Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Missing Wisdom, Lacking Wit...

Woke up at 5 AM in extreme pain and it took about 5 minutes for my head to clear enough to realize that I hadn't taken 'Acamol' in a whopping 8 hours!!! So I quickly downed the pain-killers and prayed that they wouldn't take their usual 2 hours to kick in. Thankfully and hour and a half later the pain dulled a bit and I fell back asleep until 9:00.

I'm not really sure what I did today. I know I napped on and off and I went grocery shopping with Mommy & Brenda again. I was waiting to be told that we were scheduled to visit more wedding halls, but that didn't happen until much later.

Mommy made me macaroni & cheese (which I REALLY appreciated - since the noodles need to be slimy in order to slide down my throat properly) and dinner was mashed potatoes. Of course I snacked on vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding and half&half puddings throughout the day too.

The real highlight of the day was when a friend stopped by to visit. It was the first time I had genuinely smiled since Shabbos and I honestly appreciated the time so much! (Hope your computer chair didn't get too cold while you were out keeping me company and sorry I was so 'spacey', I reckon it was the drugs...) ;)

The wedding halls we checked out were nice. The first was your typical, Israeli type, disco hall, fancy shmancy, cliche' type, movie style hall and the second was a crazily beautiful garden place in the middle of nowhere that generally caters 500-600 people affairs... Funny, but I'm getting the distinct feeling that generally the bride & groom visit these places and then if they are interested they return with their parents. Yeah, end of train of thought.

I'm taking off from work tomorrow too as my mouth is still in extreme pain and although the swelling has gone down, the bruising is pretty ugly and as I said, it still hurts. Maybe tomorrow night I will get to see my Little Brother, he's sure to be able to cheer me up and I'll get to spend time with Shosh which will help me chill out even more!!!

Ok, so, waiting for tomorrow night, I probably won't bother taking my computer since I'll be Home again Thursday night anyway.

Maybe a post in the morning.
We'll see...