Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another Post Begun at 4:26 A.M.

Shabbos was nice. I mean, it was quiet and a bit lonely (since Freddie went to Bat-Ayin on a whim with her friend) but it's not like I had much energy to actually be all friendly and sociable. Sadly I managed to mess-up my 'new years resolution' of hearing all of the parshiyot in shul beginning from Bereshit, but I'm assuming that if I start at Noach and go until next Noach it'll kind of be the same.

Why did I miss the 'beginning' you might be asking yourself (ok, probably not - but I'm gonna share the reason with you in as little detail as possible, simply for the sake of my own amusement and also just for the heck of it) Well, seems there's been a stomach bug flitting around town lately and though I had been doing a good job of dodging it somehow it found me. Suffice it to say, it wasn't pretty. Thankfully I didn't get it like Avi Chai did (cause I don't think the rugs could have handled that) but still, not fun at all. So for the duration of Friday and Friday night I was confined to my bed and when Shabbos morning rolled around leaving my bed didn't seem like the wisest of choices. By the afternoon I was feeling a little better and with much Rest&Recuperation time I managed not only to finish my book but to feel 95% of the way better. It certainly was an odd little '24 hour' bug - but I'm hoping it'll leave me alone.

Shabbos ended and I was feeling bored. First I worked a bit on the wedding invitations list and when that got boring I spoke to my chayal on the phone 3 times then I spoke to Shosh a few times and though I missed Freddie's phone call I did get to leave her a pretty funny voice-mail.

Shani stopped by to pick up some sappy movies and I ran over to her house to even things out and steal a few from her. Brenda, Mommy and I made some home-made pizza (Ziti & Vegetable) and eventually we went down to the basement and watched "John Tucker Must Die" (which is not only a chick-flick, but is a STUPID chick-flick that reminds me of one person in particular and THAT makes me laugh (literally outloud) every single time I hear the name of the movie.) After the movie I gave a slideshow presentation of all of my most recent photographs and then we said goodnight and I headed upstairs to my room in the tower.

Strangely enough I couldn't fall asleep. I decided to read (which got old pretty quickly considering I had spent the last day and a half polishing off some 800 pages) so I turned to yet another form of entertainment (no, not polishing my nails - though that probably would have been a good idea) a movie. 'Dangerous Beauty' was one of the movies that I swapped with Shani, she said it was incredibly sappy and a well-done love story. For lack of anything better to do I turned on the movie. 2 hours later I had to agree that Shani had been right. *sigh* I just adore love and romance (hehe, how sick-a-tating...)

Basically at that point it was 3:00 AM, so I figured I'd turn off the movie and now drift off into a peaceful slumber. Well, off went the movie and over I turned and over and over and over and over. At 3:30 annoyed and sick of lying in my bed I decided to pack (since I need to be on a 10:00/10:30 bus into Jerusalem I had originally intended to pack all of my stuff when I 'woke up' but I was going a little stir-crazy and frankly I was hoping it would tire me out.) I organized my closets and packed up all of my stuff and still no luck. I wasn't feeling sleepy-vibes from any sector or region of my mind. So I decided to clean out my purse. Goodbye receipts, goodbye dirty tissues, goodbye little ice-cream spoon thingies I stole from Cream & Dream, goodbye candy wrappers, goodbye useless little scraps of post-it note...and so on and so forth until finally "HELLO purse! So THAT's where you've been hiding?! I had NO idea."

And as I repacked the 'important stuff' into the bag I wondered to myself "where is my i-pod case?" I wouldn't have worried if I hadn't remembered that the last time I had seen it was last Tuesday when we went to the beach (cause that was sort of a while ago) oh and have I mentioned the fact that the reason I got worried is because when I go to the beach I HATE taking my whole wallet and everything with me so I just stick my teudat zehut, driver's lisence, health-insurance card and a hundred or so shekels into my i-pod case and off I go. Right, so as I was saying, I started really getting worried since after all as I explained before I need to go to Jerusalem tomorrow and I won't be home for 2 weeks since I'll be in Jerusalem next shabbos and I REALLY don't have the time or energy to deal with a new lisence or teudat zehut or anything else like that (I mean, I'm already dreading changing everything when I get married so why do it now and then again in 4 months!? And DON'T say "practice run" cause I might just have to throw something heavy at you.) Anywho - I wasn't in a panic or anything, my brain was just sort of whirring on overtime trying to figure out where the case had gone to. I mean, I had the i-pod so I couldn't have lost the case, I mean, what idiot loses the case and not the valuable item!? So I wandered downstairs trying to think of someone who could help me in my predicament. Luckily Eli was on the computer "I went into my room at 4:00 PM to read and I don't remember falling asleep but when I opened my eyes it was 2:00 AM and everyone in the house was sleeping." (Things like that never seem to happen to me. Still, sometimes I wonder which of us is the normal one.) However, he was there and I was in a predicament so I spilled the story and pleaded a case that the thing might be in the car. So we broke into the car and lo and behold the i-pod case was sitting quite comfortably on the front seat nestled between the CD-book and the complete map of Israel from 2003(?) so inside we went, I fed him Skittles as a reward while he heated up some pizza from our party earlier and then I bid him goodnight and headed back upstairs.

Now it's 5:05 in the morning and I'm still typing. I'm not sure if I'm tired yet or not. Luckily I only have to face 6 hours at the office tomorrow or is it later??? Thankfully I am now all packed so that's one less thing for me to do before getting on the bus. I'm just hoping that when I do finally put down my computer I will fall asleep and that when my alarm goes off I won't feel all tired, jet-laggy and groggy, cause that would be highly annoying.

Ooooh I yawned, maybe it is a sign. I'm outta here. Wish me luck...

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