Wednesday, November 28, 2007

He Loves Me!

I return only to warn you of yet another imminent disappearance.

I'm sitting and listening to the soundtrack from The Chronicles of Narnia and the track playing is the one that is heard while the kids are on the train and it's making me think of my upcoming trip.

In just 10 hours and 35 minutes from now I will be"H be taking off from the Holy Land and heading out to the 'shmutz' - I'm actually quite excited about the trip and can't wait to be on the way.

The whole family flying together for the first time in a little over 4 years. It's pretty exciting stuff!

Anywho - we'll have computers over there, so there's a good chance you'll be hearing from me again soon. Then again - don't count on anything. I'm just going for the relaxation benefits of not being in touch with the office and not carrying a cell-phone. Oh, and of course to see all my old friends and meet some new.

Yes, very exciting indeed.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mazal Tov Becca & Yoni!!!

Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to afford that trip to Australia...


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nail Polish To The Rescue...

It was a good morning after a terrible night. I woke up late and took my time. Got to work late and didn't really care. Ate all of Mrs. M's cookies for breakfast and worked at a normal pace for all 7.5 hours at the office. I left 1/2 an hour early because my Chayal came to rescue me. When we left the building it was pouring outside. We made our way to Cafe Rimon and had a deeeelicious dinner. We spent almost 3 hours shmoozing and finally got antsy so we headed back into the rain. We stopped off to buy; fuzzy slippers for Shosh, fuzzy gloves for myself and shiny kippah clips for my Chayal. Then we bussed back to T.M. and I got some yummy smelling soap from Super-pharm cause they were on sale. We went upstairs to find somewhere to sit for a while and noticed that a bus was leaving for Bet Shemesh in a short 4 minutes. Rather than making him wait another hour I told him to go and I made my way back to The Ranch in the rain. Back at home I put on my pjs and painted my nails a pretty pink. I also put together an Old Navy wishlist - heeheehee, yay! I love getting new clothes that actually fit!

Tomorrow is Thursday and that means I'm going Home. This is going to be a strange Shabbos, since Daddy isn't Home.

I'm a little forlorn - I won't be seeing my chayal for a whole month.

I miss him already :(

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I woke up at 5:45 this morning and was out of the house at 6:45. I was at the Kotel by 7:20 for the nephew's upsherin and went to the party for 40 minutes until I had to head off to work. From 10:00 when I walked into the office until 7:00 when work was over I was busy. From 7 till 8 I typed up a bunch of stuff that I had been meaning to type for myself and made my way to Mrs. M's house.

After meeting with Mrs. M I headed off to the bus-stop in the heavy drizzle. Soon the drizzle turned to downpour and it got a little heavier the stop before mine. So, I walked home in the pouring rain and even though I ran most of the way I was so soaked through that when I lifted my foot to get into the elevator in the building my shoe slipped off, turned on its side and a puddle of water leaked out of it. The guy getting in behind me gave me a pitiful shrug as I bent down to retreive it before the door closed. Here it is now 11:14 PM and I JUST walked in - it's first time I'm home today.

I'm cold and tired and I feel sick and nauseous. I have no interest in going to work tomorrow, or EVER for that matter. And considering that the only things I ate today were a plain plain bagel and 4 cookies - you'd think I might be hungry, but alas I have no energy to make food and if I did I wouldn't have the patience to wait for it to cook or the stomach to keep it down in.

I give up.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Roast Beef...

I woke up at 6:00 this morning. It was chilly and the sky was decidedly gray. I dragged myself out of bed and packed up my stuff. I fished my chayal's sneakers out of under my bed and then made my way down-down-downstairs to make a 'wake up' call. We caught an 8:20ish bus and were in Jeru by about 9:30.

