Monday, October 15, 2007

"Women might be complicated but men are just jerks."

I know, I know, I disappeared again. But it was a short interim before I inevitably returned to blog-land and the blogosphere. Where have I been and what have I been up to? Well...

Shabbos was really really really really really wonderful. I had my chayal all to myself for most of the time and in the rest of the time Yonatan was around so we all had loads of fun playing the most random games we could find and trying to daven mincha on time.

Sunday morning I went to work early (I was in the office at 9) so that I could leave by 2 and head back Home. At 4:15 I had an appointment with the oral surgeon and he removed my 'other 2' wisdom teeth. (Remember a few months back they did the left side? Well, this time they finished off the job and yanked the ones from the right side.) The pain was as excruciating as I remembered - and - even more exciting, this time as the procedure was more complicated due to the positioning of one of the teeth, so the surgeon put me on antibiotics for a week. (Joy of joys.) Anywho, the extraction site bled for a good 7 hours but luckily Freddie was on call to keep me company, so we watched movies until 2:00AM when I finally passed out.

I was up bright and early this morning and was feeling pretty good aside from the fact that unlike last time, the facial swelling was highly noticeable. As the day progressed the swelling worsened until it looked like I had shoved 2 ping-pong balls into my right cheek. (I'd post a picture, but I can't stand the sight of it, so if you want a peek you'll have to come and do some bikur cholim.)

This afternoon Mommy, Daddy and I headed into Jerusalem to check out some wedding halls. I'm not saying anything because I refuse to make any executive decisions because my opinion doesn't really matter anyway. It all boils down to money. It always boils down to money. G-d I despise money.

After visiting the halls we headed Home and got stuck in major traffic on Rt. 38. Back at Home Mommy, Brenda and I went to SuperH to pick up some ice-cream and pudding. They didn't have any chalav yisrael Ben & Jerry's so I had to get the Israeli vanilla marshmallow-ey stuff. After dinner Brenda and I watched some 'Friends' and I fell asleep. I was woken by a phone call at 10:30 at which point I decided to do the ol' salt-water swish and now I guess it's time to go to sleep.

More tomorrow. I hope.

p.s. THIS JUST IN: The swelling continues to worsen and the bruising is beginning to show. Tomorrow I have no doubt that I will look like a chipmunk who either froze to death in the cold of an arctic winter or fell asleep in a bowl of blueberries...Joy of joys.