Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chinese Food...

Woke up bright and early. Packed up my bag and headed to RBS with Mommy. We spent almost an hour at the dental clinic waiting for the dentist to 'be free' (spend 3 minutes) to remove my stitches. Then I caught a 417 to Jeru.

The boss lady was upset that I got to work only 1/2 an hour early (since they were leaving for Turkey at 12:00.) The Boss Jr. has got a new secretary. Chaviva started school today and the new girl started working today. We'll see how long this one lasts... Of course, as is customary, the Boss Jr. gave me the majority of his work to do. Luckily Mrs. Boss wasn't in. Of course, it's going to be tricky tomorrow since I have to finish a bunch of the stuff he left for me to do along with all of the filing that Mr. Boss Sr. left for me and along with the random other worh that Mrs. Boss left for me. At least the Ms. Bosses have been in jolly sorts of dispositions.

I got to take a walk to 'pick up lunch' at the chinese place. It was really nice out and the walk was my idea. I needed to 'get out' of the box.

After work Brenda picked me up with za'atar bagels and we caught a 420 Home.

Supper was leftovers (which were VERY good) and then I packed up a bunch of stuff to shuttle over to The Ranch in the morning.

Something something something. Bunkbed, Suitcases, Fridge, Sofa, Electric-water, Mold, Lawyer, Blackout, Window, Nightmare, Sunshine, Boss, Bossy, Bossing, Bosses, The End.

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