Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hello Nick...

First thing this morning I got a phone-call from the office requesting me to 'pick up milk' on the way to work. So I left a little early in order to allot the time for getting the milk and I made it to work on time (even though the bus-ride took almost 10 minutes - to go 3 stops!)

Work was quiet and pretty boring until the bosses showed up with the International Advertising Director and a Senior Travel Writer of a well respected and prestigious publication in the UK. Once our guests left the bosses swamped me with work. I did as much as I could handle and walked out of the office at precisely 5:00 PM, without so much as a goodbye to anyone, well, except TJ. :)

I walked to Kanfei Nesharim where I met up with my sisters and we walked down to the yummy baguette place that Shosh introduced me to a few nights ago. (I think it's my new fleishig 'fast food' joint.) We enjoyed a deeeelicious meal of baguettes, deli, pickles, fries and Snapple and then we walked back to The Ranch, stopping along the way to take pictures on 'the bench' and in the park.

Back at The Ranch we had some 'dessert' - which was YUMMY cookies from 'the cookie factory' (the one that Mommy used to go to when she lived in Jeru) and then Freddie and Brenda ran off to catch a bus.

As for me, I've been sitting here doing a whole lotta nothin' for the last long while.

I'm a little upset (ok, A LOT upset) because although they tentatively rescheduled my chayal's regilah (vacation) it's not for another 2 weeks, which means I won't see him for 3 whole weeks AND the shabbos of his regilah is the weekend that we scheduled our girls shabbos at The Ranch!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!

On a slightly sketchy note - while sitting in the boss's office earlier she asked me how the last few days had been and what I had been up to. (I figured she didn't mean at the office necessarily, because as she well knows, things run like clockwork there. Therefore, I assumed she meant with wedding plans.)
Finally she asked, "Anything doing with him?"
"Nope." I replied.
"Anything doing with you?" she inquired.
"Nope." I replied again.
"Any desicions made?" she continued.
"Not that I know of. He doesn't have time and evidently, neither do I." I said in my most restrained voice.
Then she laughed, as if to say, 'I know that's just because you don't have time because you spend all your time here and it SURE is fun to see you all angry and fed-up especially because there's nothing you can do about it. BUT don't you worry, I'll be REALLY nice and NEVER give you a break or any time to do anything, cause after all, a job is a job and you're not really anyone important anyway...'

Then I got all depressed again.

I hate this.

The only thing I might hate more, is probably dancing at stupid pointless parties.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Not only am I a branch of Google, a dictionary, a thesaurus, an encyclopedia, a computer genius, a phone-directory and a 'great' friend - I am now improved with a brand new application - 'the calendar' - now doesn't THAT just make me feel so damn special?!?!?!

Went to work 45 minutes early this morning (and considering I left 20 minutes late last night) I figure I'll leave an hour early tomorrow when I go out with Freddie and Brenda for dinner and sister-bonding-quality-time. It's just annoying because on both Sunday and Monday (next week) I will probably be getting to work late, due to STUPID wedding prep garbage (that I STILL don't care about!!!!!!!) but I can't make up the time this week, because on Thursday a new month begins and all extra-time and over-time is wiped off the slate.

Breakfast was iced-coffee and a plain za'atar bagel eaten at the office while organizing the business cards in the closets. The bosses are still out today, and in anticipation I brought both my knitting (the fuzzy pink scarf I started 2 years ago) and my book. I managed to clean out the 'file-pile' near the fax machine and file the important stuff in their appropriate 'filing-trays' so that whenever I get around to filing, they'll get put away.

In other news, my boss called from the road and asked me to help sort-out a 'CRISIS' - A client wanted something (for which the deadline passed yesterday) and as I tried to explain to my boss that it's silly to make allowances for this specific client, (as they have proven time and time again that they have a total disregard for our rules, regulations and deadlines) and that this being the FOURTH time that I would be going out of my way to solve the 'CRISIS' that it was a bit silly. Unfortunately in the middle of my monologue, my boss kindly informed me that she was 'busy' and that she was 'leaving it in my capable hands' and 'would I please call her in15 minutes to let her know that everything was sorted out the way the client wanted, thank you very much.' So I did it and I called her and I feel like a total shmata. And all so that we can stay on the client's 'good side' - because they are an important client (because they're big and rich.) The world runs on desire for money - and while people seem to love it, I only hate it more and more.

The cleaner showed up (almost 2 hours late) today and set to 'organizing' the office. She basically empties the garbage cans around the office, uses baby-wipes to wipe down the counter and washes the floor. One of my newer coworkers noted aloud that there was a strong smell of 'bubble-gum' in the air, then she rubbed her temple in an attempt to alleviate the 'fuzzy' feeling that always accompanies the scent. Of course, us more seasoned veterans of the office know that the 'perfume' is the strongly-scented floor cleaner that is used to mop the floor. The only thing I could think to say was, "They don't give us raises in this office, they give us highs." Chaval the boss was on the phone...
The walk back to The Ranch was chilly. I can't believe winter is coming. Springtime is still my favorite time of the year and the wintertime always plunges me into a deep melancholy in which I mope and wait for the spring to bloom once more. And it begins with the sniffles of my allergies. Damn the weather.

And damn wedding plans.
I HATE them.

Monday, October 29, 2007

H/D or CD-R?!?!?!

Woke up at 6:30 this morning and at 7:00 I ran down to the makolet to pick up some milk. As today was Shosh's REAL-Bday, we celebrated the morning with steaming mugs of french-vanilla coffee and Brooklyn Bakery Black & White Cookies.

