Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wedgies & Wieners

Today I asked around for a general concensus of what sort of career I should pursue. Someone suggested janitor and another suggested stay at home mom. I decided that I'd like to try being a Bosnian refugee for a few weeks, just to get a feel for it. Don't think I'll get accepted for the position, but I figure I might as well apply.

Work was funny. I went in an hour early and after e-mailing a few people and finishing up my work from yesterday I actually organized and filed all of the ad agency stuff. The bosses came back from Istanbul today so the office was 'lively'(?) and even though I was relatively busy, I had plenty of relaxation time. I broached the subject of leaving early tomorrow with my boss and she was happy to oblige on the condition that on Sunday morning (before the International Advertising Director and a Senior Writer of The Daily Telegraph UK arrive) that I go in 'as early as possible' 10:00 at the latest... I agreed wholeheartedly. After all, this tekes is a pretty important thing!

Walked back to The Ranch and Freddie came by. She baked some potatoes and when Shosh got home we finished rearranging the living room and straightening up. Shosh finally 'convinced' me to work on my room. Grumbling I started folding everything and clearing off the 'extra' bed (where everything was piled) then I swept the floor and the sheirut mirpeset pretty thoroughly.

Now I'm sleepy and grimy. I really really want to sponja the floor and wash my sheets and blankets and take a nice hot shower and crawl into a clean bed in a clean room in fresh pjs. But I just don't have the energy or the time.

I think I'll go to work an hour early tomorrow and that way I'll have an extra hour on my side, which will mean that next Tuesday night I can leave work an hour early and go out with my chayal!!! Yay!!!

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