Monday, October 22, 2007

Serpentine Venus...

This morning started off in Bet Shemesh. I woke up at 5:00 and couldn't figure out why I was still soooooo sleepy. I lazed about in bed until 7ish then I finally got up and dressed. We loaded up the car with a few suitcases and heded into Jeru. I decided that the time had come to change the lock on my apartment, so Daddy helped me out. While he switched the lock, I unpacked and Mommy checked around The Ranch to make sure that we're not starving and that we're keeping things neat and in order.

I headed off to work right on time and made it there with no problem. It was a typical Monday, except that because 2 bosses are out of the country it is a lot more relaxed in many ways. Today I filed the entire newspaper bin and by the time I started labeling the mailing, the other girls were free so they helped me.

My 'indefinable' story for the day:
On my way out of the office to wash my hands after finishing the mailing the Boss Jr. was having some trouble with loading paper into the printer-tray. I walked out figuring that by the time I got back he'd have figured it out. Halfway down the corridor I decided that I really wanted some ice cream (on a stick) I even decided that rather than my usual (Crunch bar - white chocolate outside, chocolate ice cream) that I REALLY wanted a triple chocolate Crunch bar (milk chocolate coating, chocolate ice cream, Crunch bar inside.) As I walked back into the office I noticed the Boss Jr. Standing directly across the room from the printer with a look of defeat on his face. The printer door was open and here was paper all over the place. I deftly scooped up the pile of papers and simultaneously slammed shut the printer door as he implored "can you please make it print?!" Lo and behold, without a fuss all of the documents printed one after the next. He kind of stood and stared at the machine in shock, so I quickly passed by and said, "now I'm going to get ice cream." He took the freshly printed documents and said, "Ice cream. Now THAT is a good idea." Then he handed his secretary some money and told her to get ice cream for everybody.

And that is how I got my ice cream fix today without having to take money out of the bank.
After work I bussed back to The Ranch and stopped off to pick up some noodles for our 'Dinner Date' - Freddie and Raizi came over and we made yummy whole-wheat pasta with a vegetable sauce, baked potato cubes(?) and we had fresh bread from Angels which we used to make scrumptious 'tostim' (toasted sandwiches, squished to perfection in the sandwich maker.)

After dinner we cleaned up and Raizi and Freddie headed off. I guess I should get some sleep, but I'm waiting for Rachel to get here cause she's sleeping over tonight. Maybe in the meantime I'll go read a bit. Yes, that is a decidedly good idea.

Good night mush.


Anonymous said...

Alas, poor mush seems to have been largely forgotten about.

Lorelai said...

Mush is many things but forgotten is not one of them. Slightly neglected maybe, but it's decidedly too important to forget.

Lucky mush.