I decided against going in to the office early because (I realized) there was no reason for me to rush back to The Ranch after work, Shosh was going to Bnei Brak to the Lauffer wedding, and I would have the apt. to myself.

I got to work on time and since my 2/3 of the bosses are traipsing across the country with the International Advertising Director and a Senior Writer of The Daily Telegraph UK; there was nothing for me to do. Since the same bosses were away in Turkey last week, most of the filing was done then and today I really wasn't in the mood to deal with organizing or paper-cuts. I spent the day sitting in my office chair and reading a book (which my chayal bought for me.) I sent 4 one-line e-mails and picked up the phone on average twice an hour. I also took the time to drop off a roll of film for developing and a few hours later I even picked it up. For some reason (I guess I was really into the book) I left the office 20 minutes late and headed back to The Ranch.

I called Mommy in search of an idea for dinner and when I noted the ingredients available aloud, I realized that I could concoct something relatively nutritious and quite possibly palatable at the same time all in 1 pot!!! (Less dishes, YAY!!!)

I noticed that with the weather getting cooler, my keyboard's keys are getting stickier again. I guess it's the old 'syrup petel' acting up again. Alas, no time for dealing with such trivial matters nowadays. (Random Interruption: the sketchy German neighbor just started singing opera again.) Although work was pretty boring today at least I was productive in the 'wedding prep' agenda. I collected phone numbers for: videographers, photographers, sheitel sellers and g'machs. I arranged a meeting with the wedding hall's decorator and I spoke to a photographer to request a proposal. (Why do I feel like I'm making WAY too many phone calls for this STUPID party that I don't even want to go to let alone HOST?!?!?!?!!?!!!!?!? I just want to be married damn it!!!!!!!!!!)

My random musing for the day had something to do with Israeli drivers and traffic jams in the city that don't actually involve accidents of any sort. When the first car in a jam stops, for whatever reason it stops, the drivers of the 5-8 cars after it feel compelled to hop out of their cars and walk down to find out why the first car has stopped. The next 5-8 cars behind the original car (who inspired the jam) all hold their hands on their horns in an attempt to ummm, wait, why do they do that?! Generally by the time 3 minutes have passed the first car has driven off on it's merry way and the drivers of the first 5-8 cars are still milling about. At this point, the drivers of the cars who had been honking (tooting) hop out of their cars to go and see what the story is. Naturally the following 5-8 cars begin to honk and so it goes.

No wonder it's never quiet in the city...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cupcakes, Phone Calls & Traffic Jams...

Woke up early this morning (cause Freddie got up to get to her 'boker' shift at the hopsickal.) Woke my chayal and then we headed into Jerusalem. The bus showed up late, there were hardly any seats left on the bus, so we didn't get to sit together and then we hit traffic - so by the time we got to The City we had about 15 minutes left of our 'date' which we had planned to last for about an hour. (As they say, lo norah...) We bumped into Vivi and then we headed to Holy Bagel for some quick breakfast.

Running only 5 minutes late I ran for a bus and made it to work only 15 minutes late. Luckily (or stupidly?) the bosses didn't acknowledge my arrival, until I had been sitting at my desk doing nothing for about 45 minutes (which generally wouldn't have bothered me however, knowing that I could have been spending time with my chayal instead of wasting my time doing nothing REALLY upset me.)

Finally at about 11 the boss called me in and started giving me work. I sat in her office for 3 solid hours as she dictated letters and gave me a loooooong list of things to do. Somehow, with everything that she had given me, phones ringing off the hook, new secretaries asking a zillion questions about filing newspapers, bosses yelling for phone numbers and cups of tea that didn't leak and the other usual stuff I managed to get everything on the list done. On my way out of the office with TJ, I wished her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and then I headed off to Geulah. I took the back roads without getting lost and picked up some black & white cookies and a birthday cupcake for my roooooomie!!!

I walked back at The Ranch and settled in to wait for Shosh. When she got home we headed out to a yummy Baguette place near Har Nof for a birthday dinner! The food was really good and we shmoozed (till my chayal called and interrupted us...but we asked him if I could call back 'in a while' and he graciously agreed, he's the bestest!!!) We walked back to The Ranch and stopped for ice-pops along the way. Back at The Ranch I presented Shosh with her birthday cupcake and made her eat it allllll up!!! :)

Now we have black & white cookies for breakfast and all we need is some milk. I guess I'll wake up super early and go pick some up.

Happy Birthday Shosh and TJ!!!! Love you both sooooooooo much!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wedgies & Wieners

Today I asked around for a general concensus of what sort of career I should pursue. Someone suggested janitor and another suggested stay at home mom. I decided that I'd like to try being a Bosnian refugee for a few weeks, just to get a feel for it. Don't think I'll get accepted for the position, but I figure I might as well apply.

Work was funny. I went in an hour early and after e-mailing a few people and finishing up my work from yesterday I actually organized and filed all of the ad agency stuff. The bosses came back from Istanbul today so the office was 'lively'(?) and even though I was relatively busy, I had plenty of relaxation time. I broached the subject of leaving early tomorrow with my boss and she was happy to oblige on the condition that on Sunday morning (before the International Advertising Director and a Senior Writer of The Daily Telegraph UK arrive) that I go in 'as early as possible' 10:00 at the latest... I agreed wholeheartedly. After all, this tekes is a pretty important thing!

