Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sun Circles the Earth...?

Woke up at 6:30 and by 8:20 Shosh and I were walking in the direction of Geulah to pick up some taste-treats. We wandered around and took the 'back roads' back to Yafo. Made it to work 5 minutes early and then the 'work day' began...

Today was a non-stop 9 hour day at the office. At 5:00 PM I was still trying to start the work that I had been given at 12:00. (Mind you, the work I had been given by 12:00 involved sitting with my boss for an hour and a half straight and taking pages and pages of dictation and notes.) 2 hours were spent stuffing envelopes and thankfully I got out only 10 minutes late.

Rumor has it that the bosses are giving all of the employees personal speeches about 'the rules' and all about how wrong it is to use 'instant messaging' programs and talking on cell phones at the office. All I can say is that if they give me that speech I will be forced to laugh at them or give them a speech of my own. Maybe something along the lines of, "hi, I'm a secretary. I am NOT a mail-girl, NOT a shlepper, NOT an errand girl, NOT a housekeeper, NOT a janitor, NOT a general telephone directory, NOT a coat rack, NOT a robot, NOT a fix-it person, NOT a technician, NOT a lunch lady, NOT your daughters nurse, NOT your maid and I am DEFINITELY NOT getting paid enough to smile (as jovially as I do) while be treated like pond-scum 85% of the time!!!"

Walked back to The Ranch with Chaviva. The weather is gorgeous and it's perfect for my denim jacket! (YAY!)

On the bright side, just another 9 hours at the office for the week AND the BEST part is that in just another 42-ish hours I'll get to see my chayal!!! YAYYYY!!!!! :)

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Mir said...

Sorry I haven't checked in in a while. Life is just a horrible and hilarious thing at some times, and it's been one of those times again!

Hope you're doing well. Any plans on visiting Cleveland while you're in Shmutz La'Aretz next time???

Any plans on the weddin'?

Let me know.

Have a chag kasher v'sameach and a happy new year!!