Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Incomplete Set...

Woke up 'bright & early' this morning with the realization that not learning from past mistakes is a BIG no-no. It had been just about 10 hours since my last dose of pain-killers and the pain was doing a combo tango/mosh-pit in my head.

This post-operative-trauma thing is great. I don't feel stupid crying every half hour or so cause I can just blame it on the P.O.T. and the pain. Of course, that's not actually the underlying motivational factor for the frequent outbursts, but it's better if that's what people think.

I called in 'sick' again this morning. The boss will be quite ticked-off, as she had been expecting me back today. However, I'd really rather not have to deal with the responsibility in the office today. When they don't feel well they get every consideration but when we don't feel well it doesn't really make a difference. Still, the note from the Dr. says I don't have to go back until Thursday so if I have the option and I'm not feeling up to it, there's no reason to push myself.

Unfortunately I won't be able to spend all of today in hibernation on my couch in the basement. Early this afternoon we will be heading into Jerusalem to check out another 2-5 halls. Then I have a 'date' with my Little Brother which should be a lot of fun!

Last night I got all frustrated and upset so I ate some potato chips. Maybe later today I will try some bread. Although, on second thought, maybe only eating pudding until my wedding is a good idea. I mean, I've gotta get rid of those last 10 lbs somehow... ;)

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