Walked back to The Ranch and Freddie came by. She baked some potatoes and when Shosh got home we finished rearranging the living room and straightening up. Shosh finally 'convinced' me to work on my room. Grumbling I started folding everything and clearing off the 'extra' bed (where everything was piled) then I swept the floor and the sheirut mirpeset pretty thoroughly.

Now I'm sleepy and grimy. I really really want to sponja the floor and wash my sheets and blankets and take a nice hot shower and crawl into a clean bed in a clean room in fresh pjs. But I just don't have the energy or the time.

I think I'll go to work an hour early tomorrow and that way I'll have an extra hour on my side, which will mean that next Tuesday night I can leave work an hour early and go out with my chayal!!! Yay!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yay! I spoke to Mrs. M!!!

I woke up REALLY early today, so I figured that I might as well go to work early. I got to the office an hour early and it was wonderful because there were NO bosses until almost 2:00. Then we were given minimal work, but since I filed the newspapers and did the mailing yesterday, all there was to do in the spare time was to do the general filing. I separated the real estate/ad agency pile and organized the agencies but I didn't have time to actually stick them in their respective binders. Maybe I will have some free time in the near(ish) future to do it.

I did get to go out with my Big Sis today, which was nice, cause we haven't actually gone out together in a long long time. I appreciated the outing, even if all she thought of it as was a chance to get some errands done. I'm really having a lot of fun with all the behind-the-scenes plans for the older munchkin's upsherin in a few weeks!!!

I stayed at work until 7:15, when the cleaner decided that the office was 'neat-enough' to be finished for the week. Then I wandered down Rechov Yafo in seach of the .75 Liter 'Mey Eden' water bottles. (Sadly, I don't think they make them anymore...) In my wanderings I bumped into some Miskins which was fun. Aderet is really just tooooo precious!!! (BTW, I STILL can't believe she's a year old already! Where is time going!?)

After exhausting all possibilities for water bottles on one side of Rechov Yafo I jumped on a bus and headed back to The Ranch. Dinner was left-overs from last night (hey, it works!) and then Shosh and I rolled up the rug and set to rearranging the furniture. (We do this every few months, because the arangement of the furniture is very important depending on the season. It's nice when it looks all open and breezy in the summer and all cozy and warm in the winter, and now that the winter is coming...)

On the bright side, my room is my room again. The three HUGE duffel-bags and the keter-drawers that have been collecting dust on most of my floor were finally taken 'home' - so my floor is my own once again and I am rather looking forward to giving the floor a good scrubbing and getting things back in order!

I guess now I should be getting back to bed, since I really do want to be able to get to work early tomorrow. I feel like it IS important for me to go to the tekes. Even if my chayal says it doesn't matter if I'm present, I still feel like I should be there.

I hope the bosses agree and if they don't, I guess they can just fire me...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Serpentine Venus...

This morning started off in Bet Shemesh. I woke up at 5:00 and couldn't figure out why I was still soooooo sleepy. I lazed about in bed until 7ish then I finally got up and dressed. We loaded up the car with a few suitcases and heded into Jeru. I decided that the time had come to change the lock on my apartment, so Daddy helped me out. While he switched the lock, I unpacked and Mommy checked around The Ranch to make sure that we're not starving and that we're keeping things neat and in order.

I headed off to work right on time and made it there with no problem. It was a typical Monday, except that because 2 bosses are out of the country it is a lot more relaxed in many ways. Today I filed the entire newspaper bin and by the time I started labeling the mailing, the other girls were free so they helped me.

My 'indefinable' story for the day:
On my way out of the office to wash my hands after finishing the mailing the Boss Jr. was having some trouble with loading paper into the printer-tray. I walked out figuring that by the time I got back he'd have figured it out. Halfway down the corridor I decided that I really wanted some ice cream (on a stick) I even decided that rather than my usual (Crunch bar - white chocolate outside, chocolate ice cream) that I REALLY wanted a triple chocolate Crunch bar (milk chocolate coating, chocolate ice cream, Crunch bar inside.) As I walked back into the office I noticed the Boss Jr. Standing directly across the room from the printer with a look of defeat on his face. The printer door was open and here was paper all over the place. I deftly scooped up the pile of papers and simultaneously slammed shut the printer door as he implored "can you please make it print?!" Lo and behold, without a fuss all of the documents printed one after the next. He kind of stood and stared at the machine in shock, so I quickly passed by and said, "now I'm going to get ice cream." He took the freshly printed documents and said, "Ice cream. Now THAT is a good idea." Then he handed his secretary some money and told her to get ice cream for everybody.

And that is how I got my ice cream fix today without having to take money out of the bank.
After work I bussed back to The Ranch and stopped off to pick up some noodles for our 'Dinner Date' - Freddie and Raizi came over and we made yummy whole-wheat pasta with a vegetable sauce, baked potato cubes(?) and we had fresh bread from Angels which we used to make scrumptious 'tostim' (toasted sandwiches, squished to perfection in the sandwich maker.)

After dinner we cleaned up and Raizi and Freddie headed off. I guess I should get some sleep, but I'm waiting for Rachel to get here cause she's sleeping over tonight. Maybe in the meantime I'll go read a bit. Yes, that is a decidedly good idea.

Good night mush.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chinese Food...

Woke up bright and early. Packed up my bag and headed to RBS with Mommy. We spent almost an hour at the dental clinic waiting for the dentist to 'be free' (spend 3 minutes) to remove my stitches. Then I caught a 417 to Jeru.

