Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cupcakes, Phone Calls & Traffic Jams...

Woke up early this morning (cause Freddie got up to get to her 'boker' shift at the hopsickal.) Woke my chayal and then we headed into Jerusalem. The bus showed up late, there were hardly any seats left on the bus, so we didn't get to sit together and then we hit traffic - so by the time we got to The City we had about 15 minutes left of our 'date' which we had planned to last for about an hour. (As they say, lo norah...) We bumped into Vivi and then we headed to Holy Bagel for some quick breakfast.

Running only 5 minutes late I ran for a bus and made it to work only 15 minutes late. Luckily (or stupidly?) the bosses didn't acknowledge my arrival, until I had been sitting at my desk doing nothing for about 45 minutes (which generally wouldn't have bothered me however, knowing that I could have been spending time with my chayal instead of wasting my time doing nothing REALLY upset me.)

Finally at about 11 the boss called me in and started giving me work. I sat in her office for 3 solid hours as she dictated letters and gave me a loooooong list of things to do. Somehow, with everything that she had given me, phones ringing off the hook, new secretaries asking a zillion questions about filing newspapers, bosses yelling for phone numbers and cups of tea that didn't leak and the other usual stuff I managed to get everything on the list done. On my way out of the office with TJ, I wished her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and then I headed off to Geulah. I took the back roads without getting lost and picked up some black & white cookies and a birthday cupcake for my roooooomie!!!

I walked back at The Ranch and settled in to wait for Shosh. When she got home we headed out to a yummy Baguette place near Har Nof for a birthday dinner! The food was really good and we shmoozed (till my chayal called and interrupted us...but we asked him if I could call back 'in a while' and he graciously agreed, he's the bestest!!!) We walked back to The Ranch and stopped for ice-pops along the way. Back at The Ranch I presented Shosh with her birthday cupcake and made her eat it allllll up!!! :)

Now we have black & white cookies for breakfast and all we need is some milk. I guess I'll wake up super early and go pick some up.

Happy Birthday Shosh and TJ!!!! Love you both sooooooooo much!!!


Birthday Girl said...

Thanks for everything! The cupcake was delicious! Now who is goignt o ahve stomach issues? and test issues? looking forward to tom morn breakfast!

TJ said...

Happy (very late) b-day Shosh

9how cool is it we were both born on the same day-but not the same year)