Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't eat yellow gamba?!

Well, Rachel's computer is still at The Ranch, so I'm stealing a few minutes to update you on my uber-exciting day...

We headed into Jeru and left Freddie at the entrance to The City, then we picked up Brenda (without TOOOOOO much hassle) and headed out to Talpiot. We saw 2 halls out there (one REALLY posh sort of VIP club type place and one really really sketchy warehouse type place) and then we visited the Inbal. We then took a break and stopped off for an Italian dining experience. On the move again we headed over to the Hyatt Regency Hotel (which is definitely the best I've seen thus far) and finally Mommy & Daddy dropped me off at The Ranch.

I ran upstairs and changed into a warmer sweater before heading out into the thunder & lightning to meet up with Little Brother in 'town' - we made it there within minutes of each other and we 'hoofed it' to the Old City where we visited the Kotel. (I felt like The Big Guy Upstairs and I had to have a little chit-chat...) After Ma'ariv we made our way back to 'town' for ice cream and schwarma then we walked back to T.M. and said our goodbyes.

Back at The Ranch I got to spend some time with my roomie and of course she let me have a therapy session and kvetch. :) (Many thanks!) And we went on a quick excursion to the makolet for some pudding and chipples.

My chayal actually called.
I am impressed...

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