The boss lady was upset that I got to work only 1/2 an hour early (since they were leaving for Turkey at 12:00.) The Boss Jr. has got a new secretary. Chaviva started school today and the new girl started working today. We'll see how long this one lasts... Of course, as is customary, the Boss Jr. gave me the majority of his work to do. Luckily Mrs. Boss wasn't in. Of course, it's going to be tricky tomorrow since I have to finish a bunch of the stuff he left for me to do along with all of the filing that Mr. Boss Sr. left for me and along with the random other worh that Mrs. Boss left for me. At least the Ms. Bosses have been in jolly sorts of dispositions.

I got to take a walk to 'pick up lunch' at the chinese place. It was really nice out and the walk was my idea. I needed to 'get out' of the box.

After work Brenda picked me up with za'atar bagels and we caught a 420 Home.

Supper was leftovers (which were VERY good) and then I packed up a bunch of stuff to shuttle over to The Ranch in the morning.

Something something something. Bunkbed, Suitcases, Fridge, Sofa, Electric-water, Mold, Lawyer, Blackout, Window, Nightmare, Sunshine, Boss, Bossy, Bossing, Bosses, The End.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"I'd do it in a heartbeat..."

Shabbos was quite nice. I convinced Shosh to come Home with me, and Freddie was in Chashmonaim so we had a fun little party in my room. :)
Friday night we went to shul and our chairs were missing. Then Shani saw my bruise and thought that my chayal had been beating me up. I explained that he'd never do such a thing and we made our way Home. The meal was nice we went to sleep without toooooo much 'ado' soon after. (The bruise - pictured below - is much much better than it was, for the record...)
Shabbos morning we kind of slept through shul, but we did get up and daven! Lunch was an interesting affair and although I didn't get a shabbos nap, it was relaxing enough. I ate a crembo, played hockey with a penguin and 2 kitties and even read a few pages of my book. In the afternoon Ora stopped by and we shmoozed and then we started a book about 'speech' and the impact it can have. Soon after shabbos was over and after havdalah everybody headed home.
Mommy, Brenda and I watched a terrible chick-flick type of movie which was good for laughs and a great waste of time. I should go put my bedroom back together and pack up my stuff for tomorrow.
In the morning I'm getting my stitches removed and then heading in to The City. Check out those stitches! (You can only see the bottom ones, cause I can't bend my head all the way back because of the stitches.) I think they're kinda cool - oh and I took the picture all by myself! How cool am I?! Heeheehee!!! :)

The big question is whether or not to work a few 10 hour days this week so that I can go to the 'tekes' in Latrun on Thursday. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't eat yellow gamba?!

Well, Rachel's computer is still at The Ranch, so I'm stealing a few minutes to update you on my uber-exciting day...

We headed into Jeru and left Freddie at the entrance to The City, then we picked up Brenda (without TOOOOOO much hassle) and headed out to Talpiot. We saw 2 halls out there (one REALLY posh sort of VIP club type place and one really really sketchy warehouse type place) and then we visited the Inbal. We then took a break and stopped off for an Italian dining experience. On the move again we headed over to the Hyatt Regency Hotel (which is definitely the best I've seen thus far) and finally Mommy & Daddy dropped me off at The Ranch.

I ran upstairs and changed into a warmer sweater before heading out into the thunder & lightning to meet up with Little Brother in 'town' - we made it there within minutes of each other and we 'hoofed it' to the Old City where we visited the Kotel. (I felt like The Big Guy Upstairs and I had to have a little chit-chat...) After Ma'ariv we made our way back to 'town' for ice cream and schwarma then we walked back to T.M. and said our goodbyes.

Back at The Ranch I got to spend some time with my roomie and of course she let me have a therapy session and kvetch. :) (Many thanks!) And we went on a quick excursion to the makolet for some pudding and chipples.

My chayal actually called.
I am impressed...

An Incomplete Set...

Woke up 'bright & early' this morning with the realization that not learning from past mistakes is a BIG no-no. It had been just about 10 hours since my last dose of pain-killers and the pain was doing a combo tango/mosh-pit in my head.

This post-operative-trauma thing is great. I don't feel stupid crying every half hour or so cause I can just blame it on the P.O.T. and the pain. Of course, that's not actually the underlying motivational factor for the frequent outbursts, but it's better if that's what people think.

I called in 'sick' again this morning. The boss will be quite ticked-off, as she had been expecting me back today. However, I'd really rather not have to deal with the responsibility in the office today. When they don't feel well they get every consideration but when we don't feel well it doesn't really make a difference. Still, the note from the Dr. says I don't have to go back until Thursday so if I have the option and I'm not feeling up to it, there's no reason to push myself.

Unfortunately I won't be able to spend all of today in hibernation on my couch in the basement. Early this afternoon we will be heading into Jerusalem to check out another 2-5 halls. Then I have a 'date' with my Little Brother which should be a lot of fun!

Last night I got all frustrated and upset so I ate some potato chips. Maybe later today I will try some bread. Although, on second thought, maybe only eating pudding until my wedding is a good idea. I mean, I've gotta get rid of those last 10 lbs somehow... ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Missing Wisdom, Lacking Wit...

Woke up at 5 AM in extreme pain and it took about 5 minutes for my head to clear enough to realize that I hadn't taken 'Acamol' in a whopping 8 hours!!! So I quickly downed the pain-killers and prayed that they wouldn't take their usual 2 hours to kick in. Thankfully and hour and a half later the pain dulled a bit and I fell back asleep until 9:00.

