Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flubber Kills...

Work was pretty ridiculous. We have this insane file for one client from a recent campaign. They placed ads in closed to 200 publications and the file includes a separate plastic-sleeve for each and every publication. For some reason the binder that the file is filed in is a little broken, so if you turn too many pages at the wrong time the whole thing just opens. One would imagine that if the plastic-sleeves started coming out that you would stop and put them back in place, no?! Guess not, cause the boss called me in and as she handed me 150 loose plastic sleeves she said, "I'm not going to waste MY time doing this so when you have a minute put it back together..."

After work I met up with Menucha and we wandered around town for a little bit. Eventually I met up with my chayal. We wandered to town where we had some pizza then we headed to Supersol where we picked up some food-coloring and then we made our way to the Old City to drop off the food-coloring for Raizi. We went to wait for a #1 bus and when the bus arrived everyone swarmed it in an attempt to board it...

One guy looked at his friend and asked rhetorically, "why aren't we getting on the bus" he continued, "because we're standing here."
I looked him straight in the eye and said, "because there's a line."
He sort of smirked and made a move as if to shove into the line ahead of me, at which point I said matter of fact-ly with a small sad sigh, "the lack of courtesy and chivalry nowadays both appalls and depresses me to no end."
At that he stopped pulled back his friend and motioned for me to board the bus before them.
"Thank you," I said with a smile, "much appreciated."
He just sort of smiled back weakly as he glanced around for a hole to sink into.

I'm not sure if saying something was the right thing to do or not. I thought the whole situation was pretty amusing but when did I get obnoxious enough to actually say such a thing outloud?! It's true what they say about the squeaky wheel getting the grease. Of course, it's important to know when to squeak and when to glide by silently. If you squeak all the time either they will replace you or they will learn to ignore you. I suppose it's another chance to teach me the importance of picking your battles...

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Rik said...

Def. and excellent story!