Monday, September 10, 2007

Kabiba & Knock-em...

Woke up early this morning and managed to get myself moving early enough to make a stop in Geulah before work. Sadly, none of the candy-stores had gummy fishes so I abandoned my search and headed for the office.

Work was plain old boring. I faxed some 50-odd things to Turkey and sent a bunch of pointless e-mails. I also argued with a few 'brilliant' individuals on the phone and of course, in person. *Sigh* Fun fun.

After work I stopped off in 2 stores. One for a new shirt for chag and one for new nail-polish (because I was desperately in need of a new shade.) Then I walked back to The Ranch. Eventually Shosh made it home and we shmoozed and chilled for a bit, while I did my nails and she caught up on e-mails.

One of the Afikei madrichot is staying over tonight and I am waiting up for her as I wait for my nails to dry. The irridescent-ish pinky/purple I got for my fingers is a little dazzling and the deep melon-y-ish color I got for my toes is quite novel too. *Note to self - next time you want new nail-polish colors, take someone (who's fashion sense you trust) with you for a second opinion.

At least I like 'em. I think. I'm sure they'll grow on me - tomorrow...

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Me said...

All I can say is....Chaval we don't do reflexology anymore