Saturday, October 20, 2007

"I'd do it in a heartbeat..."

Shabbos was quite nice. I convinced Shosh to come Home with me, and Freddie was in Chashmonaim so we had a fun little party in my room. :)
Friday night we went to shul and our chairs were missing. Then Shani saw my bruise and thought that my chayal had been beating me up. I explained that he'd never do such a thing and we made our way Home. The meal was nice we went to sleep without toooooo much 'ado' soon after. (The bruise - pictured below - is much much better than it was, for the record...)
Shabbos morning we kind of slept through shul, but we did get up and daven! Lunch was an interesting affair and although I didn't get a shabbos nap, it was relaxing enough. I ate a crembo, played hockey with a penguin and 2 kitties and even read a few pages of my book. In the afternoon Ora stopped by and we shmoozed and then we started a book about 'speech' and the impact it can have. Soon after shabbos was over and after havdalah everybody headed home.
Mommy, Brenda and I watched a terrible chick-flick type of movie which was good for laughs and a great waste of time. I should go put my bedroom back together and pack up my stuff for tomorrow.
In the morning I'm getting my stitches removed and then heading in to The City. Check out those stitches! (You can only see the bottom ones, cause I can't bend my head all the way back because of the stitches.) I think they're kinda cool - oh and I took the picture all by myself! How cool am I?! Heeheehee!!! :)

The big question is whether or not to work a few 10 hour days this week so that I can go to the 'tekes' in Latrun on Thursday. What do you think?

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