and I printed out the new address books and at 12:40 I disappeared under the cover-story of going to Graphos to have the books bound. After dropping off the books I headed down to Holy Bagel where I met up with Tanya! We shmoozed over a deeeeelicious bagel lunch and she gave me the cutest salt&pepper shakers (don't worry Zsh, I only unwrapped one, so the score is still even on the 'gift-opening-scorecard') then we hopped over to Cream and Dream where I finally filled my mint-chip-ice-cream craving (which has been following me around since I turned it down last Thursday night) then we stopped off and Golf & Co to say hi to Shani and finally we picked up the finished address books and at my office building we parted ways. It was a highly enjoyable afternoon and I hope we can do it again soon!!!

And so, two hours later I sauntered back into the office all smiles and hyper-active! Then I proceeded to shirk filing and do menial tasks until 7:00 rolled around at which point I grabbed my stuff and headed to the shuk to find veggies for the impromptu salad night that Freddie and I had planned half an hour earlier.

Back at The Ranch we made BIG salads and watched 'The English Patient' - (which was, QUITE sad and emotionally heartwrenching. At least, I thought so anyway.) Then I washed the dishes and now it's time to go to sleep.

It's only Tuesday but the week feels like it's been around forever already.
It's crazy when Sunday seems like so long ago you can't remember what happened 'back then'.
At least they've been relatively good or very good days. So long as they're not miserable I don't suppose I can complain...

Monday, September 03, 2007


This morning I walked out of my apartment on my way to work and I noticed that my footsteps were much more quiet than usual. As I reached the elevator I glanced at the floor and realized that I had left my apartment in my socks. How silly is that?

On the bus there was a little old man. He was walking over to everyone and reminding them in a friendly and jovial way that smiling is free. The reminder came with the sound advice of putting a smile on 'now' - after all, smiling is actually proven to lighten your mood and make you feel better.

At the office I ran around doing a gazillion things until at long last 2/3 bosses left on vacation. Then I sat around doing nothing. Well, my type of nothing anyway. Meaning, I filed and did the stuff that is usually left 'until last' around the office. On an very happy note, my Big Sis came back to work today - YAY!!!!

Walked back to The Ranch and I am still trying to figure out where the 7 mosquito bites on my left calf came from in the last 20 minutes. There must be a blood-sucker in my pant's leg, otherwise it just doesn't make any sense.

Well, I guess I'll go and shake out my pants...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ultra Travel...

Woke up somewhere between 5 & 6 AM to a symphony of sorts. These newfangled celly-phone thingies sure do make some funny noises. Got up and packed and went out to catch a bus. In The City I had time to run up to The Ranch and eat a mushy pita before heading to work. At the office things weren't toooooo bad but I still jumped for joy when 6 rolled around and I could get out. Walked back to The Ranch with Chaviva and waited for Freddie. We made some soup and watched 'Mona Lisa Smile' and now for bed-time.

More tomorrow - when 2/3 bosses GO AWAY on vacation...