After a 10 minute siesta at TM, I headed down to catch a bus to the office. I walked into the office, put my stuff down and then my boss said, "I need to sit with you." And for the next 2 hours all I did was take dictation and listen to some of the 'shtuyot' that are going on in the Ministry of Tourism. As the boss finished giving me the last letter, a different boss came in and begged me to help him out by taking a few letters. I laughed at him and said something to the effect of; maybe tomorrow... Two hours later I had finished all of the charts, letters, e-mails, proposals, and various other things that the boss had given me. Then my chayal called to ask what I wanted to eat. (I must say - the city of Jerusalem is sorely lacking a 'soup' place. All I wanted was chicken soup - but there are a very limited number of places to get it.) He brought me a donut and then forced me to take my 1/2 hour lunch break, "otherwise you won't take a break today" he said. I think he knows me too well. ;)

After work Chaviva and I walked back to The Ranch together. We debated the merits of taking a bus, and decided that although bussing saves on the actual walking, it simply isn't worth it. First of all, you need to stand and wait for the bus, secondly because you have to pay for the bus and thirdly because it's still a 4 minute walk from the nearest bus stop. Before the last set of traffic lights we met Shosh and the three of us made our way together.

Back at The Ranch, Rachel was visiting. I got a call from Freddie to let me know that she and Mommy were leaving the house and would be in The City soon. They called when they got to Mivaseret and on my way out the door I bumped into the scary neighbor who collects va'ad bayit. Being a whopping 5 months behind on payments, I decided to take three minutes and deal with it. He was delighted to oblige. (Luckily I had written the total out last week and only had to fill in the date and signature.) Then I ran down to the car. We drove to The Old City where we dropped off Freddie (who was going to Kever Rachel with Midreshet HaRova- I think) and then Mommy and I drove over to my Big Sister's house to drop off the 'baked goods' for the party.

After the drop-off I shlepped Mommy out for dinner. We went for baguettes (at my new favorite place) and as usual they were deeeeelish! (At least mine was...) Though, we opted to sit outside and it was a weeeeee bit nippy!

Tomorrow morning is the Older Munchkin's upsherin. They're gonna cut his pretty blonde curls off!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I'm so excited!!! The only drawback is that the party is called for 7:00 AM at The Kotel! That means, I have to get up at 5:45ish to be ready and out of the house on time! THAT'S CRAZY!!! AND tomorrow is Tuesday which means on top of being out of the house by 6:30, I also work a 10 hour day at the office AND I meet with Mrs. M - suffice it to say, I'm going to be VERY tired tomorrow night.

I think therefore that I'll get some sleep now.
I'm DEFINITELY going to need my strength.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fickle Lemons

This past Shabbos we held a 'girls weekend' at The Ranch. It was a whole lot of fun. Myself, my 2 sisters, Michalie, Shosh, Dena Goldstone and Rivkie Nathan. It was pretty quiet and lots of fun all at the same time. We got plenty of rest and the food was really good (thanks Shosh!) :)

Motzash we headed back Home. As we waited at the trempiadah for a bus which didn't seem to be coming a sheirut stopped. We hopped on and almost hopped off again when we found out that the price had risen from 12.50 to 13 NIS. How ridiculous is that?! AND we were 2 'noar' and 1 'bat sheirut' - it was SUCH a waste. But, it did save on time.

This morning I called in 'sick' - my chayal is Home on a week-long regilah and I decided to spend as much time as possible with him. As I explained to my boss - it's hard to get married without a guy. So, if you lose the guy - all the wedding plans are pretty much in vain.

Woke up bright and early to say goodbye to Daddy. He headed out to MerryCa and beyond on his month-long simcha-attending adventure. Freddie and I wrote him plane letters and put together a cute little photo album of the mishpacha for him to show off to the Honolulu-ans... :)

I spent most of the morning cuddled on the couch until I managed to convince everyone that making pizza was the most brilliant idea for lunch. Brenda made the dough, Mommy rolled it out, Zsh went out to pick up the toppings and I helped smear the sauce alllllll over the place - mostly on the pizza and a little on the counters and the floor.

Later in the afternoon Mommy, Brenda and I headed out to a wedding-gown place in Chashmonaim. I tried on somewhere between 10-12 dresses and was more than relieved when I found one that I liked. It's pretty and off-white and not tooooo cupcake-y. The gown fitting for alterations is scheduled for the end of January, so I have until then to stop noshing and do some serious crunches.

Back at Home Eli had BBQ-ed some chicken and steaks. He even made potatoes.

After a disastrous encounter with my I-Tunes library and 46 chocolate-dipped and sprinkled pretzels I was totally wiped out.

