Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Not only am I a branch of Google, a dictionary, a thesaurus, an encyclopedia, a computer genius, a phone-directory and a 'great' friend - I am now improved with a brand new application - 'the calendar' - now doesn't THAT just make me feel so damn special?!?!?!

Went to work 45 minutes early this morning (and considering I left 20 minutes late last night) I figure I'll leave an hour early tomorrow when I go out with Freddie and Brenda for dinner and sister-bonding-quality-time. It's just annoying because on both Sunday and Monday (next week) I will probably be getting to work late, due to STUPID wedding prep garbage (that I STILL don't care about!!!!!!!) but I can't make up the time this week, because on Thursday a new month begins and all extra-time and over-time is wiped off the slate.

Breakfast was iced-coffee and a plain za'atar bagel eaten at the office while organizing the business cards in the closets. The bosses are still out today, and in anticipation I brought both my knitting (the fuzzy pink scarf I started 2 years ago) and my book. I managed to clean out the 'file-pile' near the fax machine and file the important stuff in their appropriate 'filing-trays' so that whenever I get around to filing, they'll get put away.

In other news, my boss called from the road and asked me to help sort-out a 'CRISIS' - A client wanted something (for which the deadline passed yesterday) and as I tried to explain to my boss that it's silly to make allowances for this specific client, (as they have proven time and time again that they have a total disregard for our rules, regulations and deadlines) and that this being the FOURTH time that I would be going out of my way to solve the 'CRISIS' that it was a bit silly. Unfortunately in the middle of my monologue, my boss kindly informed me that she was 'busy' and that she was 'leaving it in my capable hands' and 'would I please call her in15 minutes to let her know that everything was sorted out the way the client wanted, thank you very much.' So I did it and I called her and I feel like a total shmata. And all so that we can stay on the client's 'good side' - because they are an important client (because they're big and rich.) The world runs on desire for money - and while people seem to love it, I only hate it more and more.

The cleaner showed up (almost 2 hours late) today and set to 'organizing' the office. She basically empties the garbage cans around the office, uses baby-wipes to wipe down the counter and washes the floor. One of my newer coworkers noted aloud that there was a strong smell of 'bubble-gum' in the air, then she rubbed her temple in an attempt to alleviate the 'fuzzy' feeling that always accompanies the scent. Of course, us more seasoned veterans of the office know that the 'perfume' is the strongly-scented floor cleaner that is used to mop the floor. The only thing I could think to say was, "They don't give us raises in this office, they give us highs." Chaval the boss was on the phone...
The walk back to The Ranch was chilly. I can't believe winter is coming. Springtime is still my favorite time of the year and the wintertime always plunges me into a deep melancholy in which I mope and wait for the spring to bloom once more. And it begins with the sniffles of my allergies. Damn the weather.

And damn wedding plans.
I HATE them.


ME said...

My offer still stands!

tnspr569 said...

That cleaner and its fuzz-inducing scent scare me...