Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You were saying...?

Woke up and packed up my bag. Left The Ranch a little early and wound up walking to work (because I didn't have any big bills and was too lazy to start counting out 44 shekels for a new cartisiyah on a bus.)

Work was boring. On a nice note, the bosses bought cakes and we had a staff party. As for our מתנה לחג, we didn't get the usual hundred-shekel worth of coupons. Instead we each got 2 bottles of wine. A nice gesture but I would much rather have gotten the coupons so that I could have gotten something new to wear for all of the upcoming chagim.

The bus Home was a crowded 416 and there was traffic. Luckily it only took an hour to get from T.M. in Jerusalem allllll the way Home.

Dinner was quick and then we had a water fight in the kitchen and I polished a whole bunch of the silver for chag. Including the honey bowls, the apple holder and of course the candle-sticks.

Sleepy time now. Lots to do tomorrow! Yay...

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