Which brings me up to the moment and makes me think that the time has come to say good-night and head off.

See ya sometime. Toodles.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My sock has a hole in the toe...

I woke up at 7:00 this morning. I kind of lazed about and eventually decided to get dressed. As I finished washing my facei heard my cell phone beep indicating that I had received an SMS. It was a notification of a voice-mail from Mommy. So I called her back right away and after a quick 'hello' she asked, "so are we dropping off Brenda?" Of course, I hadn't listened to the vioce-mail so I had no idea what she was talking about, which I explained to her. Nonetheless it took a few tries for her to realize that I had no idea what she was talking about. Finally I understood that she had driven into The City with Daddy and Brenda, and she wanted to drop Brenda off at my apartment. I grabbed my bag and raced downstairs to wait for Brenda.

I only had to wait a few minutes until Brenda arrived and we then headed to TM to catch a bus. We hopped on a bus and stopped a few meters up the road behind another bus. Everyone was in an uproar. A bus had hit a jaywalker. After waiting to see if the bus would resume its route we decided to get off the bus and walk. We made our way to the office on foot.

About 20 minutes later we headed back out of the office. First stop was at the tailor, where I dropped off my short black jappy skirt so that the zipper could be replaced. Then I walked Brenda aaaaallllll the way down to her school and aaaallllll the way back to the office.

Back at work I started organizing the business cards (by category and name) and as I started sticking them into the allocated books, I realized that my boss had another ALBUM of the things in her office and that she no doubt had doubles and that in reality all the work I was doing was probably superfluous. Oh well, no biggie. What else is new in my office? Halfway through the piles of cards, Mommy & Daddy stopped by the office to visit. I gave them the pictures that I got developed for them and we shmoozed for a while.

After they left I tried to work some more, but then my chayal called me. He told me that they had come to Jerusalem on a 'field trip' and that his whole machlaka was in town and looking for somewhere to eat lunch. I ran out of the office and down to King George St to find them but when I got there, there was no sign of them. So I called him and wound up on a wild goose chase - down the midrachov, to Shamai, down the hill to the right and finally - I found them! I gave him the pictures of us that I had gotten developed for him and then I tagged along as they made their way back up the hill and to Big Apple Pizza for some lunch. Eventually I decided it was time to head back to the office, so I say goodbye reluctantly and walked back up the hill.

A while later I got hungry, so I made a BIG deli sandwich. Deli from Mataam Chofetz Chaim (200 grams of meat sure does go a looong way in a sandwich), a FRESH roll from the shuk, a can of Dr. Brown's and a bag of extra-crunchy potato chips. YUMMM!!!

Then Brenda came back! We were supposed to color, but we didn't actually do that. We did go out to the tailor where I picked up my now-fixed skirt and then we shlepped around and got her the ingredients for a super-duper-yummy-overstuffed-deli-sandwich. (See above.)

Back at the office, Brenda ate her sandwich while doing her homework (without the book) and I worked on my scarf. Suddenly, the office door opened and my chayal walked in! SURPRISE!!! :) Brenda headed out and I helped TJ write a letter to her landlord and spend another half an hour with my chayal. :) (YAY!)

Eventually he had to go and I stuck around the office for another hour and a bit. Finally I calculated my 'hours' and decided the time had come to head back to The Ranch. Of course I walked, because it was so nice out and I arrived at The Ranch pretty quickly. I ate some cold noodles and then I cleared off the second bed in my room. After stuffing all of my renegade socks into a bag I started sweeping. First I swept my room then the little bathroom then the shower-room and then the hallway and then Shosh's room and the the kitchen and then half of the living room. Then I took a 5 minute break to breathe and finish sneezing from the dust and I got down to the dishes. I washed them all and luckily there was lots of hot water.

Now I think I'll go take a hot shower myself. It's cold out and I am really really dirty & 'fiwfy' from all the walking and cleaning I did today. I can't wait to get into bed and I'm even more excited because tomorrow afternoon I get my chayal allllll to myself. :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Underwear Is Falling Down...

