Monday, September 17, 2007

Pickly Caser...

Work was pretty boring, but I actually went out for a walk and picked up 2 new tank tops, which was very exciting. Freddie stopped by and brought me bagels for lunch, which I was VERY grateful for. After work I walked back towards The Ranch and stopped off to pick up some cereal. In the store I bumped into Ora Koplon and we shmoozed for a long while. Eventually I made it back to the apartment and Shosh and I relaxed and spent some quality-time together.

For the record: My chayal must be learning that I don't deal well with being ignored for a week or two at a time so during his 3 minute break he called me, just to say 'hi' (awwwwwww!!!)

Now I'm eating an ice-pop and surfing the net for pretty gowns. I've always loved medieval dresses and gowns that really remind you of princesses, dragons and fairy-tales. This is what I've found so far: The 'INTENSE' one (I'm not SUCH a fan, but it's pretty-ish), The 'FLOUNCY' one (Pretty but there's just too much material going on in the skirt) and The 'GORGEOUS' one (Definitely my favorite thus far!)

Alrighty, time to get me to sleep because I am sleepy. More tomorrow!

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