I'm not really sure what I did today. I know I napped on and off and I went grocery shopping with Mommy & Brenda again. I was waiting to be told that we were scheduled to visit more wedding halls, but that didn't happen until much later.

Mommy made me macaroni & cheese (which I REALLY appreciated - since the noodles need to be slimy in order to slide down my throat properly) and dinner was mashed potatoes. Of course I snacked on vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding and half&half puddings throughout the day too.

The real highlight of the day was when a friend stopped by to visit. It was the first time I had genuinely smiled since Shabbos and I honestly appreciated the time so much! (Hope your computer chair didn't get too cold while you were out keeping me company and sorry I was so 'spacey', I reckon it was the drugs...) ;)

The wedding halls we checked out were nice. The first was your typical, Israeli type, disco hall, fancy shmancy, cliche' type, movie style hall and the second was a crazily beautiful garden place in the middle of nowhere that generally caters 500-600 people affairs... Funny, but I'm getting the distinct feeling that generally the bride & groom visit these places and then if they are interested they return with their parents. Yeah, end of train of thought.

I'm taking off from work tomorrow too as my mouth is still in extreme pain and although the swelling has gone down, the bruising is pretty ugly and as I said, it still hurts. Maybe tomorrow night I will get to see my Little Brother, he's sure to be able to cheer me up and I'll get to spend time with Shosh which will help me chill out even more!!!

Ok, so, waiting for tomorrow night, I probably won't bother taking my computer since I'll be Home again Thursday night anyway.

Maybe a post in the morning.
We'll see...

Monday, October 15, 2007

"Women might be complicated but men are just jerks."

I know, I know, I disappeared again. But it was a short interim before I inevitably returned to blog-land and the blogosphere. Where have I been and what have I been up to? Well...

Shabbos was really really really really really wonderful. I had my chayal all to myself for most of the time and in the rest of the time Yonatan was around so we all had loads of fun playing the most random games we could find and trying to daven mincha on time.

Sunday morning I went to work early (I was in the office at 9) so that I could leave by 2 and head back Home. At 4:15 I had an appointment with the oral surgeon and he removed my 'other 2' wisdom teeth. (Remember a few months back they did the left side? Well, this time they finished off the job and yanked the ones from the right side.) The pain was as excruciating as I remembered - and - even more exciting, this time as the procedure was more complicated due to the positioning of one of the teeth, so the surgeon put me on antibiotics for a week. (Joy of joys.) Anywho, the extraction site bled for a good 7 hours but luckily Freddie was on call to keep me company, so we watched movies until 2:00AM when I finally passed out.

I was up bright and early this morning and was feeling pretty good aside from the fact that unlike last time, the facial swelling was highly noticeable. As the day progressed the swelling worsened until it looked like I had shoved 2 ping-pong balls into my right cheek. (I'd post a picture, but I can't stand the sight of it, so if you want a peek you'll have to come and do some bikur cholim.)

This afternoon Mommy, Daddy and I headed into Jerusalem to check out some wedding halls. I'm not saying anything because I refuse to make any executive decisions because my opinion doesn't really matter anyway. It all boils down to money. It always boils down to money. G-d I despise money.

After visiting the halls we headed Home and got stuck in major traffic on Rt. 38. Back at Home Mommy, Brenda and I went to SuperH to pick up some ice-cream and pudding. They didn't have any chalav yisrael Ben & Jerry's so I had to get the Israeli vanilla marshmallow-ey stuff. After dinner Brenda and I watched some 'Friends' and I fell asleep. I was woken by a phone call at 10:30 at which point I decided to do the ol' salt-water swish and now I guess it's time to go to sleep.

More tomorrow. I hope.

p.s. THIS JUST IN: The swelling continues to worsen and the bruising is beginning to show. Tomorrow I have no doubt that I will look like a chipmunk who either froze to death in the cold of an arctic winter or fell asleep in a bowl of blueberries...Joy of joys.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Patterned Panties, Painted Pansies...

Consensus shows that I am much too much of a high-maintenance girl. The fact that no one observes this when I venture out to eateries is generally because I don't really appreciate the complicated stuff that would afford me the opportunity to rip it apart (I.E. I'll have the apple pie with the vanilla ice cream, but warm the pie. And if there's no vanilla ice cream then don't warm the pie and give me chocolate ice cream instead. If there's no chocolate ice cream then warm the pie and...)

Surveys show that I am too demanding. Surveys also show that I am too much of a perfectionist. Although I am a lazy sort of lout who procrastinates as often as she breathes, I still have a penchant for wanting to actually get the important things (things that I deem important) finished and out of the way in the most acceptable manner (acceptable manner meaning, a manner which conforms to my idea of 'how it should be')

I guess I'll just give up since, "it'll be taken care of princess" was what I was told after some research and hard work was kindly ignored and shoved on the back burner of a non-existent cook-top.

I suppose if I can't do things myself due to lack of co-operation from the other parties involved, it isn't really fair to blame me for being spoiled too. You really can't have it both ways. When I put in effort I get yelled at and when I do nothing I get yelled at. It's a lose-lose situation. On the other hand, at least when I do nothing it's a lot less work for me.

Now that I've tried the 'putting in effort' approach, and all I got was, "it'll be taken care of princess" I suppose it is time to just forget about it and let somebody else deal with it. Cause, I'm damned either way.

p.s. - Do me a favor and DON'T ask me how wedding plans are going...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flubber Kills...

