Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Maps, Walks and Toiletpapers...

Woke up nice and early got to work on time and it was a pretty boring day.

Walked back to The Ranch and stopped along the way for potato chips and chocolate. Dinner was yummy (yay for HUGE deli sandwiches) and potato chips on the side!

Rachel is visiting and when Shosh got home we wandered out to Kanfei Nesharim. First stop was at the bookstore to get a new yoman and then second stop was at the drug-store for a cute little tube of hand cream (cause now that the winter is coming, I've gotta start taking care of my hands...)

We then walked the long way towards The Ranch (stopping at the pizza store behind Alef on Negara and at the pizza store at the end of Riness on a hunt for good ices and ice cream.) Our search was unsucceccful so we headed out to T.M. where we hit the jackpot and got yummy cold-stuffs.

I reckon it's time to go to sleep.
Tomorrow is the last day of the working week.
YAY! Finally!! I can't wait!!!

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