I headed out to work at 8:15 this morning. I shlepped my computer with me and a bunch of blank CDs as I had decided that today I would begin the picture 'backing-up' process. Work was boring. I started the day off typing up a 7 page document that was hand-written and faxed by my boss to the office. After that I finished up a few quick things and then started working on my pictures.

I went out to the 'stock-store' with TJ and my Big Sis. We had quite a bit of fun until they called us from the office to tell us that we should come back and do more nothing. Brenda came to visit and she brought 'grill potato chips' and chocolate tea biscuits which got me in the mood for a triple-chocolate-Crunch-icecream-bar. So we went out and found some. Back at the office I made a CD of pictures to print and dropped them off. I'll pick them up tomorrow. :)

'Worked' until 7:00 and then I walked back to The Ranch. Eventually Shosh and I headed out to do a 'big' shopping. (We haven't done one since a little before last Purim...) We picked up cans and paper towels and fabric softener and food for this coming Shabbos (since we're planning on having 10-12 girls over) and tea biscuits and more. On our way out of the store a bunch of cab-drivers tried to convince us that the 7 minute walk was totally worth 30 shekel. We laughed at them and shouldered our bags and made our way down the hill and back to The Ranch. I'm not sure HOW we made it with 3 chickens and 4 kilo of flour and a big bottle of fabric softener and a 'party size' can of pickles...

My shoulders and arms are still shaking from the ordeal and I hope that they calm down by the morning. I think it's past my bed-time and I am VERY much looking forward to snuggling in my bed.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Poignancy of Pineapple...

This morning the breeze blowing through my apartment on the 6th floor felt pretty cool. I left for work 2 hours early and although 4 buses that I could have taken to the office were waiting with their doors open I decided to walk.

At the office everything was quiet, as the bosses are all out of the country for the majority of the week. I finished up the projects that have been in my 'when you have time' pile for the last few months and I cleared up my desk. At 4:00 my boss called and asked me if I would mind leaving early today and coming in early tomorrow morning. I had nothing else to do and didn't really mind, so I called Freddie and headed out to catch a bus.

I stepped out of the building into a steady drizzle and made my way to the bus stop. Finally a '6' pulled up and I hopped on. It took us 40 minutes to get to Shaare Zedek, but eventually we made it and Freddie joined me. The bus took us to the mall where we wandered in and out of lots of stores. It's fun to go to the mall and not actually buy anything. It gives you a new perspective when you actually stop and think about whether you really NEED what you're buying. After about an hour or so we decided that dinner was in order, and we decided that it had been too long since we last went out for a nice dinner - so we went for Chinese. After a leisurely meal we wandered through the mall a little more and then headed out to the bus. As we reached the bus-stop a '6' was waiting with its doors open so we hopped on. Freddie got off at Shaare Zedek and I eventually made it back to The Ranch.

All in all a highly enjoyable day. I even managed to pick up a permanent marker (to aid in my picture backing-up project) and a small soft-sided photo album which I want to fill with pictures and take to Merry Ca so that I can show off my chayal and The Holy Land and all sorts of other fun stuff!

Tomorrow is another day and I'm not sure what's going on. I think I should stop and pick up some fabric softener so that I can wash my clothes. I also need to take a skirt to the dry-cleaners and take another skirt to the tailor to have the zipper switched. At some point I should probably begin the actual CD-burning project and back-up all of my photos. I also have to finish my scarf and clean up my room because this Shabbos is being hosted at The Ranch and we have to make lots of room for people to sleep! Tuesday night I go see Mrs. M and Thursday night my chayal comes HOME, so I'm going Home to spend time with him and to bake for Shabbos. Wednesday night is still free - but I'm sure I can find something to keep myself occupied.