Work was pretty ridiculous. We have this insane file for one client from a recent campaign. They placed ads in closed to 200 publications and the file includes a separate plastic-sleeve for each and every publication. For some reason the binder that the file is filed in is a little broken, so if you turn too many pages at the wrong time the whole thing just opens. One would imagine that if the plastic-sleeves started coming out that you would stop and put them back in place, no?! Guess not, cause the boss called me in and as she handed me 150 loose plastic sleeves she said, "I'm not going to waste MY time doing this so when you have a minute put it back together..."

After work I met up with Menucha and we wandered around town for a little bit. Eventually I met up with my chayal. We wandered to town where we had some pizza then we headed to Supersol where we picked up some food-coloring and then we made our way to the Old City to drop off the food-coloring for Raizi. We went to wait for a #1 bus and when the bus arrived everyone swarmed it in an attempt to board it...

One guy looked at his friend and asked rhetorically, "why aren't we getting on the bus" he continued, "because we're standing here."
I looked him straight in the eye and said, "because there's a line."
He sort of smirked and made a move as if to shove into the line ahead of me, at which point I said matter of fact-ly with a small sad sigh, "the lack of courtesy and chivalry nowadays both appalls and depresses me to no end."
At that he stopped pulled back his friend and motioned for me to board the bus before them.
"Thank you," I said with a smile, "much appreciated."
He just sort of smiled back weakly as he glanced around for a hole to sink into.

I'm not sure if saying something was the right thing to do or not. I thought the whole situation was pretty amusing but when did I get obnoxious enough to actually say such a thing outloud?! It's true what they say about the squeaky wheel getting the grease. Of course, it's important to know when to squeak and when to glide by silently. If you squeak all the time either they will replace you or they will learn to ignore you. I suppose it's another chance to teach me the importance of picking your battles...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Maps, Walks and Toiletpapers...

Woke up nice and early got to work on time and it was a pretty boring day.

Walked back to The Ranch and stopped along the way for potato chips and chocolate. Dinner was yummy (yay for HUGE deli sandwiches) and potato chips on the side!

Rachel is visiting and when Shosh got home we wandered out to Kanfei Nesharim. First stop was at the bookstore to get a new yoman and then second stop was at the drug-store for a cute little tube of hand cream (cause now that the winter is coming, I've gotta start taking care of my hands...)

We then walked the long way towards The Ranch (stopping at the pizza store behind Alef on Negara and at the pizza store at the end of Riness on a hunt for good ices and ice cream.) Our search was unsucceccful so we headed out to T.M. where we hit the jackpot and got yummy cold-stuffs.

I reckon it's time to go to sleep.
Tomorrow is the last day of the working week.
YAY! Finally!! I can't wait!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

"I'm losing my hair and gaining 2 lbs. a year..."

So I am now hooked on 'House' (another one of these silly TV series things set in a hospital with a bunch of know-it-all Drs. who have their jobs because they look good and not because of their extensive medical knowledge.) and I watched just a few too many episodes last but BUT I also actually slept last night, so I'm NOT complaining.

I was too lazy to walk to work today so I bussed and spent 8 hours at the office. I actually worked for about 3 hours and another 4.5 were passed in idle boredom. At 5:40 I said to Mr. Boss Sr. (who REALLY got on my nerves today) "I'll make a deal with you. I'll file all the newspapers..." now by this point he was jumping up and down with glee because NOBODY offers to file the newspapers "...on the condition that when I finish I can leave." He smirked and said "sure," because after all, nobody in our office can file SUCH a full tub of newspapers in less than an hour. Anyway, let's suffice it to say that 30 minutes late I walked out of the office. And yes, the papers had ALL been filed and yes, I had organized them by date and yes, I had cleaned out the ones that needed to be cleaned out. Quick and efficient. Yeah.

Walked back to The Ranch and realized that we had nothing to eat. (It makes me sad when all there is to eat in the apartment are pittot in the freezer and a bottle of seltzer with about 1/3rd of a cup of liquid in it in the fridge.) Really it's just laziness, because I never seem to eat in the apartment because either it is too early in the morning or it is too late at night so not having food on hand never seems like a problem to me cause there's always a makolet open somewhere, right? Anyway, today was one of those days when it annoyed me to have nothing to eat, so I ran to the makolet and picked up some eggs since I knew that we had some shnitzels and breadcrumbs already. However, by the time I got back to The Ranch I was feeling way too tired to actually cook - so I made myself some instant mashed potatoes and for dessert I treated myself to a vanilla pudding! :) How disgusting is that? Isn't it great?!

Now I'm waiting for Shosh to come home. We are trying to clean up the apartment. Last night we tackled the closet, book case and table in my room. We still need to move some junk out to the mirpeset and then we will move on to the next room. The last minute things are just washing our sheets and sponja-ing the whole floor. Thankfully 'pigeon weather' is over, so we can leave our windows wide-open for ventilation and a generally needed airing-out of everything.

Of course, it would be nice if the sink in the bathroom would stop leaking and it would be nice if we could have some ventilation in our shower-room and it would be nice if every time we turned the water on we didn't get electrical shocks - but I suppose I am asking for too much.

What else is new?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm just 3 stomach viruses away from fitting into my gown...

So, I didn't sleep last night. I mean, I dozed from 5-8 and finally gave up and got up and eventually I went out and grabbed the 9:30 bus (which showed up at 9:45 and then did the route through 'Old Bet Shemesh' with no air conditioning and finally stalled at the entrance of Bet Shemesh at which point we were outfitted with a new bus - which meant switching busses) and still made it to Jerusalem at 10:45. Spent some time shmoozing with Shosh and then I headed out to work.

