Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm just 3 stomach viruses away from fitting into my gown...

So, I didn't sleep last night. I mean, I dozed from 5-8 and finally gave up and got up and eventually I went out and grabbed the 9:30 bus (which showed up at 9:45 and then did the route through 'Old Bet Shemesh' with no air conditioning and finally stalled at the entrance of Bet Shemesh at which point we were outfitted with a new bus - which meant switching busses) and still made it to Jerusalem at 10:45. Spent some time shmoozing with Shosh and then I headed out to work.

I managed to push my way into my bosses office and get some work to do right away. I was MORE than happy to be busy for 6 hours straight today! I do love having things to do and being busy! It makes me so happy! Oh, and the bosses have informed me that beginning tomorrow we will launch a campaign to get my wedding planned and in order.

I had a fine and dandy 6 hours at the office wherein I happily typed up numerous letters and proposals. Only in the last 10 minutes did things sour when Mr. Boss Sr. decided to give me 'one quick thing' to do ('quick' meaning a 15-20 minute project.) So even though Shosh was waiting for me I left late. Thankfully I decided not to let it ruin my day. I will just have to be super-obnoxious tomorrow or something.

Shosh and I wandered out to the Mamilla Mall and decided to dine at the new Rimon Cafe' in the complex. We certainly ate like princesses and treated ourselves to all sorts of delicacies including fettucine alfredo, fries (with extra ketchup) and some honest-to-goodness hot chocolate (you know, the REALLY GOOD kind with the hot frothed milk and chunks of chocolate at the bottom...) Then we wandered through super-pharm in search of a figment of my imagination and then headed down to the bus-stop (conveniently avoiding the funny security guard who was amusing himself by setting off the metal-detector that he was meant to be monitering.) The 20 bus-driver eventually decided to begin his route and we were back at The Ranch in no time after passing a stairway to heaven and some sort of UFO impaled on the top of a giant crane.

I guess now would probably be a very good time to go to sleep.
I think I might be sleepy, maybe I'll actually sleep tonight.
I hope my chayal calls, that would make today perfect.

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