Wednesday night? Why am I talking about Wednesday? I still have to get through Monday and Tuesday! This is crazy! Hahahaha, more tomorrow... :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Quick recap of last week (since I seem to have disappeared from the blogosphere for a few days...) On Monday - Mommy and I met with the 'decorator' and I chose flowers and a 'kisei kallah' and I decided how I want the chuppah to look. On Tuesday - I celebrated my '2 year anniversary' at the office. Tuesday night I went out with Feige and we had a very enjoyable dinner on Emek Refaim. Then we made our way to town and eventually to TM to meet up with my chayal, who was in Jeru for Tonny & Tzivia's engagement party. Wednesday was Shalom's birthday and a relatively quiet day for me. Thursday morning I headed to the office and made a quick detour back to the 'decorator' to double check my flower-choices. After a long day I made my way back Home and it was pretty quiet. The boys got haircuts and I ate lots and lots of cookies. Freddie and I spent most of Friday cleaning our room. We managed to fill up three garbage bags with junk and were more than happy to shlep them out of the room and out of our lives forever.
Shabbos was pretty quiet. Friday night we went to shul specifically with the intentions of davening for rain. Miraculously a few hours later there was a downpour - which put a damper on our plans to walk to Nofei Aviv. So we drank some more chicken soup and had just settled comfortably on the couches when Yonatan and David showed up. We played some scrabble, ate some cookies, drank some tea and shmoozed until after 2 in the morning.
Shabbos day I was extremely lazy. I got out of bed to hear kiddush and got back into bed after some singing and bentching. Little Brother and I played 2 games of Rummi-you-know-what and I lost both of them. I read a few pages of my new book and then sort of dozed restlessly until Shabbos was over.
After Havdalah Freddie and I finished cleaning our room and even vacuumed. I packed up a whoooole bunch of stuff and we convinced Daddy that in honor of Rosh Chodesh we should take a tiyul into The City to visit the Kotel. We dropped off Maayana and Aderet at their house and then we headed to the Old City. We had an adventure parking near Shaar Zion and we made our way down to the wall (which was very very crowded.) After some davening and shmoozing (since of course we bumped into people we knew) we made our way back to the car (which luckily wasn't blocked by the big Zim truck or the busses.)
Daddy dropped me off at The Ranch and I shlepped Little Brother along to help carry the massage table. After putting everything upstairs I walked him partway to TM and then headed back to The Ranch where I am now. Quite comfortable in my PJs and I'm glad it isn't any colder out or my nose would really be cold. Speaking of cold, my toes are cold so I think I should go crawl into my bed and snuggle under the covers.

This week I am going to work a funny schedule because my bosses are away and from Thursday until the end of next week my chayal has a vacation and I would like to spend some time with him. So, I'll just play the 'flex-time' game and do what I want to do when I want to do it. :)

Shavua tov and chodesh tov...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mashed Potatoes...

Quick Wrap-up of the weekend:
Shabbos was basically sad and lonely without my chayal. Although I did see Ora in shul and Freddie's Ora was at our house and Michlie came over to play and we went to a kiddush at the Feldman's with the three Iras and I finished my book, still - something (or someone) was still definitely missing. I really really really hate this waiting and I know it'll all be over soon, but for now it just seems like an eternity. Motzash Mommy baked a batch of cookie brittle for me while I packed up my stuff and then I headed into Jeru (I sat on the front steps of a 417 and made idle chit-chat with Toffee, who was not too pleased at being shoved in the front pocket of my knapsack.) In Jeru I dropped my stuff off at The Ranch and then Shosh and I headed to Bayit V'gan to Afikei for a N'shei Afikei Melava Malka. It was really nice and the ratio of teachers to Alumni was basically one on one (or close to it) we took a group photo, exchanged mazal tovs (on engagements, weddings, births and more), we played a really amusing game and just enjoyed spending time with all the people we went to school with who are still in the country whom we never seem to be able to find the time to get together with (Yes Chavs, I mean you!!! LoL! Luv ya!) The busride back to The Ranch was 'quiet' and we went to sleep waaaaaaay too late!!!

Woke up at 6:30 this morning and hopped out of bed. I went to work with Shosh and had my very first 'morning in the park' experience in Arzei Habirah. Eventually I made my way to the office and things actually went pretty well. Not toooo much yelling or screaming and not toooo much of it was directed at me. I even managed to figure out what the boss was talking about and thankfully the missing tearsheet was tracked down. I worked about half an hour late, because tomorrow morning we are scheduled to meet with the 'decorator' for the hall and I suppose we'll get to choose napkin colors and flowers and all that other lovely stuff that doesn't really interest me in the least.

As for me, I am very much interested in a HOT shower and my bed.

I am exhausted, though, I don't know why.