Monday, October 29, 2007

H/D or CD-R?!?!?!

Woke up at 6:30 this morning and at 7:00 I ran down to the makolet to pick up some milk. As today was Shosh's REAL-Bday, we celebrated the morning with steaming mugs of french-vanilla coffee and Brooklyn Bakery Black & White Cookies.

I decided against going in to the office early because (I realized) there was no reason for me to rush back to The Ranch after work, Shosh was going to Bnei Brak to the Lauffer wedding, and I would have the apt. to myself.

I got to work on time and since my 2/3 of the bosses are traipsing across the country with the International Advertising Director and a Senior Writer of The Daily Telegraph UK; there was nothing for me to do. Since the same bosses were away in Turkey last week, most of the filing was done then and today I really wasn't in the mood to deal with organizing or paper-cuts. I spent the day sitting in my office chair and reading a book (which my chayal bought for me.) I sent 4 one-line e-mails and picked up the phone on average twice an hour. I also took the time to drop off a roll of film for developing and a few hours later I even picked it up. For some reason (I guess I was really into the book) I left the office 20 minutes late and headed back to The Ranch.

I called Mommy in search of an idea for dinner and when I noted the ingredients available aloud, I realized that I could concoct something relatively nutritious and quite possibly palatable at the same time all in 1 pot!!! (Less dishes, YAY!!!)

I noticed that with the weather getting cooler, my keyboard's keys are getting stickier again. I guess it's the old 'syrup petel' acting up again. Alas, no time for dealing with such trivial matters nowadays. (Random Interruption: the sketchy German neighbor just started singing opera again.) Although work was pretty boring today at least I was productive in the 'wedding prep' agenda. I collected phone numbers for: videographers, photographers, sheitel sellers and g'machs. I arranged a meeting with the wedding hall's decorator and I spoke to a photographer to request a proposal. (Why do I feel like I'm making WAY too many phone calls for this STUPID party that I don't even want to go to let alone HOST?!?!?!?!!?!!!!?!? I just want to be married damn it!!!!!!!!!!)

My random musing for the day had something to do with Israeli drivers and traffic jams in the city that don't actually involve accidents of any sort. When the first car in a jam stops, for whatever reason it stops, the drivers of the 5-8 cars after it feel compelled to hop out of their cars and walk down to find out why the first car has stopped. The next 5-8 cars behind the original car (who inspired the jam) all hold their hands on their horns in an attempt to ummm, wait, why do they do that?! Generally by the time 3 minutes have passed the first car has driven off on it's merry way and the drivers of the first 5-8 cars are still milling about. At this point, the drivers of the cars who had been honking (tooting) hop out of their cars to go and see what the story is. Naturally the following 5-8 cars begin to honk and so it goes.

No wonder it's never quiet in the city...

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