Monday, October 08, 2007

"I'm losing my hair and gaining 2 lbs. a year..."

So I am now hooked on 'House' (another one of these silly TV series things set in a hospital with a bunch of know-it-all Drs. who have their jobs because they look good and not because of their extensive medical knowledge.) and I watched just a few too many episodes last but BUT I also actually slept last night, so I'm NOT complaining.

I was too lazy to walk to work today so I bussed and spent 8 hours at the office. I actually worked for about 3 hours and another 4.5 were passed in idle boredom. At 5:40 I said to Mr. Boss Sr. (who REALLY got on my nerves today) "I'll make a deal with you. I'll file all the newspapers..." now by this point he was jumping up and down with glee because NOBODY offers to file the newspapers "...on the condition that when I finish I can leave." He smirked and said "sure," because after all, nobody in our office can file SUCH a full tub of newspapers in less than an hour. Anyway, let's suffice it to say that 30 minutes late I walked out of the office. And yes, the papers had ALL been filed and yes, I had organized them by date and yes, I had cleaned out the ones that needed to be cleaned out. Quick and efficient. Yeah.

Walked back to The Ranch and realized that we had nothing to eat. (It makes me sad when all there is to eat in the apartment are pittot in the freezer and a bottle of seltzer with about 1/3rd of a cup of liquid in it in the fridge.) Really it's just laziness, because I never seem to eat in the apartment because either it is too early in the morning or it is too late at night so not having food on hand never seems like a problem to me cause there's always a makolet open somewhere, right? Anyway, today was one of those days when it annoyed me to have nothing to eat, so I ran to the makolet and picked up some eggs since I knew that we had some shnitzels and breadcrumbs already. However, by the time I got back to The Ranch I was feeling way too tired to actually cook - so I made myself some instant mashed potatoes and for dessert I treated myself to a vanilla pudding! :) How disgusting is that? Isn't it great?!

Now I'm waiting for Shosh to come home. We are trying to clean up the apartment. Last night we tackled the closet, book case and table in my room. We still need to move some junk out to the mirpeset and then we will move on to the next room. The last minute things are just washing our sheets and sponja-ing the whole floor. Thankfully 'pigeon weather' is over, so we can leave our windows wide-open for ventilation and a generally needed airing-out of everything.

Of course, it would be nice if the sink in the bathroom would stop leaking and it would be nice if we could have some ventilation in our shower-room and it would be nice if every time we turned the water on we didn't get electrical shocks - but I suppose I am asking for too much.

What else is new?


tnspr569 said...

Here's to beating the system, one day at a time... :-P

we're still partners said...

your still getting elecrtic shocks???? oh gosh thats mad! Now that you're over the shock that i've left a comment- yes i'm still alive and able to read your blog!! hopefully i can check it more often now as i have lunch time at work to use a computer!!