I managed to push my way into my bosses office and get some work to do right away. I was MORE than happy to be busy for 6 hours straight today! I do love having things to do and being busy! It makes me so happy! Oh, and the bosses have informed me that beginning tomorrow we will launch a campaign to get my wedding planned and in order.

I had a fine and dandy 6 hours at the office wherein I happily typed up numerous letters and proposals. Only in the last 10 minutes did things sour when Mr. Boss Sr. decided to give me 'one quick thing' to do ('quick' meaning a 15-20 minute project.) So even though Shosh was waiting for me I left late. Thankfully I decided not to let it ruin my day. I will just have to be super-obnoxious tomorrow or something.

Shosh and I wandered out to the Mamilla Mall and decided to dine at the new Rimon Cafe' in the complex. We certainly ate like princesses and treated ourselves to all sorts of delicacies including fettucine alfredo, fries (with extra ketchup) and some honest-to-goodness hot chocolate (you know, the REALLY GOOD kind with the hot frothed milk and chunks of chocolate at the bottom...) Then we wandered through super-pharm in search of a figment of my imagination and then headed down to the bus-stop (conveniently avoiding the funny security guard who was amusing himself by setting off the metal-detector that he was meant to be monitering.) The 20 bus-driver eventually decided to begin his route and we were back at The Ranch in no time after passing a stairway to heaven and some sort of UFO impaled on the top of a giant crane.

I guess now would probably be a very good time to go to sleep.
I think I might be sleepy, maybe I'll actually sleep tonight.
I hope my chayal calls, that would make today perfect.

Another Post Begun at 4:26 A.M.

Shabbos was nice. I mean, it was quiet and a bit lonely (since Freddie went to Bat-Ayin on a whim with her friend) but it's not like I had much energy to actually be all friendly and sociable. Sadly I managed to mess-up my 'new years resolution' of hearing all of the parshiyot in shul beginning from Bereshit, but I'm assuming that if I start at Noach and go until next Noach it'll kind of be the same.

Why did I miss the 'beginning' you might be asking yourself (ok, probably not - but I'm gonna share the reason with you in as little detail as possible, simply for the sake of my own amusement and also just for the heck of it) Well, seems there's been a stomach bug flitting around town lately and though I had been doing a good job of dodging it somehow it found me. Suffice it to say, it wasn't pretty. Thankfully I didn't get it like Avi Chai did (cause I don't think the rugs could have handled that) but still, not fun at all. So for the duration of Friday and Friday night I was confined to my bed and when Shabbos morning rolled around leaving my bed didn't seem like the wisest of choices. By the afternoon I was feeling a little better and with much Rest&Recuperation time I managed not only to finish my book but to feel 95% of the way better. It certainly was an odd little '24 hour' bug - but I'm hoping it'll leave me alone.

Shabbos ended and I was feeling bored. First I worked a bit on the wedding invitations list and when that got boring I spoke to my chayal on the phone 3 times then I spoke to Shosh a few times and though I missed Freddie's phone call I did get to leave her a pretty funny voice-mail.

Shani stopped by to pick up some sappy movies and I ran over to her house to even things out and steal a few from her. Brenda, Mommy and I made some home-made pizza (Ziti & Vegetable) and eventually we went down to the basement and watched "John Tucker Must Die" (which is not only a chick-flick, but is a STUPID chick-flick that reminds me of one person in particular and THAT makes me laugh (literally outloud) every single time I hear the name of the movie.) After the movie I gave a slideshow presentation of all of my most recent photographs and then we said goodnight and I headed upstairs to my room in the tower.

Strangely enough I couldn't fall asleep. I decided to read (which got old pretty quickly considering I had spent the last day and a half polishing off some 800 pages) so I turned to yet another form of entertainment (no, not polishing my nails - though that probably would have been a good idea) a movie. 'Dangerous Beauty' was one of the movies that I swapped with Shani, she said it was incredibly sappy and a well-done love story. For lack of anything better to do I turned on the movie. 2 hours later I had to agree that Shani had been right. *sigh* I just adore love and romance (hehe, how sick-a-tating...)

Basically at that point it was 3:00 AM, so I figured I'd turn off the movie and now drift off into a peaceful slumber. Well, off went the movie and over I turned and over and over and over and over. At 3:30 annoyed and sick of lying in my bed I decided to pack (since I need to be on a 10:00/10:30 bus into Jerusalem I had originally intended to pack all of my stuff when I 'woke up' but I was going a little stir-crazy and frankly I was hoping it would tire me out.) I organized my closets and packed up all of my stuff and still no luck. I wasn't feeling sleepy-vibes from any sector or region of my mind. So I decided to clean out my purse. Goodbye receipts, goodbye dirty tissues, goodbye little ice-cream spoon thingies I stole from Cream & Dream, goodbye candy wrappers, goodbye useless little scraps of post-it note...and so on and so forth until finally "HELLO purse! So THAT's where you've been hiding?! I had NO idea."

