Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Motion Sickness...

This morning I rolled out of bed and the only thing I could think was, "my hair is SUCH a mess!" Good thing I wasn't running too late to shower. Come to think of it, I wasn't running late until I did shower. Oh well. At least my hair was tamed to some extent.

At the office I procrastinated filing (what else is new?) and I printed out the new address books and at 12:40 I disappeared under the cover-story of going to Graphos to have the books bound. After dropping off the books I headed down to Holy Bagel where I met up with Tanya! We shmoozed over a deeeeelicious bagel lunch and she gave me the cutest salt&pepper shakers (don't worry Zsh, I only unwrapped one, so the score is still even on the 'gift-opening-scorecard') then we hopped over to Cream and Dream where I finally filled my mint-chip-ice-cream craving (which has been following me around since I turned it down last Thursday night) then we stopped off and Golf & Co to say hi to Shani and finally we picked up the finished address books and at my office building we parted ways. It was a highly enjoyable afternoon and I hope we can do it again soon!!!

And so, two hours later I sauntered back into the office all smiles and hyper-active! Then I proceeded to shirk filing and do menial tasks until 7:00 rolled around at which point I grabbed my stuff and headed to the shuk to find veggies for the impromptu salad night that Freddie and I had planned half an hour earlier.

Back at The Ranch we made BIG salads and watched 'The English Patient' - (which was, QUITE sad and emotionally heartwrenching. At least, I thought so anyway.) Then I washed the dishes and now it's time to go to sleep.

It's only Tuesday but the week feels like it's been around forever already.
It's crazy when Sunday seems like so long ago you can't remember what happened 'back then'.
At least they've been relatively good or very good days. So long as they're not miserable I don't suppose I can complain...

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