Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yay! I spoke to Mrs. M!!!

I woke up REALLY early today, so I figured that I might as well go to work early. I got to the office an hour early and it was wonderful because there were NO bosses until almost 2:00. Then we were given minimal work, but since I filed the newspapers and did the mailing yesterday, all there was to do in the spare time was to do the general filing. I separated the real estate/ad agency pile and organized the agencies but I didn't have time to actually stick them in their respective binders. Maybe I will have some free time in the near(ish) future to do it.

I did get to go out with my Big Sis today, which was nice, cause we haven't actually gone out together in a long long time. I appreciated the outing, even if all she thought of it as was a chance to get some errands done. I'm really having a lot of fun with all the behind-the-scenes plans for the older munchkin's upsherin in a few weeks!!!

I stayed at work until 7:15, when the cleaner decided that the office was 'neat-enough' to be finished for the week. Then I wandered down Rechov Yafo in seach of the .75 Liter 'Mey Eden' water bottles. (Sadly, I don't think they make them anymore...) In my wanderings I bumped into some Miskins which was fun. Aderet is really just tooooo precious!!! (BTW, I STILL can't believe she's a year old already! Where is time going!?)

After exhausting all possibilities for water bottles on one side of Rechov Yafo I jumped on a bus and headed back to The Ranch. Dinner was left-overs from last night (hey, it works!) and then Shosh and I rolled up the rug and set to rearranging the furniture. (We do this every few months, because the arangement of the furniture is very important depending on the season. It's nice when it looks all open and breezy in the summer and all cozy and warm in the winter, and now that the winter is coming...)

On the bright side, my room is my room again. The three HUGE duffel-bags and the keter-drawers that have been collecting dust on most of my floor were finally taken 'home' - so my floor is my own once again and I am rather looking forward to giving the floor a good scrubbing and getting things back in order!

I guess now I should be getting back to bed, since I really do want to be able to get to work early tomorrow. I feel like it IS important for me to go to the tekes. Even if my chayal says it doesn't matter if I'm present, I still feel like I should be there.

I hope the bosses agree and if they don't, I guess they can just fire me...

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I enjoyed it too;)
thanks 4 all u'r help and input