And as I repacked the 'important stuff' into the bag I wondered to myself "where is my i-pod case?" I wouldn't have worried if I hadn't remembered that the last time I had seen it was last Tuesday when we went to the beach (cause that was sort of a while ago) oh and have I mentioned the fact that the reason I got worried is because when I go to the beach I HATE taking my whole wallet and everything with me so I just stick my teudat zehut, driver's lisence, health-insurance card and a hundred or so shekels into my i-pod case and off I go. Right, so as I was saying, I started really getting worried since after all as I explained before I need to go to Jerusalem tomorrow and I won't be home for 2 weeks since I'll be in Jerusalem next shabbos and I REALLY don't have the time or energy to deal with a new lisence or teudat zehut or anything else like that (I mean, I'm already dreading changing everything when I get married so why do it now and then again in 4 months!? And DON'T say "practice run" cause I might just have to throw something heavy at you.) Anywho - I wasn't in a panic or anything, my brain was just sort of whirring on overtime trying to figure out where the case had gone to. I mean, I had the i-pod so I couldn't have lost the case, I mean, what idiot loses the case and not the valuable item!? So I wandered downstairs trying to think of someone who could help me in my predicament. Luckily Eli was on the computer "I went into my room at 4:00 PM to read and I don't remember falling asleep but when I opened my eyes it was 2:00 AM and everyone in the house was sleeping." (Things like that never seem to happen to me. Still, sometimes I wonder which of us is the normal one.) However, he was there and I was in a predicament so I spilled the story and pleaded a case that the thing might be in the car. So we broke into the car and lo and behold the i-pod case was sitting quite comfortably on the front seat nestled between the CD-book and the complete map of Israel from 2003(?) so inside we went, I fed him Skittles as a reward while he heated up some pizza from our party earlier and then I bid him goodnight and headed back upstairs.

Now it's 5:05 in the morning and I'm still typing. I'm not sure if I'm tired yet or not. Luckily I only have to face 6 hours at the office tomorrow or is it later??? Thankfully I am now all packed so that's one less thing for me to do before getting on the bus. I'm just hoping that when I do finally put down my computer I will fall asleep and that when my alarm goes off I won't feel all tired, jet-laggy and groggy, cause that would be highly annoying.

Ooooh I yawned, maybe it is a sign. I'm outta here. Wish me luck...

Friday, October 05, 2007

I refuse to disappear...

The remainder of chol hamoed was pretty boring. We went to the beach on Tuesday and Wednesday was spent cooking and baking. Chag was nice enough although the Simchat Torah celebrations in our shul here NEVER come close to the ruach and excitement of our years in New Jersey. No fun minhagim for the kids, nothing to especially look forward to - just a lot of circles and some singing (not to mention that when the women have a table brought in so that they can literally dance around the sifrei torah as the scrolls lie on the table it SERIOUSLY irks me out.) Still, hakafot were as nice as they get and the meals were highly enjoyable. We had just the family and left-overs from the entire week at night and during the day Saba & Savta walked down from the other side of town to join us. We played Rummikub all afternoon and shmoozed a whole lot. I got the latest scoop on the status of Saba's book and even took a 10 minute cat-nap in a living room chair.

When I woke up I realized that the end of chag was only 15 minutes away and that another Sukkot had managed to slip through my fingers. I don't feel regret or anything, it's kind of like a poignant empty sort of feeling. Moving to Israel was the best thing ever, the air itself is charged and I feel like a different person entirely living here. However, I suppose that this surge of daily-kedusha of sorts has sort of numbed all of the things that used to mean so much to me. While I feel the 'specialness' on a daily basis, I no longer have the will or the desire to work towards maintaining the level I used to have because in a sense I feel that having the 'holiness' around me and breathing it has elevated me to the level that all of my hard-work used to elevate me to. In my 'old-age' I have gotten lazy and have no energy nor even desire to work to attain a higher spiritual level. In seminary when it was spoon-fed to me and I was surrounded by people working to make themselves better all the time it was a no-brain-er but now 2 years down the line and steeped in 'business' and 'day-to-day life' I feel so drained that I simply haven't got the energy to work for it. So I flounder on a daily basis, ignoring the rituals that used to feel special and sacred to me because they no longer seem to hold any meaning. Similarly, the chagim have lost their 'ta'am' or taste. They have no flavor and I feel as though I am standing mutely by as each one approaches and subsequently passes but I can't seem to grasp them. All of the things I used to delight in; going to Shul Shabbos morning, sitting in the sukkah, lighting menorah, mishloach manot, the seder and so on and so forth - year after year they simply pass by and I feel as though I can do nothing to connect or even re-connect with them.

Worst of all was being told that 'that's life' - day after day, doing the same thing and feeling the same empty, drained and used feeling. But I have a hard time comprehending that. My brain can't seem to tie itself in a knot and convince my mind and my heart that it is completely normal to spend every day of one's life miserable and wishing they were doing something different. I understand that there is a 'mundane' in life and that everyone has the boring everyday same-old-routine. But if you spend days and weeks waking up and offering your same-old-routine one more chance with a smile and positive attitude and if it keeps slapping you in the face and you NEVER seem to find peace with it - are you supposed to continue with the same-old-routine or is there a point when you should just decide that enough is enough and make a change?

I know people who float from thing to thing, never satisfied with what they have they try something and 2 weeks later if they don't like it they move-on. I disagree with that because things deserve a fair chance and life isn't always rainbows and butterflies and happy thoughts but still - when is enough simply enough?

Sukkot has passed by once again. The academic year (by which I ridiculously persist to measure my life by having been in 'the system' for so many years) begins anew and I enter my 23rd month as a secretary. There are just 54 days until the whole family leaves for our first-family-trip out of the country in 4 years as we head back to our ol' 'hometown' of Monmouth County for Channuka. A total of 146 days remain until my wedding, for which no preparations have been begun by anyone aside from myself. At least I won't be 23 for another 267 days, that is too much of a milestone for my brain to handle but I don't have to worry about it for at least another 167 days.